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Hello, I bought my shop from another person. Shop has activated this theme but I have a problem. There is missing city field if I’m trying to checkout as guest with different shipping address. I saw this problem here too:

How can I fix that please? Thank you.

Please contact to person who sell this theme for getting support.

The Slider Images are not showing in Mobile Devices. Kindly give me the solution to fix the slider images in mobile devices. Thank you.

yeah, We will help you to check and give you the solution. Please contact us via Ticket System. Thanks.

How to make sticky header, nav/menu (mobile mode)? thank you

Hi mate,
You can find some extension on Opencart extension or the solution on Opencart forum about this. We always help you if you have the way to make into the site.

How do I translate categories into megamenu?

The Megamenu is supported multiple languages, so you go to the module management and update the categories for other languages. Thanks,

contact dont send email, how a do?

Hi, Please submit a ticket to our technical team . The will check and help you. Thanks,

Good morning, i have a problem with Pav GoogleMap

Google maps It shows this error:

Spiacenti, si è verificato un problema. Google Maps non è stata caricata correttamente. Per i dettagli tecnici, consulta la console JavaScript.

I think is a API problem

how can i solve it?

You need to register your domain for getting an API key, then add it into the site to solve Google Map issue.
This is solution:
When you have API key, you need to add it in these files:
- catalog/view/theme/lexus_nextstore/template/information/contact.tpl
- admin\view\template\extension\module\themecontrol\tab\pages-setting.tpl
If you have more question, please submit a ticket to us: . Thank you.


Icons do not work that enter the site Only after the logo is pressed Thanks


Thank You

thanks :)

You’re welcome

Try to check your configurations of Slider module again. I see that your support time is expired. So you need to renew and submit a ticket . Our technical team will help you more.

Hello, how to remove social networking icons on the right? I do not need a social networking module. And how can I update the Pavo Blog module from version 1 to 2?

Please submit a ticket . We will check and give you the solution. Thanks.

Hi How do I change it

Thank you

Please open this file :catalog\language\en-gb\extension\module\themecontrol.php . You will see the text.
If you need to get more our supports, please submit a ticket on this . Thank you.

How can you hide it? The red color


This computer is working: This phone does not work:

Preview secondary images

- The first image of the product does work


Please submit a ticket on this for getting more our supports : . Thank you.

HI, I’m changing to an external font Thanks

It is easy for us following your questions if you submit a ticket on this . Thank you.

Hi, you update theme for opencart version 3.0??

We will do that next time. Now it is not available. Thanks,

Okay, I buy theme for OC2.3… and you give me extensions for 2.2… that was wierd

Okay, the extensions of 2.2 and 2.3 is the same. Please submit a ticket if you need to support more. Thank you.

--Questions Before I buy the OpenCart Theme--—-

Hello, Questions before I buy! Is your theme going to be compatible with OpenCart 3.0.xx version or with the latest version?

How is your support?

Do you reply quickly? Or do I have to wait a long time and sit there to get a response from you?

Is the installation very difficult?

Do you have a Video showing how to install?

Does the Slider Revolution included in your theme?

Do you have your own Portal to manage the support tickets?

Where is your company located? I mean what country and time sone?

Do you offer customization on your theme?

I see that your theme is for Fashion but Can I use it for something else example for a technology Products?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Mark

Dear AccessBit,
Thank you for interesting the theme. Now it is not available to use with Opencart 3.x version. It is possible to use with OC 2.x versions. We will have plan to upgrade all themes to Opencart 3 next time. If you want to check some our new themes and new framework on Opencart 3, you can visit this site
We SUPPORT via email address and our own Portal support .
It is easy to install the theme. The guide is included in the package download.
Yes, we do customization on our theme.
Best regards,


baud13 Purchased

hi, i just bought support extension for 6 more months but when i put the purchase code on the submit a ticket page themelexus site it says that support has expired.. do i need to do something to proceed to post the ticket? do i need to wait or is there another code? please let me know

Hi, I think the time support is end, so if you want to submit a ticket, you need to renew your time support. Thanks,


baud13 Purchased

thank you. i renewed the support before trying to post the ticket but it seems that i just had to wait a few more minutes. i posted yesterday and i am waiting

Hi, Our team is following your ticket. Thanks