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Hi! Great template! How do I change the body text on the first post. In your preview, it would be the first post that has light text on a black background. I was interested in changing the color. Thanks!

Many thanks for Your kind words!

About colors:

Open the file ‘style.css’ and find lines 1061-1090. In this Section ‘Last Post’ You can change any color. Or comment this section and Last post will be have similar colors with other posts.

Thank You and Good Luck to You in all!

I tried to live preview this item and my secure DNS blocked it for phishing.

It’s no good. And We sorry for that. Now we have only free hosting. But today – we will have new hosting from our sponsor and this host will be work fine.

Hi, i just bought your theme and I’m getting error message. I cannot access the “Themes” button anymore, also the “Libra Options” button is not accessible. It is something about the theme-options.php file. Page returns this message:

PHP Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(E:\Domains\\wwwroot/wp-admin/E:/Domains/ is not within the allowed path(s): (E:\Domains\ in E:\Domains\\wwwroot\wp-admin\themes.php on line 178

Contact us via email, please. We will try to help You. Thank You. :)

please tell me can i create 35menu in the menu section no sub menu

ASAP Regards jetlenow

Please indicate which means 35menu. This is the name or you want to make 35 sections on the menu?

Yes, You can create this menu ;)

Hi, how can i translate the theme in german?

thanks, Jürgen

Hi, designeed!

If you can wait a day two, we will update with support for language and some other changes that are almost ready.

Thank You!


Sorry for the delay. Our whole family had flu. One at a time. So much delayed with the update. The new version is now available for download. Best Regards! ;)

Hi!! I’ve bought this template but I did a huge mistake. It’s complicated and the homepage is not as the preview. I don’t understand how edit it. What can I do? Could I have my money back? Let me know.

Sorry, if you think what our previous answer was a bit harsh. Contact us by email and we will try to help you. Thank you. Best Regards, ShakeDesign team.

I ‘ve already contacted you

Hi. I’ve just written a more specific e-mail. Thanks in advance.

Please let us know how to handle child theme; trying to make a lot of css changes. Where is the best place to do that? Create a child theme or somewhere else?...

Thx! :)

Why smaller screen size (mobile view smaller than 760) has 2 navigation bars/menus? Can we remove one and how? Thank you! :)

Ok! Thank you!

It works good with the new header.php! Thank you! I have another question: I can not change the heading sizes (h1, h2, h3… etc.); I changed them on the style sheet (child theme) but they still appear the same size… Please help! Thank you!

Use for quick edit css – inspect element (select element and right button click) in your browser. Or read a documentation and find where in css file you can find h1, h2… etc. or styles for images. For more info about aligment images in wp themes – read

Best Regards, ShakeDesign team.

Hi, I am unable to resize images in a single post (or align them properly). I am not sure why it happens. Thank you! :)

Demo doesn’t work.

Hi! Correct Url: Thanks for the comment.

Hi There

Is there anyway to be able to import the content from the demo site as I can’t see anything in the documentation or within the files?


Digital Medium

please contact us to email. We will send xml file

Hello, I just bought this theme. I had a free theme running on my site, I installed this new theme and dont know exactly how to edit the new website with the new theme. Was wondering if I made any sense, if someone can direct me. Thank you.
Hi! You can see this video and read the documentation. If after that you will have a question – tell us, what kind of question your have yet. Thank You!

It is saying that this video is private.

With the most respect, how do I get a refund?