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Thanks. It works well

The new version is ready, you can download it. Regards, ShakeDesign Team.


One more question. It seems the pagination in my homepage doesnt work. Please take a look at

I encounter error 404 when I click page 2. Please advise what should I do.

I have no programming background, so I really appreciate your help and patience in answering my queries. Thanks.

This bug with new version WP (we will fix this bug in new version) but now you can fix it easy:

Find line 5 in the file ‘index.php’ in folder ‘libra’

and change this line on this:

<?php query_posts(‘&paged=’ .$paged);?>

save the file

now you can change value of post

Go to Admin Panel and Select ‘Settings > Reading’

and change a value ‘Blog pages show at most’ that you need

All tested this on the new version WP – and now all works fine.

So that must help. ;)

Thank You and Good Luck in all! ;)

Thanks for the response :)

Can you please tell me where to find the shortcode for portfolio or Standard Wordpress Gallery?

“Just we added two pages on live preview. Standart WordPress Gallery in three columns and Portfolio Page (images with caption – this images must be width – 580px)”

Thanks :)

For Creating page Gallery you must create page ‘Gallery’ (example) and select uploader for media – select several images on your pc or mac ;) and create gallery with help wordpress. Page Portfolio was creating as example. Next, was inserted an image (into post) in properties this image was inserted caption. (field caption) After the image added divider – see examples on page typography. It’s minimal theme – and this theme not includes portfolio taxonomy.

Thank you for you questions. I hope this reply will help to You. Good Luck! ;)

Hi, I am looking for a theme like this But i want to know if it allows sub menus that fly out to the side from the main menu?

No, the left navigation will display only the pages that will be added and sub-menus will be displayed as well as all other pages, one above the other

I use this theme on On Chrome or Firefox theme looks good, but when I check the site under IE9 , I’ve notice problem with no right border on posts and sites. Could you help me solve this problem?

In your demo site, in IE9 , it looks better, because, there is no border.

Ok. Please email me, I will can help you tomorrow. Because the update is delayed for a few days, and in it we are breaded and solve this problem.

Thank You! :)

When is the update coming out to add widgets in the sidebar?

When is the update coming out to add widgets in the sidebar?

The new version is ready, you can download it. Regards, ShakeDesign Team.

Hi, was wondering when it will be possible to add widgets to the left sidebar, you did say you were going to update, please let me know if this has been done.

Also, the top navigation ’+’ and ’-’ button, where in the code is this located as I want to add next to it – Expand for more….

If you could let me know which file to update so it’s easier for people to browse the site that would be great. Thanks.

We have a very big problem with reviewers – so we decided to put our new Libra on our own new Store, it will be the home page sidebar. Thanks to the reviewers Libra looks like there is not as it was originally conceived. And theme had a sidebar with widgets… Once the update is released, we will write to you – contact us via the contact form.

For the buyers from themeforest New Libra was cost 1/2 of cost or free for all, who don’t told to us “we disappointed, we lost money” or something else..

Button, you are asking about is on the line number 60 in file header.php

Thanks for the question and feel free to ask if you will need more help.

I’m having problems with pictures. Despite all my efforts to change their position, I can’t change it. It’s always in the left side. And the text never goes around, as you can see here: Would be great if we could add widgets not only at the sidebar, but also at the footer.

Thank you for your question. The problem with the pictures emerged, most likely due to the fact that your version of WordPress older than specified. This version is not the right code to keep this problem from happening. It’s a long story. Please contact using the contact form, I will help you – please write me an email to contact you. And please me more about what you would like to add.

The version I’m using now is 3.5.1. It should work, right? Honestly, if I’d looked the comments before, I wouldn’t had bought this theme. I think ThemeForest should give us a “time to try” and see if we like the product we’re buying and if everything works properly. But thanks for the quick reply anyway.

Ha-ha, OK, Good Luck!

Welcome to WordPress Codex and read about new version and changes with images, Libra made for 3.1 version. If you don’t need our help – It’s your choise…

I didn’t say I don’t want your help. You should be aware that it’s not everyone who buys your themes that are “experts” and have the obligation to know about “Codex” and all that stuff. So if you’re going to upload a theme that everyone can buy, upload a theme that everyone can USE it! :) I’ve sent you an email and I’m still waiting for your reply. That’s my choiCe!

Search function is not working at version of WP 3.4.2. We need to use this function. Please fix it ASAP .

Contact me by email from contact form. All fixed. I want to send you only one file. Good Luck! ;)

New Libra available on our site (see the link on ShakeDesign Profile Page) and now named as ‘Bravo’.

Thank You, shakedesign group.

For some reason my libra template has a black and white smiley face at the bottom of my page. Is this something you all can fix. My site is Feel free to e-mail me at



Hi! Kersten, You added statistic and this smile now visible on your Libra. We send to You a message on email with instructions. Thank You for Purchasing and feel free in future if you can some other questions about Libra. Good Luck! ;)

The link doesn’t exist to view the live demo. I clicked on the picture and live demo button. Both say non exist. Please advise, thanks.

Are there widgets or sidebar with this theme? Thank you.

Libra have widgets on dropdown sidebar. If you want new version of Libra with widgets on left sidebar – contact us via email. We have new Libra on our site.

Thank You.

What is your email? What is your website? Website shows it is down… Thank you.

Site is under reconstruction :) Thank You! ;) All civilized people have long known how to write on mail users of Envato. And one more fact: rudeness no longer in fashion, in at least the people who know how to do something, as opposed to consumers. Do you a Merry Christmas too. We wish you all my heart, learn to behave in the new year as a man-wise! ;)

I like it man !!

Thank You, my Friend! ;) Really Appreciate!

Hello, Before purchasing, I wanted to know if its possible to make the background image rotate between a couple images?

It’s possible, but in this theme you can use only one image as background.