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I downloaded the new update and install it. The slider doesn’t seem to work.

Please help :)


sorry, please send once again your image issue at mail which i reply for you
or send a link image at here, because i don’t find your mail at my gmail

Hi, please download the images here:


can you please send your info about (admin page, FTP) via our gmail ?
then i will check and give some solution for you


I downloaded new update and install it, but slider and categories doesn’t work?

Can you help me?

we have support file
you can use it for quick install same with our demo
it’s very easy for edit change data

Yes, I installed from “quickstart” but slider don’t work.

on our demo, we are using file, it still work,
strange, please send your issue and purchase code it at our gmail then i will check this issue for you

Sorry… How do I put my logo in the Pav MegaMenu? I would like to replace the words “Capital City Luggage” by my logo:

what version are you using ?
we have support version, please re-install
it will easy for you edit change logo, or you can goto our folder image, and replace logo at path : ROOT/image/catalog/logo.png

I just downloaded your theme Megashop (about 3 days ago) and PavMegaMenu came with it. I don’t know the exact version I have but I’m pretty sure I have the latest, and I don’t see any option to add my logo. I tried to put it in ROOT/image/catalog/logo.png as you suggested but it didn’t work either

please send your website link + FTP account and your issue via our gmail then i will check it for you


Can i edit mobile version of this template? If I want to show two colums with products

Thank You

i don’t sure, list product can be work on 2 columns

You can see if it is possible and notify me?

okay, i have check once again our theme, it only support 1 column list product on mobile view

Hi, could you please help me solve second level subcategory in megamenu? Everything seems fine, but I’m not able to switch to the second level listing to click on the link. Hope my explanation is understandable :)


can you please provide your website link ?
then i will check and give some solution for you


I am using Pav Products – Category Block Module but it does not show all category can you tell how can I fix this issue

Thank you


this module only support show list products by category

Hi, Am having issues with using the pav megamenu that came with your theme, I want my menu items to appear in 2 columns, I followed the documentation of the pav megamenu but I was only able to have 1 parent menu (Clothing) display child items in 2 columns. I did the same thing for another parent menu(Footwear) but the child items are not displayed in 2 columns as expected. Here is the link to my site:

what version are you using ?
and what demo do you want seting same ?
i find that, your user don’t have label “purchased”
i need make sure you are member of themeforest

Here is how I want the main menu to look like: But when I did the same thing with the Footwear menu it not showing in 2 columns: I want the main menu to appear in columns like in the demo.

Hi Supporting Team, This is Niranjan, I was purchased Lexus mega shop theme ,but the problem is Quick View is working in home page only,when i was click on Quick view in Home page it will working fine,opened popup everything is good, BUT Except home page remaining all pages not working Quick View, Category’s pages also not working Quick view.Please it is very urjent Requirement for me ,Please help me soon.Am waiting for your response. Thank you so much …....

can you please give me your address mail at here ?
it will easy for me

okay, please keep contact with me at gmail
i will reply for you at gmail,

Pavo Newsletter will not send, I created a new template. I created and sent newsletter email and no one receives anything.

Please help!

i need make sure your setting mail work fine, can you please check once again your SMTP ?

Yes I checked all, even tested with regular Gmail account and Gmail smtp

The first time I remove a custom module pav then I install it, and after I install, pav custom module does not work? Our Commintment not display. Please help me.

what version are you using ?
can you please send your info (admin page) via our gmail ?
then our technical will check and give some solution for you

i want to buy but need to know if this theme comes with or support a one page checkout? Also can revolution slider be use in the slider?

this theme don’t have function one page checkout and we don’t have licence use revolution slider on this theme

Hello Hi, i was purchased your theme, still now every thing is good. Now am getting error when i click on admin panel Products Tab it will taken 20minutes loading after getting error 404 page. can you please please helpout this problem.its very urgent please.

sorry it will take loading time 20 seconds .when i click on product tab in admin . after error message displayed.please help me.

i don’t see label “purchased” on your user, for service support i need make sure you’re bought this theme, please provide your purchase code via our gmail, and please keep contact with our staff at gmail,

I want to question with you. Can this theme edit page catagory like:

i think you should hire freelancer for make it same your idea
because it very difficult on opencart


If i add products to cart it says success product added whereas the SHOPPING CART near by the search box in the header doesnt get updated. but clicking on the shopping cart icon it shows up….please help out this problem…..its very important for us please.

sorry, our demo still work fine :
and i don’t see label “purchased” on your acount, please login account bought this theme, it will easy for our service support

Hello Please check license …...


This document certifies the purchase of: ONE REGULAR LICENSE as defined in the standard terms and conditions on Envato Market.

Licensor’s Author Username: themelexus Licensee: Arjun Parsi

For the item: Lexus Mega Shop Responsive Opencart Theme Item ID: 5960349

Item Purchase Code: 4e8bd3cc-db67-4ec0-83f0-89314f7fca54

Can i send my site and ftp details ?

you should use account : Arjun Parsi on themeforest
because we will higher priority,
ok send your issue + FTP via our gmail

Hi, thank you for your theme. Can you help me please, how can i fix this?: , After removing vertical menu, the slider became small and on the left side of website.

please follow image guide :

thank you this helps!


i have seen this theme on this website. And I want to ask a question. How to edit interface my webite like:

our theme can’t edit change interface same like with your webiste

I have installed the theme. But I found that the register page and product detail page are too slow to load, it cost more than 30 seconds every time, while the login page and even the home page can be loaded in less than 5 seconds. And I found your demo site have the same problem.

please keep contact with our technical at gmail
he will check and give some solution for you


ecnakin Purchased

Pavone theme control / General / Enable Quickview – disable ” not close to the main page.

send your issue via our technical will help you this issue

Hi, I find it difficult making my pav deals to show on the home page, i have added sales items of some categories to the Today deal widget but it is not showing on the home1 page.

i don’t see label purchased on your account, can u please login user purchased this theme ?
it will easy for me provide service support for you