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Good luck with sales, looks wonderful :)

Thank You so much, Bedros! Good Luck to You in all! ;) I’m glad you liked it!

Good luck with sales. 8-)

Thank You, Clarke! Good Luck to You too! ;)

Hello, looks fine! But whats about IE? :-)

Now Tested in IE9 – works fine! Thanks for comment! ;) Compatible for other version in development.

This theme could be a really good portfolio theme. There are fews themes in TF with menu and logo in left column.

Tks for you attention. If all developer of here were like you. Thank you!

So, I see the portfolio page. That’s ok, bute can be better. When you are making a portfolio page/theme you must see some things that are important: never projects be showed like posts blogs. And is cool have a little list below “Portfolio menu” that can help our clients navigate between projects.

You are in the right way! Another inspiration to you:

Thank you very much for the links and for your kind words! We will do everything possible to ensure that people enjoyed our work. Good luck to you all! ;)

It’s my plaasure!

nice work…

Thank you so much! ;) I liked your works too! Good Luck with Sales! ;)

Live preview is broken… can you fix that?

Now working, myabe was big traffic. We plan change hosting it future, and wish what that fix all similar problem, sorry. ;)

Bought this theme last week and absolutely loving it – thank you!!!

Quick question, is there any way to add ‘categories’ or similar blog items into the left hand nav ‘Pages’ menu?

Thanks again, great theme!

You can add pages as standart widget, or categories or any other widgets what you want. Just use Appearance > Widgets. And all this widget you can see on the dropdawn sidebar.

Thank you for your kind words! ;)

How do I add widgets to the sidebar? Seems odd to exclude this?

Just use Appearance > Widgets. And all this widget you can see on the dropdawn sidebar.

THanks for the response, I may be doing something silly :) I’ve got a ‘Primary Sidebar’ which has a bunch of widgets in it e.g. search and categories but they don’t show up anywhere. Should they be appearing on the left? In the top dropdown thing? Oh wait, are you saying there should be a ‘dropdown’ sidebar?

Yes – dropdown sidebar ))

Hi, I purchased this theme and t’s great. But I’m having some issues with the ‘Next’ link at the bottom. If I click that I get a 404 page error. So I can’t seen any previous blog posts past the main page. Can you help, or point me to a support forum? Many thanks!!

Don’t worry, after some trial and error – I’ve sorted it. Basically, if I try to set more than 5 blog posts on the page, the pagination errors. No problem though, as I don’t really need to increase the blog count per page.

Thanks for the offer of help :)

We failed to put in time to update.We are planning about a week to make updates, I thought maybe you yourself will correct your code, right now, so you have deduced many posts on the page as you need.

To do this, open the index.php file and in the line 5 – change the value of ‘5 ‘on the right for you.

Good Luck! ;)

This bug with new version WP (we will fix this bug in new version) but now you can fix it easy:

Find line 5 in the file ‘index.php’ in folder ‘libra’

and change this line on this:

<?php query_posts(‘&paged=’ .$paged);?>

save the file

now you can change value of post

Go to Admin Panel and Select ‘Settings > Reading’

and change a value ‘Blog pages show at most’ that you need

All tested this on the new version WP – and now all works fine.

So that must help. ;)

Thank You and Good Luck in all! ;)

I’m running WordPress 3.4.1 and the background editor (both image and color) are not working. It does not save my edits, nor publish them.

I tested now our theme. And all changed and background and colors. I don’t see what you did. Please, read documentation. And try to do all instructions correct. If this don’t help – reinstall theme. We plans to upload updates in a few days – add home page and update the admin panel. You can wait and try again to install updates. Good luck to you all, I think you should read the documentation carefully. And we will test the new version and will soon publish the update. Good Luck! ;)

I’m having trouble adding widgets to the sidebar. Specifically what I’m trying to do is add a custom menu so I can change the order of the menu items, but I can’t add ANY widgets to the sidebar. I don’t see any “dropdown sidebar”. Can you explain what that is, or post a screenshot? This is a nice theme, but if I can’t customize the menu order or add other widgets, then I just wasted my money.

We are very sorry that you are having difficulties, we hope this video helps you understand how to add widgets. Thank you for your purchase, a good day. Look for updates soon.

Good luck! Sincerely, ShakeDesign Group.

Thanks for the video. I understand now, but it’s not what I was hoping for. I need to re-order the items in the sidebar menu. Usually in WP it’s done with a custom menu widget, but it appears the widgets only work in the top dropdown.

I guess I will try to add a widget block in the sidebar manually.


We are planning to update theme and add widgets in the sidebar, and make ‘home page’ – but if you know how to do it right now – very cool! ) We have already mentioned earlier that, unfortunately our theme with widgets on the left sidebar don’t approved for sale and that theme in general looked some different, more usefull for buyers (how we see)... Thank you for purchasing again and good luck to you in all! ;)

I appreciate your quick responses. Thank you.

We definitely need a left sidebar for widgets. This should have been standard as the vast majority of themes would have this. Very disappointed, I can’t use this theme as we intended!

This should have been made known before purchase.

In this embodiment of theme are not provided for the left sidebar with standart widgets. But since many clients are asking the home page and the left sidebar. We next week will release an update. Be patient, and thank you for your feedback..

Hi there. So far so good with the theme.

I was surprised that the footer is not editable / a collection of widgets. I would like to replace the “Photos from Flickr” with “Pins from Pinterest” but don’t see how to do this as the footer options are part of the “Libra Options” not just an additional Menu.

Any ideas for accomplishing this?


Appearance > Libra Options > Libra Theme Settings

Footer Info Title:

Footer Info:

Twitter Name:

Flickr ID:

All this options you can easy edit

Flickr ID your can find this –

So, all fully editable in footer.

I hope this help.

Thank You for your purchase and if you have any other questions, please let me know ;)

Good Luck! ;)

Thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately, maybe we are misunderstanding each other.

I don’t want a Flickr feed in the footer, I would like a Pinterest feed. Something similar to this:

The footer isn’t Widgets, so I can’t just replace the Flickr with Pinterest.

In principle it is possible, but you need to register for these purposes is another sidebar, and have put there with the plug-in your widget. But for this you need to edit the code of footer file. You are able to do this? If not, you will have to turn to outside help. Or send me an email, I will describe to you how this can be done

Just the theme “minimal,” and we are asked to add and add some things, I feel that soon it will be not minimal. ))

And sorry for my misunderstanding of your question earlier. I do not know English very well, and not carefully read your message. Thinking that I understood you correctly. ))

No problem… I understand your position on a “Minimal” theme… I guess there’s always little changes people want.

I sent you an e-mail.


Of course you are right, and that’s good. ;) I already answered you in your letter, I hope you all will work just as well.

Good Luck, Alexander.

Great work ShakeDesign! :)

Thank You so Much for Your Kind Words! Good Luck to You in all! ;)


I just installed this theme, but I also just realized that the widget is not in the sidebar, instead on the “top” sidebar which is hardly noticeable. This is a nice theme, but a real sidebar will be better. Nevertheless, it is good to hear that there will be update in near time to address this request for a sidebar.

In addition to that, in my blog, I can see the a big black-random picture on the bottom of my post, exactly above the footer. For an instance, please see this:

Not sure how it appeared. It seemed I already installed the theme correctly. Please let me know how to fix that. Thanks.

Add a line

img#wpstats {display: none !important;}

to the file ‘style.css’ in the ‘libra’ filder. This should help. As I understand it is only in your site. If you don’t help, please contact us using the form letter.

Thank you for your comment. Updates will soon be ready. Good luck! ;)