Discussion on Liberty News - Magazine, Blog Drupal 7 Theme

Discussion on Liberty News - Magazine, Blog Drupal 7 Theme

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Pre-Sales Question re: Liberty News – Magazine, Blog Drupal Theme. I have a Shopify ecommerce site. I want to upgrade it to a Drupal CMS “news-centric” site. Your theme appears that it can be configured for news. However, I want to continue to use my Shopify subscription to sell my products. I.e Drupal + Theme + Shopify. When a customer starts the checkout process they’re on my Drupal site. When they click “add to cart” they’re taken to Shopify for checkout. All order processing, fulfillment, shipping, inventory and all store-related features would be in Shopify. Can your theme support this config? If not, can you suggest a shopping cart that you do support?

hello this theme is awesome ask before buying.

1. support eccoomerce ? 2. where social media share, count ??

hello I am waiting for your answer please

How do you add a shortcut icon, or ‘favicon’?, that is displayed in the address bar and bookmarks of most browsers.

Under your Theme: admin/appearance/settings/berty there is no option to add one, but if i look at the bartik theme it’s an option for that theme but we are using your berty theme for the default theme.

I found a workaround, thanks!

The demo is down since a week

Hello, will it be compatible with drupal 8 ?


Liberty no support Drupal8 :)


Hi your demo is down?

On the homepage, how do you change the title name of the “BUSINESS UPDATE” section and the “TAGS CLOUD” section.

I looked in each View and the confg block page of each of the Views and could not find how to change the name.

My dev homepage site is: http://www.itr-dev.com/

I found how to change the “BUSINESS UPDATE” title on the homepage, It was in the block of that section, but it would not display the updated title until the site cache was cleared.

Still having issues finding where “TAGS CLOUD” pulls form?

You just change the title of the Block! Then, clear the cache and try again.


What about for “TAGS CLOUD”, if I add a title to the block, i just adds a new title over “TAGS CLOUD”. I would like to change the name of “TAGS CLOUD”, where is this pulling form?

This block: http://mediahost.sais-jhu.edu/~saismedia/media/image/tag.PNG

Bug in theme

When you change the FLICKR block in the footer section that is called “[Berty] – Footer Widget 2”, from “Footer Widget 2” in the Region Settings, under Berty (default theme) over to “None” the entire site goes black.

When i do a page Inspect all that is highlight is:
<div id="loader-wrapper"> <div id="loader" /> <div class="loader-section section-left" /> <div class="loader-section section-right" /> </div>
The page just tries to load but nothing happens.

I change the FLICKR block settings back to “Footer Widget 2” and the site pulls up fine again.

My dev site is: http://www.itr-dev.com/

Great, thanks for the update Drupalet

My email is: cpena@outlook.com

Great support on your theme, thanks for all your help.

Please check your mail.

It worked!!!!, thanks for the great support on your theme.

Search box

Can you help me change the size of the search box back over to the default Drupal size search box, so it’s to the left of the magnifying glass?

The current size of the search box is to big when you try to do a search.

My dev site is: http://www.itr-dev.com/

Like this: http://mediahost.sais-jhu.edu/~saismedia/media/image/Capture.PNG

I created a new “page” and new “view” but for some reason the page title is not displaying. Any why to fix this?

Here are the test pages that are not displaying a title:

http://itr-dev.com/content/test-page-two and http://itr-dev.com/article-blocks

Hi Drupalet,

Thanks, my email is cpena@outlook.com

Please check your mail!


Thanks!!! It worked :-)

The theme is very beautiful, however, has drawbacks: 1. Initially, after the installation site is not working. Author refssuy sent the modified file and everything worked. 2. Now the problem is that when block Flickr is turns off – site is not loaded (is not work). Author template more than a week did not answer the question. Be careful!!! Possible problem with the template will not be solved by the author! The term solutions is very frustrating – took place a week after sending the request I have is still no comment from the author!

Hi. I am trying to access the live preview for this theme and am getting a weird error:

PDOException: SQLSTATEHY000 No such file or directory in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of /home/cuongpvdrupalet/public_html/demo/drupal/kami/includes/lock.inc).

I hope you or ThemeForest can sort this out… I was able to see the template previously (it was really nice) and would like to purchase it!

Thank you!!

It was an error of Server. I’ve fixed! You can view the demo now!

Thanks :)

Yay! Thank you. :)

I used the digitalocean one click installation (drupal). I transfer the folders (libraries, modules, theme- berty) . Black Screen and I go to add content a see this Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$css_class in include() (line 68 of /var/www/html/drupal/sites/all/themes/berty/tpl/block.tpl.php). Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$css_class in include() (line 68 of /var/www/html/drupal/sites/all/themes/berty/tpl/block.tpl.php). Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$css_class in include() (line 68 of /var/www/html/drupal/sites/all/themes/berty/tpl/block.tpl.php). Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$css_class in include() (line 6 of /var/www/html/drupal/sites/all/themes/berty/tpl/block.tpl.php).

When I move the Flickr Widget out of the Footer Widget 2 everything turn black.

I have to reinstall everything. I should be able just to remove the Flickr widget without breaking the template.

What is your website? I will check it for you.

My email: drupalet022[@]gmail.com

I bought the liberty theme and do not work! Your support area it is not taking my my purchase code!.

Congrats ! So amazing and nice theme! GLWS :P

Great theme bro, Good luck :)

Descompactando o pacote…

Instalando o tema…

O pacote não pôde ser instalado. O tema está sem a folha de estilo style.css.

A instalação do tema falhou.

Please check your mail!

Thanks :)

I’m sorry. I think there is a certain confusion? I just provided Liberty Drupal version. Your website is WP (http://agendafloripa.com.br/wp-admin), so it can not use my theme.

Thanks :)

So amazing, GLWS

Thanks bro :)

the wide option isn’t working on your demo

Hi there.

Three questions:

Are there any plans to include the option of a hamburger menu for mobile, instead of the field drop down that you have right now?

Also, how easy would it be to remove a lot of this javascript to increase page load time?

Lastly, how long do you plan on maintaining this theme with updates?

Thank you!


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