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Hi Rachata, thanks for the documentation! As you can see, i found quite all the info that i need and the theme is as i was expected, so i bought it! Now, one more question: what should i do to add a new icon to the default set and use it with the shortcode [icon]?

And please could you tell me the size of the minislider or how can i set the width? I need to cut the image to have the best result…


- about other icon, please use html code like

- put [slider] inside [column]

[column style='one_half'] 

[slider group="mini1" height='300' scroll='0'] 


Hi Rachata, once againg, 2 question: I create the contact page, but the style of the Contact Form is not the same of your page. I create my form with CF7 and change id and title in your theme, but is not nice… How to apply the style of the demo? In the googlemap shortcode, how to set the zoom? Thanks

Hi, Try this shortcode from my demo.


[googlemap location="bangkok" width="1035" height="320"]


[column style='one_third' title='Address']

[icon title=6] 894/1 owara road texas US.

[icon title=40] +6698555430

[icon title=57] admin@conceptocompany.com

[icon title=27] Follow us in facebook,twitter and google plus


[facebook_feed id='themeblade' face='1' w='298']


[column style='two_third' title='Send your messages']

[contact-form-7 id="2734" title="Contact form 1"]

Yes, it’s exactly what i have done. My code below [column] [googlemap location="Via Annibale Vecchi 95, Perugia Italia" width="1035" height="320"] [/column] [column style='one_third' title='Address'] [icon title=6] Via Annibale Vecchi 95, Elce PG [icon title=40] +39 347 8355894 [icon title=57] cesaronideb@yahoo.it [br] [facebook_feed id='themeblade' face='1' w='298'] [/column] [column style='two_third' title='Send your messages'] [contact-form-7 id="114" title="Contatti"] [/column] but as you can see here http://www.deborahcesaroni.it/contatti/ the result is not the same of your example page. Should i add or codify the CF7 form in some way?

yes, you have to edit CF7 , I use this code for my form.

[text* your-name watermark "Name"]  [email* your-email watermark "Email"]  [text your-subject watermark "Subject"]

    <p>[textarea your-message] </p>

<p>[captchac captcha-164 size:l]

</p><p>[captchar captcha-164]</p>

<p style="text-align:center">[submit "SEND MSG"]</p>

Hi Rachata, Beautiful theme, but when I add a page there is no default page style that gives the background a white background. Instead I have to create a column, which sucks… Am I doing something wrong? Also the theme seems not to use the WP default tag / spacing and forces me to use the theme short-code, which also sucks, unless I’m again doing something wrong?


1. Could I have some example about bg and column ? I think you want to custom css or js by using id=”xxx” in div…

2. about [br] it the same as
and when you use (enter) in key board in editor (visual)

yes, my theme force to use [br] instead of
for some bugs reasons in WP.

1. When I create a page, the text appears with no background, I have to create a column and then put the text into the column? Surely you would have just created a page template with the column style already in there? 2. What is the bug, I have use many WP themes and I know the spacing can be tempremental but many client dont want to use BR tags via in HTML or Shortcodes they just want to hit retun and get an NBSP. 3. There is also no padding automatically applied when using a text widget.

1. yes, you have to create content inside [column], it is a box design concept (can create up to 4 boxes column).

2. I test on my demo, when you use [return] or [enter] on a keyboard, editor will automatically gen nbsp.

3. So sorry, I will patch in the next version.

Hi , i purchased that long time ago.I have trouble with making blog to my homepage.I am doing it truely, but there is a box that saying me Home -> Blog Side Bar Right.How can make it invisible(the box under the main header.) thanx.

I have sent you an email :)

is there a way to set the zoom level in the google maps short code? [googlemap location=”” width=”” height=”“]

I think zoom level depends on location.

Hi again! 3 more question 1) how to change the font size of the text? i found in the setting panel the font size for header, navigation and so on but not for the text! 2) i don’t know why but all the page have the text that go out from the container. You can see for example http://www.deborahcesaroni.it/chi-sono/. Lot of phrase go out and some words are cut and you can’t read all. How to fix it? 3) can you explain me how to set the auto start and auto scroller of the slider in homepage?


