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Hi. Congratulations on your template!

I have a question now: - How you created the menu “Vehicle, GPS & Navigation” with 3 columns? The Pav Vertical MegaMenu module I do not know how.

Can you help? I need to create categories and subcategories for this menu with multiple columns and a link to the demo I do not know how.

Thank you.

Hi Mate, Please go to admin panel > edit vertical megamenu, then click on button “Live edit menu item”, you can create 3 columns and add categories widget in to 3 columns.

Hi, How to edit Powered By OpenCart in the bottom of website?

Hi Mate, Please go to admin panel, then go to Extensions > Modules then edit Module “Pavo theme control panel” then you can change Copyright

I have gone to Extensions > Modules then edit Module “Pavo theme control panel” and changed it into “1111 2013 1111” but it still cannot work, it still displayed “powered By Opencart”

Hi Mate, You need enable option “Enable Custom Copyright” of the “Pavo theme control panel” module

Hi, After installing the template I found the product page Add to Cart buttons do not work. How do I do? My

Hi Mate, Please provide me the website information (url, admin account) I need to check the issue on your site to give you solution. please send to my email:

hello, I have some questions for the change of struttutra OPENCHART.

1) How can I change the categories under the logo MEGASHOP?

2) I have to change the TOP MENU, what is the path to the administrator section?



Hi Mate,

1) To change the categories please go to admin > Extensions > Modules > edit module “Pav Vertical megamenu”, then you need create product widget on widget tab, and click on button “Live edit megamenu item”

2) You need edit module “Pav Megamenu”


Is it possible to convert this theme to be used also as true multistore.

Regards Uroš

Hi Mate, The current version of theme don’t allow you setup for multil store, we will notice to update the theme control panel on next version.

Do you have maybe an eta for this update.

Hi Mate, Yes we will update framework, when we release new version framework, we will update for lexus megashop and others

Hey. I got a question. Is it possible to block responsive feature? My client just hates the responsive style. I tried to manipulate the bootstrap but only made it worse.

Hi Mate, Current version of Theme control panel don’t have option to disable responsive. Please read the Guide to disable responsive by your hands, we will notice to update the theme control panel have option disable responsive on next version: and:

- Please edit the file “catalog/view/theme/pav_mobile/stylesheet/stylesheet.css” to override width,

- and edit file “catalog/view/theme/pav_mobile/template/common/header.tpl” to remove meta tag in header

hello I have a yout problems File Name : catalog/language//common/header.php(0) VQModObject::applyMod – SEARCH NOT FOUND (ABORTING MOD): $_[‘text_home’] = ‘Home’;

modFile   : /home//domains/*/public_html/vqmod/xml/vqmm_pav_blogs_menu_shortcut.xml
id        : VQMod Pavo Blogs Shortcut
version   : 1.0.0
vqmver    : 2.3.0
author    :

mvg Gerrit

Hi Mate, Please try to go to the folder “vqmod/xml/” then change the file name “vqmm_pav_blogs_menu_shortcut.xml” to “vqmm_pav_blogs_menu_shortcut.xml2”

That is problem when vqmod dont get correct language folder.

Hi! Awesome theme!I have a question about vertical menu. I need to make my parent category clickable in vertical menu to work, but it only works when I do open it in a new window (it`s in your demo site too, for example “Vehicle, GPS & Navigation” parent category – I cant click it, but I see the path and can open it in the new window) Subcategories work well, but I need to make the manual height (for example the full height of menu), or to make it dropable near the parent category because when there are not many subcategories in menu I have to move mouse fast from parent category to subcategories (for menu not to close). Thank you!

Hi Mate, Please put the disable-responsive into the file “catalog/view/theme/lexus_megashop/stylesheet/stylesheet.css”. About the problem with vertical menu + banner, I checked on our demo site with Firefox, Chrome, Safari Its working fine :| Please provide me your website I will check it on your site.

Hi! Sorry for long answer, still don`t understand how can I remove mobile view. I need it to view as a full site, without any mobile template for telephones/pads.

please access configuration of theme panel module and come to customization tab and add the following code inside parameter “Add Custom Css”

body .container { width: 980px !important; }

Then clear browser cache to check this.


Great theme. Seems almost ready for the kind I will like to have and greatly considering making a purchase of it however, I don’t like how the category links are hidden in an icon beside the logo and how they show on clicking the icon. I will greatly prefer a case where all products category can be visible on site opening. (This as an example:
Can I still have banners showing on the index page for the mobile version? (didn’t see any banner in the mobile version demo so thought to confirm if that will be the case eventually)
Will I need to install opencart separately before making use of this theme or once I have installed wordpress, I can use this theme directly?
Thanks and hoping for your reply soonest.

Hi Mate, - Yes you can show category links on vertical megamenu, the theme support it. - Click on “Sidebar Right” to show banners. - The theme is base on Opencart. - Yes you can use the theme directly. You just install quickstart package of theme, you will get full demo database, full site as our demo.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Please, on purchase of the theme, can you help with a rework of the theme to allow

1. direct category listing (example in:

2. showing of banners.

M?????y????? intention is to get something close to ?????????? site listed below for mobile version:

Hi Mate,

1, to show direct category listing, please create a category layout on admin (System > Designs > Layouts), then go to “System > Settings > edit defualt store” click on tab “Store”, set option “Default layout” = your category layout.

2, The theme support responsive, so you can show banners on mobile.

