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Hello, Thank you for a fantastic template. I have purchased it but I have a simple issue, 1. The files include a quickstart template. But I don’t want a quickstart installation. 2. I installed the files in the folder lexus_megashop_theme_oc1.5.4 but the template is not showing up in the settings for me to select it. Please how can I install the theme with all the modules without the quick start?


Hello Mate,

Yes you can install theme without use quickstart package. Please read the Guide before:!/config_theme

- You need copy all files and folder lexus_megashop_theme_oc1.5.4 and install all modules in the folder “theme package/ modules/”. To config for theme you go to admin panel > Extensions > Modules > Edit module Lexus Theme Control Panel.

Thanks for the reply.I have installed the template but there are a few issues: 1. Quick View not working. Zoom not working. It shows error. 2. Template is only showing demo menu. How does one make megamenu to show the categories menu already created on the site.

Hello Mate,

You need to go to the Theme Control Panel, then enable Quickview, and Product Image Zoom.

Please send me your website information (admin url, admin account) I will quick check the site to give you right config value or find solution for you.

P.s: Please send to my email: and tell me what your email address.

Can not support well under IE9 . for this point i’m very angry after purchased, You can try view my website use IE browser to test it. not only IE 8 not supported well. i think all this version template can not support IE browser. Unless you choice used third-part browser such as firefox, google…...But how can i be sure all vistors use third-part browser.. i hope can fix it.. but until today…still not supported ..continue waiting…. look like you are waiting the Greek calends.

Hello Mate,

:| Sorry for my late response, I will check your site and request our developers to fix the problem of theme on IE, I will send you last package to email. And please provide me your website information (admin account, FTP account) I will quick check your site to find solution for you.

P.S Please send to my email and tell me what your email address.

1. LiveTheme Editor not saving when set. It does not have apply and reset button. 2. How does one customize the font of the pavmega menu

Hello Mate,

1. Did you go to Live Theme Editor on admin ?

2. To change the font of megamenu. Please try to login admin panel > edit module “Pavo Theme Control Panel” then click on tab “Font”, then set options:

Enable Customize Font = Yes
Font Setting = your font
Body Selector = .pav-megamenu

Very Well Theme !

Dear sir, Can you help me how to put products carousel by category on homepage.

As what your demo shows Desktops, Cameras, Software, Components.

I want to show products by category on the homepage in carousel.

Please help.

How can i diable mega menu from showing at the top. i uninstalled the module, yet the menu is still showing. Also, the product pop up image is scrolling through all images. Also pop up image size is not consistent. some are displayed small, others are displayed big even though the default sizes have been set.

Hello Mate,

- I checked the menu on your site, It don’t show the menu with a black background – maybe you resolved it?

- when you click on the image preview,and then click on the pop up image it cycles through all product images – This is problem of the module, our developer was fixed it, we will upload the latest version of theme to ThemeForest on tomorrow.

Or you can quick fix the issue as following:

+ Open the file “catalog/view/theme/lexus_megashop/template/product/product.tpl”, then find code:

$(document).ready(function() {
    overlayClose: true,
    opacity: 0.5,
    rel: "colorbox" 

Replace to:

$(document).ready(function() {
  $('.product-info .colorbox').colorbox({
    overlayClose: true,
    opacity: 0.5,
    rel: "colorbox" 

- In creating a menu with the Pav Vertical Menu, it does not display the category when you search for a category – I need to the config on admin panel to see the problem.

- Error with image manager, maybe it conflict with other vQmod module on your site. Because our theme don’t override any core files of Opencart – I will check it on your site and give you solution.

Please tell me what your email address, I will quick view your email to answer you.

MY EMAIL IS ADE.OGUNADE@QUESTRIVER.COM. i have sent you several mails with screenshots. i have not resolved the menu with black background. the black background shows up when i disable megamenu. when you login and disable the megamenu it is not disabled. It still shows.

I will be waiting for the solution to the image manager. I have sent login details to your mailbox.

Hello Mate,

Please check your email inbox, I just sent a reply email.

