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just added a new porfolio image. Now there’s a warning message:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …../wp-content/themes/lextra/lc_framework/library/shortcodes.php on line 970

What i have to do?? Thanks

Update: i fixed it. The mistake was that I deletet every porfolio category. Now, every image does have a category afain, now everthing works. :)


I’m not sure if this is a bug or on purpose, but when you use the shortcode for a column style with a title, if you use anything other than just plain letters or numbers, the title doesn’t show.

Let me know if this is intentional or if this will be fixed at some point during an update.



Could you send me some photo or link ? I will inspect it. thanks :)

Here is a link:


The second column should have a title but it doesn’t.

Let me know if you come up with anything.


I test on my site with

[column style='one_third' title='This Column’s a Test' ][/column]

It works fine.

What is shortcode do you use ?

Here is my code:

- The title should be "This Column's a Test", but it's not showing up.[/column]

The really weird thing is, when I copy your code and paste it in, it works. If I type my code in manually, it doesn’t work. If I use the column shortcode generator, it doesn’t work. The only way it works is if I copy your code from above and paste it in. It doesn’t make any sense at all to me.

for some reason the code isn’t coming up when I paste it in here

It’s identical to yours tho. If you have no ideas, don’t worry about it, I will just know to copy the code from here and change the title each time since that makes it work for some reason

Hi, short question: is it possible to quickly hide the “nav_icon right” bar? My menue is too long ;D


put this in css

.nav_icon.right{ display:none; }

perfect! thanks


Could you look at www.maximimgustoadventures.com on an ipad and maybe be able to tell me why the URL for the video spills outside the container for te post?


So I’m not sure what’s going on, but when I use the shortcode, the video has an error? I’m not sure why that is happening.

If you have any ideas, let me know!

Thanks :)

Update: after some deleting of posts and recreation, I got the shortcode working good! It also displays properly on the ipad and other mobile devices! Thanks!

For some reason the side widgets are not showing up? I have them active on the lextra options?

see here for example – http://www.slender4good.co.uk/thoughts-on-food/


Go to this page editor > scroll down and find Custom Sidebar > Check Enable sidebar on this page

perfect thanks! :)

Sorry if this is something simple that I’m missing, but how do we get bulleted lists to appear? The HTML formatting is correct, I’m sure, but when we view the actual page the lists do not actually render.


- using my shortcode like ( style is the title of icon, see full list in my documentation)
[list style='right-circled']
[li]Lorem ipsum dosectetur adipisicing elit[/li] 
[li]Lorem ipsum dosectetur adipisicing elit[/li]

- or try to put this code in general > custom css

.stylelist {
list-style: none;
ul {
list-style-type: disc;

Perfect theme. Useful!


Thanks !

Good Job!

Is it possible to show the lastest posts in the index.php? I try to active this option, but it doesn´t work.

Open Documentation and follow step in

H. Creating Guide —Pages -Making Page to Home

then use shortcode like [blog blog_type=’normal blog’]

Thanks ! i´ts a little bit diferent, but it works!

Hi, I have a few questions.

Is there any way to make the right aligned image in the header be centered above the navigation?

Is there any way to make the right nav bar w/ the email, social and search align itself top right above what would be the centered logo?

I’m asking because my menu is getting too long and covering this stuff.

Last thing, if you go to my photo’s at www.maximumgustoadventures.com and choose the album with a photo in it, it opens a lightbox but it’s behind the header. Can you give me an idea how to fix this. I saw someone else had this issue, but i guess his problem was solved by doing a theme update. I have the most updated files currently.

Thanks for the help!

Please ignore the comment about the lightbox plugin. I have fixed that problem!

I would still be curious to know about the closing html tag tho.

I inspect your web by chrome developer tool, just found HTML open and close tag.

I also just realize, when I add the css you recommended, the email, social and search icons don’t work anymore. :(

I will inspect this :)

I have them hidden at the moment since they weren’t working. i will probably just leave them that way.

Is there any way to change the background color of a column on a page? I just want one of the column’s to have a black background.


Is there any good way to add instagram to your social icons? I can make an icon if I have to. If I do that, what’s the best way for me to add it to your list?

Go to this path >>> wp-content/themes/lextra/images/social/set16

Thanks a million!


Quick question, in my footer, I added the contact form, but the address is not aligning correctly. IS there anyway I can make the text go next to the icon instead of under? I try given a space, adding a [br] but nothing has work so far, and also I have the Testimonial next to it, but is graving content from my blog post. Can I add real testimonials of people?

thank you in advance for your help.

1. Could you post your site url ?

2. No , but I will try to make testimonial supported comments.

Hi Rachata, How do you remove the comments box at the bottom on certain pages? for example – http://www.slender4good.co.uk/understandingfood/ thanks!

Does this theme work for 3.6?? When creating pages the bg of the body is transparent. Ive been using wordpress over 2 years and have never had these issues.

Hi, this theme work fine with WP 3.6

and about bg solution, I had sent you an email :)


Simple questions, but I can’t seem to fix. How do I change the main paragraph style font? I have the ‘Custom Content Font’ in Lextra theme options set to something sans-serif, yet it is defaulting to a smaller version of the header font.

And, How do I eliminate the footer with the 4 columns? I have deleted all content in the 4 widgets, yet it is still showing ‘categories’ ‘meta’ ‘tags’ and ‘archives’.


thanks- eliza

Hi, I update the fixed version today.

thanks! I re-uploaded the theme and the footer is now fixed. But, the font is still the same as the header, not what I am specifying in the Lextra Options panel. Is there another way around this, or am I doing something wrong? Many thanks for all of your help, and for being so prompt with your response!

go to Custom CSS and put this code.

font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif !important;

Hi, i have the problem, that the content doesn´t show in the right way – there is no white background.

Here you find the side: http://test.die-raumplaner.de/impressum/

Thanks, Holger

Try to add column shortcode like this


your content....


Can you tell me if there is a way to set a side bar on posts by default instead of always having to check the custom sidebar box for every post?


sorry, no option.

Hi Rachata, I like your theme and i would like to buy it. But i have some question about it and i need some answer before procede. First of all, can i set the homepage with a slider, 4 box like the home-2 style and a custom text from a page? Then, can i use the minislider in any type of content? Do i need to add a shortcode to call it? Can the minislider slide automaticaly as the big slider in homepage? Or the user need to click the arrow to change the image? Can i set the slider in homepage to change the image random and not with a pre set order of the slide? Last, can you send me the documentation for this theme so i can see if there is all the feature that i need? Thanks for the help!!

- home page , yes you can set them.

- Could I get your email ? I will send the doc.

Sure! i sended you a mail from the contact form of themeforest ;)

I installed this theme to WP 3.6.1 and installed the theme without errors. But as i import sample data it gives error

Import WordPress Failed to import “Contact form 1”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form Failed to import “Form 2”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form Failed to import “Untitled”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form Failed to import “c2”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form All done. Have fun!

and the front totally messed up

I tried installing Contact Form 7 plugin too. Still same.

1. in admin, go to Appearance > menus then set your primary menu.

2. Don’t worry about Contact Form 7 messages , when you install a plug-in, it will work properly.