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nice theme, Finally was approved

Thanks :)

Does this theme have the option for a full width page?

Sorry my theme has only block style

nice theme ;)

does it support rtl?

Thanks, but my theme does not support rtl.

what version of PHP does it require?

PHP 5.3+

This theme is stunning!

Thanks !

Does this theme work with Buddypress by any chance? Thanks!

Maybe :)

Hi there, Client just purchased the theme but the slider doesn’t work. Any idea why?

The site is here: http://yodelpop.com/newsite/

I have fixed the problem, you can download the latest version in download page.

Hi Rachata, I did that but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem :( – do you have any other suggestion?

I have sent you an email.

Hello, I purchased this theme and haven’t used it yet, but I was playing around with your demo site and it seems that when an image opens up with lightbox, the (X) to close the window cannot be accessed due to it being directly over (or under?) the top menu bar. The image cannot be closed. Can this be fixed?

If I may update my comment and question, it seems it depends on the size of the browser window. If it is full screen, the (X) won’t fall under the top menu, but when and if the (X) to close the lightbox window does happen to fall into the same area as the top menu, you cannot click on the (X) to close the window. Can this be fixed?

I noticed the the header has a z-index: 99000; assigned to it. Can I make the lightbox picture a higher z-index…let’s say 99001 to force to go on top of the header?

See a demo site, I fixed this problem, and the latest theme file had been updated too.

thank you for your attention in this matter…I got the latest files. It is fixed.

Also, anyway to remove the “view” count and “likes” feature?

No, but you can hide them using custom css

I did…used css and it worked. Thank you again for your quick attention.

Hello again Rachata. :)

Could you please tell me how to edit the search results page?

Thank you.

To be more clear, is there a search results “page”? And can it be edited?

Thank you again, :)

Okay, I was able to comment out the sidebars that I didn’t want to appear in the search.php. But I still have two issues.

1) The first search result (Young Woman) appears out of the search content area, unlike the one below it. 2) The search I did was for ‘Paintings” which I have created three portfolio pages with ‘Paintings” checked as their category, yet only two showed up in the search results.

Here is a screenshot of the search results page:

UPDATE: I fixed the issue with only two portfolio items coming up in the search results. But I still have the issue with the search results content going off the page to the left.

Thanks again and sorry to be such a bother. :)

Hi, Could you post your page link ?

I emailed you the url.

Maybe I’m a complete idiot, but I can’t figure out how to show my home page just like your demo where you have the 3 boxes under the slider and the recent blog posts under that? I read the documentation, but i can’t figure it out.

Help Please!


One other thing I thought of. Is there any way to turn off the bread crumbs and block they would go in on a page that is set to be the home page with no slider?

1. Maybe not about adding Blog post in slider

2. Yes , you can add link using custom element in slider manager (use tag a).

3. Hiding the bread crumbs , go to page editor find Page Bgtone (must be right of screen) check Hide Bgtone(Hide main slider, page title and breadcrumbs)

Thanks! Appreciate the help.

I added a widget into the sidebar. It seems to be inheriting a font-family of “fonticon” which is making the text in the widget appear incorrectly. Can you give me an idea how to eliminate this? I think if I change it globally it will “break” the rest of the sidebar setup.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for the awesome them, sorry for all the questions.

What widget do you use ?

I figured out the problem! Thanks for the reply. The widget was actually from the plugin “advanced social status”.

The author of the plugin helped me rewrite the plugin CSS to disregard the fonticon part of themes CSS.

Heya, I installed the theme fine and when I imported the xml file, the menu has not supported the drop down menu? Also the home page has not put in the blog entries as per the demo site? Help! here is the site – http://www.slender4good.co.uk/ thanks :)

Hi Rachata, nearly completed the site structure – one last question :)

For some reason the side widgets are not showing up? I have them active on the lextra options?

see here for example – http://www.slender4good.co.uk/thoughts-on-food/

also the contact form doesnt seem to work :/


you could download a plug-in name “contact form 7”.

Hi, thanks for this great theme, I’ll use it for a customers website! When I tried to add a right sidebar to pages, the left border of the content-area isn’t aligned to the header and the footer anymore. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Sorry, I think I’ve got it! :)

Absolutely gorgeous theme and fantastic email support. I highly recommend Lextra and Rachata!

Thanks :)