I get this error : admin panel

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 195Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 764

Hello Mate,

Sorry for my late response. That is problem about install sample data for the theme. Please try to do as following:

- Go to admin site, go to Extensions > Modules, edit module Pavo Theme Control Panel, then click on tab “Sample”, you need to click on button “Backup”, then save all config.

If you can resolve the issue, please provide me the website information (admin account, FTP account) I will check to resolve it for you.

hi i need open my web site in any cell phone like full wight like in pc,. what i can do who do you help ?

Hello Mate,

Our theme use bootstrap responsive framework, if you want to disable responsive on cell phone, please try to read the Guide to do it yourself, because our theme don’t support to disable it.

my web site >

In the demo of the website on the iPad I see in the upper left corner no icons for ’’my account’’, ’’search’’ and so on. Why is this? Is this normal or a fault?

Second: In the demo I cant find the settings for the pav category modules, to display on homepage. Are the settings of this available? Also does it work that If certain categories are defined it automatically picks the latest product from that category?

Thank you!

Hello Mate,

1, I checked on iPad, I see the icons “my account”, “search” are showing on. Default function of theme support it.

2, Please go to admin panel > Extensions > Modules > edit module “Pav Products – Category Block Module”, use demo account to login: demo/demo

- Yes it will automatically picks the latest products from there categories.

Hi, can you email me the Pav Products – Category Block Module? Thanks.

Hello Mate,

Did you purchase the theme on Themeforest or Our site? Sorry for my question, I need to check your order before send you the module.

I bought the product number id 6595833

I’m speak little English. My from turkey :/

Hello! Does this template support seo url? I mean if I turn on “Use SEO Urls” on the “Server” tab, will work Pav MegaMenu, Pav Vertical MegaMenu, and other extensions? And will this template work with SEO Pack PRO module?

Please answer my question. Perhaps the question is not clear?

Hello Mate,

Yes our modules (Pav MegaMenu, Pav Vertical MegaMenu, and others) support SEO url.

We don’t use SEO Pack Pro Module, I think the module work with our theme if It don’t override core Opencart.

How to edit Internal modules?

Search documentation?I know to set?


You can go to admin panel > then go to “Extensions > Modules > ” edit module “Pavo Theme Control Panel” then click on tab “Internal Modules” you can edit content of them.

Hi, I have installed your theme and find that there are several problem.

1) Contact us in footer cannot change information. Nothing change when I use Pavo Theme Control Panel>Internal Modules to edit footer. How can I do?

2) Translation issue. I have send your some pic to your email, Plz Check.

Hello Mate,

I followed and answered you on email.


I find that Google cannot search Level1 Catalog in your theme. Google can search Opencart Catalog but not yours. How can I do?

Best Regards, Gloria

Hello Mate,

The megamenu just display link on frontend, you need to add category link for level 1 menu item, and each page you need insert meta data to Google know to found it. Please try to do that.

can this pav vertical menu show more then 9 categories (for example 15) and how to do it? Or it shows only 9.

Hello Mate, Yes you can make vertical menu show more than 9 menu items, but it will make a space at the slideshow position, you need to resize slideshow to appropriate

@theme lexus: I cannot find “Pav products-category blocks” & newsletter module in download files. Please send me these module. My email: Best regard!

I open but not find them!

now, please redownload the package on them. or you are using a unlicense package? please give me your ORDER ID. If not i will stop support you here


What function do you update in Lexus Mega Shop? Can you give me more detail about the last update in 11 April 14?

yes Sir, i have updates for issue deal modules with range dates . you get this module to upgrade for yours

Hi!How will it work with the Russian language?Thanks.

you only install your package on this theme and copy all languages files of modules from pavothemes to your language then translate text inside them. Thanks

hi i’m add Manufacturer photo, but he is don’t work i cant see my brand name photo in my web site

my link is

you access System/Design/Banner and click to Manufacturers to add your band there.


Great theme , I want know how can I make sub-categories image visible when user click on category it shows the name and pictures Thank you

Ok Sir, please send us admin, ftp account for then let me check. Thanks

I did send to you my user information but you did not show me how to do it, all you said your theme is not compatible with any other extensions. I think you need mention this here so i do not buy your theme and get stock with it

I appreciated if you can help me.

Thank you

Yes, our staff worked with you via email . Thanks