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Beauty! very nice!!! GLWS :)


Cheers! :D

Awesome work ! Good Luck :)

Thank you!

Your support is highly appreciated! Cheers! :D

Hello. It’s a cute template. I am the first purchaser of all. Lol. Great work and I did not resist. Good luck for sales. M. Badr CHOUFFAI. Microsoft .NET Softare architect and Tech Leader of XML-CMS.COM

Kudos to that!

We hope you will enjoy it! Let us know it you need any help…

Cheers meks

If there’s something to suggest, I’ll just say a small Copyright text centered on the bottom of the template.

Nice idea! Expect it soon.

Thank you

Thank you!

Awesome Work,.:D

Thanks! :)

It’s the only vCard template that I can use as a marketing consultant. It’s reall easy to make unusual but appealing marketing portfolio and also to show off all you’ve got as a professional! Thanks a lot! p.s. If you are interested, I can give you link to my Vcard when I’ll finish it. It’ll be in Russian.

Thank you for this kind words and support! Yes, feel free to send us link to your vCard when you are done.


Here it is: It looks really nice for me though I’ve got to fill my portfolio in a couple of days.

Nice one, this will go to our item details soon!

Tnx :)

Is it possible to create a multiple images project/gallery? What about mp3 files or video?

Hello, Thank you for interesting in our item.

Libero tamplate is using Colorbox jQuery plugin. You can check out demos and functionality of this plugin on this page –

About mp3 files, you can always use HTML5 to embed mp3 file to your content –


Gorgeous theme. Would have been cool to have a dribble icon included ;) absolutely lovely work though


You’re right, we will put some more social icons in the next update. Expect it soon!

If you need any further help, please contact us via


Very good work! Thanks… Do you think it is easy to add a code on the “Download my CV” button to recibe a mail when the customer click on download button? Thanks for your help!


Thanks for purchasing!

Please contact us via and we’ll see what can we do


How to create a vcard that can be downloaded? I guess that is what the buttons are for to the left of the theme where is says v-card and resume?

I solved it my self.

Very nice! Like it!;

Tnx! :)

Hi, I ve been wordpress user. How can I instal this non-wordpress template ? I really wd like to have it but dont know if I can manage

Thanks for your interest!

You just copy entire template package to your server. You don’t have admin panel so you will need to change the files for any changes, but you have documentation provided so it will be more clear.


hi the contact form isn’t working…

i changed it in the php file to my email but still nothing..


Please contact us to with your website URL so we can have a closer look and help you out


RegGFX Purchased

Hi, AWESOME Template, I just wanted to make one minor change. How and where would I be able to make the adjustment to open on the initial tab such as portfolio or resume tab when page first loads? Or if possible, the first initial tab? and not the default tab? I guess what i really mean is, I want to open on an initial tab expanded such as portfolio(index.html#portfolio) or resume(index.html#resume) and not default initial screen? I can code to make the adjustment… just would like a tip where to start to make this happen? Is this possible with this template?

Thanks So Much for all your help and great work!


Thank you for your kind words. All you need to do is to put portfolio div in first place in code (#portfolio) (before #about div in code) and mark (href=”#portfolio” li element) with class “active”,

Hope that this helps