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We would really like to purchase this theme, but we really must have WooCommerce. If you do not have it ready within 14 days, will you refund my purchase

Hello :)

You failed to answer my question. If Woocommerce is not integrated within the expected time frame will you refund the purchase? Please answer the question. Thanks!

The integration is scheduled but we do not provide such kind of warranties. Please check the product page to know when the new release is available. Best regards

Hello,just wanted to let you know that the update was released on time including WooCommerce and lots of new featured. 12 days from when you asked so we are within the 14 days you needed the product :D

the 10 color picker options which are they?

Hello and thanks for contacting us! The theme is based on the material Design Framework for a perfect usability, and you can find more info about the colors customization in the “colors” page of the manual:


In the new version of the theme we will also have 3 more color pickers: color over accent, color over primary and color over secondary.

If you need any more info please let me know, regards

Great job. Awesome template. GLWS :)

What happened to the update? Waiting. Can’t use it till we have multiple menu bars on the top.

Hello, we’re testing out last things before the new release is launched. We’ve scheduled it for next week. Thanks again for the support. Bye!

Hi urbanwed, we’ve just released a new version of the theme. Please download it and check it out the new features.

Have a good day!

Wonderful template!

I’m getting a “Oops something went wrong” on the events page, and on the event detail page. Geo coordinates are right. I can see it’s building up the map, it shows the markers on the map and the next moment the map disappears and is replaced with a grey area with the error message. Tried it in different browsers.

Any suggestions what might solve this issue?

Hello! It looks like something too complex to answer here. Please check the support section of your manual, you’ll find how to get in touch with the support crew: http://www.themes2go.xyz/manuals/lifecoach/knowledge-base/support/

At first sight, by the way, if you try to go in settings->permalinks and save it could fix your issue. Thanks!

Unfortunately, that didn’t work :( Will get in touch with the support crew, thanks!

Hello! Did you manage to solve your issue on our helpdesk?

hello) I would like to buy your theme, but which one of these aspects can you fix?


hi, wha’s the string you posted? Can’t open in browser or get any data from that. Thanks!

Where active visual composer plugin

Hello! You don’t need to activate visual composer because it comes bundled with the theme. If you need more details regarding plugins management have a look on the online manual here: http://www.themes2go.xyz/manuals/lifecoach/

Have a good day, bye!

Hi, this theme was great. but when im try to follow your guide for visual composer installation update there’s nothing happen. I really need your help to activate this because i cant find live guide editing view when im doing responsive adjustment. please help me

Hello and thank you for contacting us. We delivery the updates of Visual Composer within theme updates, you don’t have a purchase code for the single plugin when they are bundled because is a different type of license. This is because we need to test the new plugin versions and adapt them to the product before packing them together and delivering them with the updates.

The authors of the premium plugins tries to convert the customers of the themes including bundled plugins in new customers for the single plugin by pushing constant small updates and heavy notification bars in your backend, even thou there are very small improvement that often you won’t notice.

So just discard the messages and don’t worry about them , we will delivery new plugin versions regularly with the theme updates.


Before I purchase I would like to know if the woo-commerce / Shop area to which my customers could purchase e-books etc could go with this default homescreen? If it can just be added… http://preview.themeforest.net/item/life-coach-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/19654782

Also is there a courses integration such as a ThimPress / LearnPress?

Are there categories that can be set up in the blog section?

Is the capability to switch home screen themes at any time, easy to do?

Hi there! I see you’ve already purchased our theme. In responde to your questions:

- Woocommerce is included in our Lifecoach theme, just install the pre-installed demo contents and you’re ready to go.

- Currently there is not a course integration but we are considering to implement it in future releases.

- You can create as many categories you want in the blog section.

- Sure, you can switch home screens at any time with one click. As reference you can check our theme’s manuals: http://www.themes2go.xyz/manuals/lifecoach/

Hoping you’ve been satisfied with our product I’ll wish a good day.


Hi guys, i really need your help. there is two questions : 1. How to remove the buy ticket row in the event section? 2. When i make a team members page, i have 11 members and the boxes go messed up. How to make the boxes neat and presentable like your demo?

And i hope you improve the card hover effect to be more customizable in the next theme update. Overall i satisfied to use this great theme. Thanks for your support.

Hi Medialektika! It’s our policy to provide support only on our dedicated helpdesk. Please make a new topic in this forum (http://www.themes2go.xyz/helpdesk/forums/forum/lifecoach-wp/) and we’ll give you all the details to solve your issues.

Have a good day!



I like the design of this theme and wanted to buy it, BUT the loading time is horrible! Please take a look at those devastating numbers (loading time, MB size, number of requests made) from GTmetrics:

!!! -> https://gtmetrix.com/compare/7MtTOYwY/S5uTB8AQ

There would be a lot of things to optimize before i would purchase the theme. Right now Google wouldn´t even think about ranking this site/blog on top spots (even with good SEO).

If i got something wrong about those numbers please let me know ASAP.

