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instead of a contact form i get [contact-form-7 id=”589” title=”Contact form 1”]


Install “Contact Form 7” Plugin. Add its shortcode instead of that line



BUG: Facebook link adds Twitter’s URL to its URL. Check out:

Just one word : WHHHAOOU ! Congratulations !

Thank you :)

Hello, I bought the theme and Lexon not located the file import demo slider. Could you send me the file to impose demo slider?

my email

Thank you.

Sent message

I tried to register to your forum but I didn’t receive any password so I write here.

How can I make separate pages with different portfolio? For example under “Windows” I wish to have portfolio with three filters, under “Doors” another portfolio with another three filters etc.

At the moment when I open parent page I see all pictures from all subpages – but I want to see pictures from only one portfolio.

PS. Please take a look : (it is “test” page).

Email: info (at)

Still waiting for support…


I’m sorry for late response. Portfolio items can’t be splited to different types. Theme supports only one.


Just a pre-purchase question. Am I able to replace the icon on a content box with an image without a lot of customization on the back end?


I’m sorry for late response. I think that would be little bit hard.


How do you update the theme? I just tried to re-upload the file and it says the style.css is missing!

(I happen to look on this page and noticed the update yesterday. Isn’t there a notification system for this theme?)

We included slider demo to download package.

“style.css is missing” issue:

Thank you – I posted.

I cannot get a logo image to display no matter what I have tried. :confused: If this cannot be corrected, I would like to request a refund because the product is not working and I cannot launch a website with Lexon as the logo (or have no logo at all).

Please reply promptly here or on your support forum (already posted there). Thank you.

Hello. Is there an easy way to remove the title bar?

Hi! Yes. Option appears to disable titlebar, while you are creating page or post.


Awesome. Thank you so much for the quick response. I have another 1 that should be easy. How do I get the social icons in the top footer? Thanks again!


Use social icons shortcode while you are creating any page and copy shortcode from that page and put it widget area into text widget


We are trying to change the slider’s typography, we tried using the pluggins and the code but it didnt work. Could you help us?


Did you try to change it on by editing slides? If you don’t, go to Revslider”, click “edit slide”, click “edit slide”, choose text that you want to change and edit its style.


Hi ! I bought this beautiful template yesterday. Have you got and could you send me all the pages from the demo in .html format ? Thank you.


Thank you for purchasing. Its demo isn’t html. Theme theme built with wordpress.

We have its html version here:


??? “ThemeForest Files Included : PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files ”. Be careful at the description on the right for the next buyers…


Please Fix: /wp-content/themes/lexon/framework/inc/social-links.php l.37 <?php if($facebook){ ?> <li class="facebook" rel="tooltip" title="facebook"><a href="<?php echo $facebook; ?><?php echo $twitter; ?>"><i class="icon-facebook" /></a></li> <?php } ?>

- <?php echo $twitter; ?>


Dear MyPassion,

I’ve tried to sign up to your support forum but it wont send me an activation link. also the reason i needed to sign up is for the following:

How do i add the following 2 widgets:

i cannot find them in the widget list or anywhere else. is there a special way of doing it?

hope you can help me out and thanks in advanced!

Robin Prins

Could anyone assist me on this issue?

Hi, How could I delete border of a table included for me in any page? I put border 0 but they keep appearing Thanks!

I cannot believe the non-existent support for LEXON. I’ve used the feedback form four times to register for the forum. BTW, private messaging people negates the purpose of a forum . . . so nobody can learn how to work around the NUMEROUS problems with this template. You may have noticed that the documentation is a peice of crap.

Respond or return my money!

i before e – except when ANGRY. Piece of crap.

Hello, is it possible to add woocommerce products live search in the included live search module? Thank you


Do you have any tutorial or video about how to create a portfolio with your theme? I´ve create it but the portfolio page doesn´t show the images I´ve agree to portfolio… :(

Thank you, best regards :)


I just bought this Lexon WP. It appear that the revolution slider is not display in my admin page. It just display blank page. I already test on mozzila, safari and chrome, but still no result

Is the plugin broken? because when i inspect element using google chrome, it shows

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING

Can you guys help me on this? :)