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Couple of questions: 1. I’m noticing the page templates with left and right sidebars aren’t actually adding sidebars. Are the sidebar templates really only for blog posts? 2. I don’t see the option to set my menu to list view as represented here: I do see the other two view options, just not the list view style, which is what I want. 3. I’m not seeing a way to set the large background images as you have in the theme demo. I assumed it was the featured image that populates the background, but clearly I’m mistaken. How do you go about this?


-Sam Klejwa


Please read below for your questions:

1) There is option to select sidebar and page background under the editor. You can use sidebar for each “Page with sidebar” template. See screenshot here:

2) You can separated menu by category using shortcode. This sample to show “Desserts” category
[menus name=”Desserts”]

Make sure to select ‘default template’ on page attributes.

3) Please read point 1

Do you offer customization services for this theme? If so, I would like an estimate. On the menu page, some of my clients menu item’s name are too long for the box which pushes the price into a lower space, often cut off by the item below it. Can this be changed so the item name is always below the photo and can the name wrap so the price is always to the right of it?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Stovall

That would work. How do I do that?

I will do theme modification on your website directly. Please send login details through my profile.

Hi, I removed the pricing from the menu page. The client thought is was redundant. He is very happy now. Thanks so much for your help with this.


I bought the theme Lezatos for my client but I can not put the slider home to work. I was reading comments from other customers, cleaned blanks and checked the html had quotes ( “). I cleaned everything and put only text, but still does not work.

Can you help me?

Best regards, Rui


Thanks for your purchase! :)

if you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation. You can send message through my profile.

Hi, I sent a message through your profile on 11/8 and did not get even answer or solution to the problem.


Sorry for late reply. Slider is worked now. It just about settings. Make sure Front page displays is set to ‘your latest post’ by navigate to Setttings > Reading > Front page displays > select Your latest post

does it still valid theme with latest wordpress? i mean i checked demo on mine ipad and it shifted, looks broken

Sure, this theme run on latest WordPress version. What ipad type did you use?

Hi, How can I change the text of reservation page: name, phone, email, etc….

Thnak you!


Did you mean to change the label? If yes, you can change it directly on source code. From your admin page navigate to Appearance > Editor > click ‘Reservation Page Template’. Find text Name, Phone or any label you want to change. Once done click ‘Update File’.

I tried that but doesn’t work… any other solution?

It’s ok! Thank you!

Hi, coluld I get the calendar format in Spanish? (month and days)


You can change languages for datepicker by modify file ‘js/datepickr.js’. Look at line 38 – 39. You can directly change it.

               days: ["Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday"],
               daysShort: ["Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun"],
               daysMin: ["Su", "Mo", "Tu", "We", "Th", "Fr", "Sa", "Su"],
               months: ["January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"],
               monthsShort: ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"]


How can I do responsive tables???

I’m testing this one in the mobil phone… and this is no responsive :-(

Hi, again!

Where we can change the text:

“You may also like:”

Thank you


You can find this text on file single-menu.php.

Hello! I had not noticed before, but now faced with such a problem. Please tell me how to get all the galleries on the same page. Now they are issued at 12 per page.


From you admin page navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Gallery Settings > Gallery Per Page > insert value -1

thank you very much!!!

Hi! Why doesn’t wok the option… “Also you may interested…”

When we have clic on the links we don’t go to the page…

Any idea/tips?

Thank you!

Ok, could I have your email?

Anybody here?


Please click my avatar to see my profile page, You can send message from there.


The theme’s own contact form does not work on the page. Because php mail function is disabled on the server.

How can I run the theme’s contact form with smtp authentication? Or contact form 7 plugin How can I earn the same look?


Sorry, but contact form required ‘php mail function’ to make it works.


3 days ago I wrote that:

Hi! Why doesn’t wok the option… “Also you may interested…” When we have clic on the links we don’t go to the page… Any idea/tips?

Then you ask me the user and password of my page… well, I repeat again Coull you give me an email?

Thank you!


You can send to designesia [at] gmail [dot] com

I send you an email one more time… please it’s urgent!

Hi, we have fix your issue, please check.

Hello, This is Edith y buy a Lezztos Restaurant Responsive Worpress theme in the beginning dosen´t work well. My site is can you help me to fix it? my email is


Which label did you mean?

Well. Slider (Home) doesn’t work. when I add New Slider Item the main page on the site, the slider is loading ever. Second the Mobil Menu doesn´t have the same order for the pc menu. On my cellphone the Mobil Menu begins with “menu” instead of Home. Can you explain me how do I change the label “menu”?

Hi, sorry for some technical issue slider cannot work if there blank paragraph that you insert on editor. To make paragraph on your slider description you can use code

<br />

To change menu label open file designesia.js from folder lezzatos/js then look code at line 7

label: 'Menu',

Change ‘Menu’ with any text that you want.



We can’t see the option menu in Mobil device!


Thats really stranger because we don’t change nothing longitud time ago. ..

Any idea?


Sorry for delayed. I can see your menu on mobile device, did you managed to fix it?

Hi there, My website is I am trying to put new images into my slider home page, but I can’t seem to successfully click “Insert Into Post” for new media. I go to the Main Picture tab at the bottom of a page, click browse, go to my media library, click show on an image, and then when I click insert into post nothing happens. The window just stays there, as if the button wasn’t clicked. I have FILE URL selected as well in the Link URL box. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your help. -Danny Dubin


Your website looks great! :)

We still research for this issue. We will release theme update once it done. For now you can copy url into field like you did.

now my site. after updated to wordpress4.7 – crashed. When you update you theme?


Can you send your website url so we can inspect your issue? The preview is use latest wp version it has no issue.


To have the correct price of the dishes, we need to have the price with four digits, for example 20,95 € but unfortunetly now I can only intro three inside the red shape…

It could be possible to have larger the red space because now just enter 20,9

Thank you!


Sorry for late reply, please insert code below on custom css field. The price area will autosize.

.menu-item .price {
Hum… I tried… but nothing change…


For single menu item please use code below:

.single-menu .price {

You can change 100px with any value that you want.

We are having a strange issue when we use https for our website. We have lost our logo and background completely on all pages, etc. After looking at the code (inspecting the page through google chrome) it shows that the theme is adding an secure] or the letter t after the domain name.

Example: In theme options (general settings), I’ll put

and the code on page will display in the div : https://domainname.comsecure]/upload/logo.png

This is also happening to the page background in the theme options (general settings).

Please advise on how this can be fixed for all users. Thanks!

Hi, if you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation. You can send message through my profile.

Hello, in the first time sorry for my daily English. So, I have a problem with the Lezzatos template, I do not know how to download and install the demo version of the template. The theme that I installed is empty and I do not know how to make it equal to your demo. Please help me. Best regards


On your WordPress admin page navigate to Tools > Import then browse to folder ‘sample data’ to find sample data. Then make sure to check ‘Download and import file attachments’. If you want i can help you.