1. go to lextra option > general > custom css then put this code
#content .ctext {
font-size: 13px;
2. put your content inside this shortcode
[column] your content [/column]

3.in slider manager your can see auto slide option.

Thanks! That’s work! One more, in the page for the portfolio (in my site http://www.deborahcesaroni.it/collaboratori/) the title is cutted even if there is more space! How to show all the text?

in portfolio shortcode try to add title_excerpt=”100”

ex: [portfolio title_excerpt=”100”

Is it possible to have next/previous buttons in fancybox popover image?

Hi, It’s possible, I have to fix something in my code then I will notify you when my theme have been updated ! thanks

OK, updated !


Hi Rachata, one more question: i create a page with the shortcode for the blog [blog perpage="10" blog_type="normal blog"] (the page url is http://www.deborahcesaroni.it/blog/).

In the post i divide the text with the more tag

<strong>Begin text</strong> <!--more--> All the text

Now, i would like that just the begin text is show in the blog page and that when the user open the article read all the other text. How can i add it? Does you theme support the more tag?


Do you mean excerpt ? I have added it already.

Hi! So i need to download and update the theme. But then? How do I set it in the article?

Hi, have you done any testing with the Wordpress 3.8 update and is it safe to update my site running this theme?

How to display the logo for retina?

Hi, just found another problem: If you scroll down till the end: http://www.naehparadies-gebhard.de/category/workshops/

..and click on the “2” for the second page, there appears a 404 site. Do you know how we can fix this?

and do yu know how i can only display ONE kind of category on ONE page instead of ALL category-blog-sites? Hope you know what i mean. Thanks

I have sent you an email.

Hi Rachata, as you told me i update the theme, but i still have problem with the more. In the backend i create a post and add the more tag

<strong>Stato nutrizionale, abitudini alimentari e attivita? fisica in Umbria</strong> <!--more--><a href="http://www.deborahcesaroni.it/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/studio-Passi-abitudini-alimentari-e-alivelli-di-attivita?-fisica-in-umbria.pdf">Scarica l'allegato</a>

Now, in the blog page i still see all the content (http://www.deborahcesaroni.it/blog/). Can you tell me why the theme not divide it? The bigger problem is this, and even that the link is not active…


Hi, sorry for my misunderstood. Do you have an email ? I will contact and send a solution.

Hi rachata! Yes, please send it to giovanni.rocchini at Gmail.com Thanks!


i just recognized that the TBSlider at “home” is noht displayed anymore.. do you know why?


Hi I will check it, What about your WP version ?. thanks

I’m using Wordpress 3.5

try this solutions

- go to slider manager then click “save all” in your slider group that use on home.

- go to editor page (home) and update it.

Hi, why is every picture at the blog pages in full width displayed? and how can i fix this?

Hi, so sorry for the late response. You can send me an email for quick reply.

About image thumb , I must fix the width to auto for design pattern, but you can change the css via custom css like this

.article_high .image img { width: 100px; }

Hi, is it possible to set a list with numbers instead of circle, circled, doc icons??


Yes, you can custom it in custom css

Does this work with the latest version of WordPress (3.9.1)?

C’mon guys, I’m waiting for 6 days on this!

Yes, it’s work.

hi, i’m using your home 2 template but i did’t understand why latest portfolio entry become last entry (next pages) and oldest entry stick to frontpage. do you have any idea ? thank

Hi, i am using the Portfolio, but I cant use compound nouns in the title. For example, if I use the category title: “Red Cars”, the portfolio doesn’t show items, but If I use the category title “Cars”, the portfolio show the items.

How I can use compound nouns?, any idea?

Hi, I have a problem.

What is it that you happened to my website?

Check: http://bit.ly/1Pgom1d


Very nice theme, I want to use it in clients site, but 2 questions:

1) Is it compatible with WPML? because I want a site with both English and Arabic Languages?

2) Does it support RTL? f there will be styling work, I can manage it on my own In Shaa Allah.

Prompt reply will be highly appreciable

Hi, Google fonts in your theme is not working because url http://themeblade.com/?api=google_webfont_list isn’t working (in options.php file). What can I do to solve? Thank you