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Hi I want to hyperlink the Pav Category Block Module Icon – Image to its respective category page. I.E if I add a module by the name of Christmas, when I click on the icon image, it should be hyper linked to the Christmas category.


you can send your issue via our gmail <> Then i will check and give some solution for you

Hi I want to have 3 columns at the footer center but I think that the calculateSpans( $opens, $cols ) function doesn’t work well, and I dont know where is located. Look a var_dump of the result of that function:

array(3) { [1]=> string(17) “col-lg-3 col-md-3” [2]=> string(17) “col-lg-3 col-md-3” [3]=> string(17) “col-lg-3 col-md-3” }

It have to be col-lg-4 or I’m wrong??? Im using oc 1.5.6!

Thanks !!

you can edit code

$ospans = array(1 => 4, 2 => 4, 3=>4);

+ 1,2,3 is sequence number of columns <br />
+ 4,4,4 is width of colums get by bootstrap 

Thanks !!

Hi I dont understand how to make a contact page like the demo, and how to add to the menu

Thanks !

in module theme control panel > page setting > contact page
we have support setting for map and details of contact page
you can goto our demo and setting same

Thanks !!

Hi, Modules missing from install files. Pav Product Carousel Pav Blog Latest Comment Module Pav Blog Latest Module Pav Custom Module

Sent email for request of files. But where would i get the demo images and are they uploaded to the root folder?

please check once again in package download. some modules of blog are folder pavblog, pavproductcarousel
on version oc, we don’t support module pavcustom because it have module default HTML content

To be honest – The theme is full of bugs, so I didnt use it after I bought it.

Total waste of 50$...

can you please explain your bugs at here ?
i need it for resolve our theme
I do not want, our customers are dissatisfied with the product

Hello , This theme supports a PitchPrint Extension ?

this theme don’t support other extension

I have a problem setting the Category Block Module its display this href to each block href=”#tab-cattabs196145108292”. Im using SEO urls I want to have the correct url of the category

sorry i can’t help you this issue
because it use jquery for show list product by href

And what is the issue with that ? In your example it showing well

okay, please provide your FTP and website link via our gmail
then i will check and find solution for you


hi this theme don’t have version 2.0.2 at this time please wait … our team are updating it


hi this theme don’t have version 2.0.2 at this time please wait … our team are updating it

any ETA on this?

sorry, this theme don’t support other extension
you can buy it at

Hello! Is there a way to make the images for retina display? Thanks!

sorry we don’t have function for retina display, you can check on our demo about images

very bad theme!!!

Hey, You most fix all themes for iPhones because its very bad use….

can you please take some screen shot about issue and send via our gmail ?
it will easy for our technical check and give some solution for you

The “add to cart not update mini bucket total in qlikview” is not working on single product pages.

can you please provide your website link ? then i will check and give some solution for you

I’m having trouble in blog categories, I add them (they appear in the database), but not appear in the Categories Menu Tree ‘and I can not binds them to my posts.

are you sure goto our guide and read it before use this module ?

Yes, i readed, in the Categories Menu Tree not show

In the mobile view main menu is not showing Is there any solution to show the menu from theme settings

please send your issue via our gmail. then our technical will check and give some solution for you

Work with

please wait, we are updating it on this version

Thank you, how much time do you estimate the release?

please wait notice mail of themeforest, i don’t sure about timeline

Hello there. There’s a problem with your theme. I’m tryin ’ to fix . but it’s not working. Upload file button . It does not appear . How can I fix. Thank you. good work.


Your support very slow speed

now your website work fine, please check once again

Thank you for your interest

any chance for update? You are promising for 1 year…

What would you like to update?
If you bought the theme, you can login and download newest package of the theme.

purchased it yesterday. But i am unable to download it. please help

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

this error is coming in wordpress while installing it

It is wrong when you install the theme on Wordpress. Because this is Opencart template.
Please make the theme on Opencart. Thanks,