1. Can the direct category listing be shown on the mobile site as well? 2. Looking at the desktop version of the site, the sliding banner and the texts under “Our commitment” section of the site does not align well. can anything be done to correct this. interesting to note however is that the screenshot shows the vertical product category links, the sliding image banner and the texts beside it quite well aligned with an horizontal border to mark it off from the body section of the index page. 3. Can texts under “Our commitment” section of the site be replaced with custom images? 4. Does the theme support the inclusion of static/dynamic ad placement in between the Banner(main)/latest/featured/special sections. An example is the ad placed between the latest and most viewed section here: and image ads placed after the main/banner section of the site and the body : 5. Can I replace the top links (home, books, office etc) with custom images? 6. Is it possible to have two sidebars on the index page of the site. perhaps the latest deals on the right hand side and some image ads on the left hand side of the body section of the site? 7. Is an horizontal border demarcation possible for the vertical product category links?

Hi Mate, 1, yes you can set default layout of your store to category page.

2, What do you mean “not align well”, I don’t see the problem with slider, and our commitment section on our demo.

3, Yes, that is Custom module, you can change text tobe images.

4, Yes, You can use Pav Custom module to make static ad, and dynamic you need set up a module, the theme support the position between the latest and most viewed section.

5, yes you can replace the top links, go to admin > edit module Pav Megamenu.

6, Yes, you need create modules and assign them to position “column-left” “column-right” and set to layout “home”

7, What do you mean “horizontal border”? please tell me more about


Is it possible to have default filter to be displayed as drop down, not checkbox.

Regards Uros

Hi Mate, Please tell me detail of issue, what page you want make default filter to be displayed as dropdown?

Hey, sorry for late answer, but have figured out, thank you

As jcjweb stated earlier, Live Tools Customizing Theme is a hit and miss functionality. It doesn’t save everything but only some changes. Tried this one after Add Css, Javascript Code . Any save/save edit will just disable any custom codes. Some codes are still there but they don’t load. Lots of bugs here. Please refund. This theme is consuming a lot of my time.

Hi Mate, Please let’s me resolve the issue before refund :|, Maybe you have missing something when use live edit tools :|, please try to do as following:

- Go to admin panel, edit module “Pavo Theme Control Panel”, then set option “Enable Development Mode” = “no”

- Open FTP client, then access the path “catalog/view/theme/lexus_megashop/stylesheet”, and set permission “0777” for the folder “customize” – when you use live tools, the css file will been stored at here.

If you still want refund please contact Themeforest to refund the order for you.

Super theme~! how to delete arabic language ? if i wanna plus russian language .how to . thanks advance

i’ve found it , delete all order and then can be delete . thanks all the same

If setting ?????????? default layout of ?????????? store to category page, does this affect ?????????? mobile as well as ?????????? desktop version of ?????????? site. To A???? large extent, I A????? okay with ?????????? layout Fø????? ?????????? desktop version. It’s ?????????? layout Fø????? ?????????? mobile site I A????? having issues with. Rather than have ?????????? mobile site as it is currently, will prefer listing ?????????? product category links in ?????????? format here:
2. Please, can I have ?????????? url and login details to ?????????? admin backend?
3. By horizontal border Fø????? ?????????? product category links, I mean A???? line to demarcate product main links from another as ?????????? case here:

4. Does ?????????? theme currently have ?????????? vertical megamenu integrated?

Hi Mate, Please send your questions to my email: . I can not read your comment on themeforest :-/

My site is very slow, also loading time is very high.

It takes 1 min to load my site, i have also disabled active developement mode.

Please update the answer soon it’s very urgent

Also i have disabled the quick view now the website is working fine. But I want to use the feature. please give me an alternative or fix the issue in that.

Hi Mate, You can download the latest version on your themeforest download page. Of please provide me your email address I will send you latest version of module pav quickview product – on latest version we fixed the problem.

Disabled vertical menu and it still shows? Do I need to change the code to make it work? I want to remove vertical category and stretch the slider.

Hi Mate, For now, the theme don’t support disable vertical menu. To quick fix please try to do as following:

- Open the file “catalog/view/theme/lenus_megashop/template/common/header.tpl”, then find code:

$vmegamenu = $helper->renderModule( ‘module/pavverticalmenu’ );

Replace to:

$pavverticalmenu_module = $this->config->get(“pavverticalmenu_module”); $vmegamenu_config = isset($pavverticalmenu_module0)?$pavverticalmenu_module0:array(); if(isset($vmegamenu_config[‘status’]) && $vmegamenu_config[‘status’]){ $vmegamenu = $helper->renderModule( ‘module/pavverticalmenu’ ); }else{ $vmegamenu = ””; }

When will send the quick view module? my email id is

Hi Mate, Please check your email, I just send you the pav quickview module.

Hi Mate, Please wait, we are checking your site to find solution, some problem with SEO url with pav quickview.

Can the icon colors used on the mobile site for the search, account information, etc be changed? Can one also change the type of icon used?

Can some sort of demarcation/a borderline be used to demarcate one product link from another. Check: for illustration of what ?? am refering to. The product links on the left side to the banner for the desktop version of the site are well demarcated

Hi Mate, Please open the file “catalog/view/theme/lexus_megashop/stylesheet/stylesheet.css” to edit color of icons, we use the font “FontAwesome” to get icons.

To make demarcation/ borderline you need to edit the same file “stylesheet.css” to add border:

border: 1px solid;

hi it’s not support full mobile at work at RTL it’s look small and button not work good i hop u make this better or if u can tell me what file do it

Hi Mate, We are checking the issue to resolve it, we will release it to download on neartime, I will remind you about it.

thank u