Hello! thanks for the results, we just noticed that for error we uploaded 2Mb images instead of web-compressed ones, so you have in the homepage about 20MB of pictures :D :D :D

Also we didn’t have any form of caching or compression enabled.

We just added a bit of minification and caching, and leaving all the super big pictures we are now at a B grade result.

Still we have ENORMOUS pictures which we will change as soon as we find the time, this means that if you use this theme and add properly compressed pictures and W3 total cache, you can easily arrive to an A grade result.


Thank you very much for noticing, unfortunately we have 300MB connection speed and didn’t even notice how big we uploaded all the pics in the demo, sorry!

Hi there, my homepage is not resizing properly for mobile. The hero image is not resizing and some of the page elements aren’t showing up at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Sasha! It’s our policy to provide support only on our dedicated helpdesk. Please make a new topic in this forum (http://www.themes2go.xyz/helpdesk/forums/forum/lifecoach-wp/) and we’ll give you all the details to solve your issues.

Have a good day!


This doesn’t seem to have a full version of visual composer (not front end “visual” – just backend/classic)

What is the code to activate the license for visual composer to work properly?

why would your purposefully disable the FRONTend? it is called “VISUAL” composer so that you can actually see what you are doing wiht the WYSIWIG.

Seems counterintuitive and totally slows down our overall development time on the template.

This is very simple: our theme adds special functionalities to visual composer that doesn’t work with frontend editor because of how visual composer is made. Frontend editor is an option, and Visual composer exists since much before frontend editor was built, which makes pointless your observation that is called visual composer for the frontend editor.

In fact visual composer authors added an explicit possibility for developers to disable the function because they know that some custom element may not work on that new system. We simply used this option to prevent customers see broken elements in frontend.

This is a Visual composer issue for us, not a theme problem.

Knowing what is the reason, we can tell you how to re-enable it, but as you left a bad rating I think you may eventually want to go for a refund instead: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

PS sorry I forgot to tell you, to enable the frontend you can comment or delete this line of code from functions.php


but on some elements you may experience some visual glitches, mostly with the carousels.

Would you consider making a Powerpoint template based on the look of this site? I’d love to have one “look” throughout my graphics! E;ither to include in the next update, or to sell separetly, if it is thorough enough I whoulld not mind forking over 15€....

Hello Stravelakis and thanks for your message. We are already working on it and probably in the next couple week will be ready. We’ll keep you updated!

Have a good day,


Seriously?? I will need more than 5 stars for you people!!!!

Writing you in PM

Hello. I can’t edit the Events page visualy. Here shows a lot of codes. How can I use the visual builder to edit the Events page?

Hi, in order to get premium support please open a ticket on our dedicated support forum: http://www.themes2go.xyz/helpdesk/forums/forum/lifecoach-wp



When I originally bought this, I thought I saw a button that would have you help install the theme for a fee. I have everything installed but when I try to install the demo 2 – woo commerce, or demo 1, I get a fatal error. I don’t have time to set this up, I just need to get a complete demo site that I can customize. I already deleted the site, started from scratch, and got the same error when I got to the demo install. Please help!

Hello silverhonda84!

Don’t worry about the issue, I am here to assist you and find a solution. It seems very strange that the installation process failed. What I suggest you is to get a fresh installation of WordPress and then follow our video tutorial here to install the theme from scratch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3le8M5oZN7U

If you can’t install Lifecoach Theme properly, please open a ticket including a screenshot of the error here: www.themes2go.xyz/helpdesk/forums/forum/lifecoach-wp/ Our developers will surely help you.

All the best,


Wheres is the login now?

Hello TomasCabezuelo, I can’t understand your question. Could you be more precise, please?



When i try to view the preview of this website, it says “Server Not Found” “Firefox can’t find the server at themes2go.xyz.”

Hello cheeks21, thanks for writing us. Maybe it could be some maintenance routine by the server. By the way, if you wanna watch our demos you can click from here:

Lifecoach Main demo http://themes2go.xyz/demos/lifecoach/ Lifecoach Woocommerce http://themes2go.xyz/demos/life-ecom/ Lifecoach Professional http://themes2go.xyz/demos/lifecoach-professional/

If you have any other questions please reply below. All the best,


Hi there, im sorry, i dont know why the event slideshow box not showing. I think everything done good, like the slug and anything. can you help me?

Hello Medialektika, please open a ticket on our support website (http://www.themes2go.xyz/helpdesk/) describing the issue and including some screenshot so our developers can easily help you

Thanks, Andrea


I got this while installing required plugins.. Please help..

Downloading install package from http://www.themes2go.xyz/plugins_repo/t2gconnectorclient-1.3.2.zip…

Download failed. Not Found

Plugin not activated. A higher version of T2G Theme Dashboard is needed for this theme. Please update the plugin.

Hello kpadi123, I’ve just seen your ticket on our support website. You’ll get in touch with our developers in few moments.

All the best, Andrea


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