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adinaa Purchased

I am trying to open a ticket after purchasing this, but even after I registered, it won’t let me, saying that my Envato Item Purchase Code isn’t for this item. I don’t know what to do and I am only getting blank pages after installation! Help, please!

How can I get my purchase code to work in your Ticksy support so I don’t have to bug you here (unless you don’t mind, lol)?

We are receiving the tickets from other clients which means they are submitting the tickets easily and successfully, if you can tell us a specific problem then we can help you overcome that problem. Thanks a lot

When I try to submit a ticket, I put in my purchase code and when I submit the ticket it tells me that my code is for a different product. But I purchased Lifeline NGO. Does it think I purchased one of the other Lifeline versions?

My friend who also bought the same themes here told me the same thing, he imported the Demo data and since then he has been seeing this same blank pages. Author i sent you this in your email and you doubted me, i guess you have heard it from another person too. What is the fix for such? because since then i have been afraid of buying this themes until i hear it has been solved.

We asked for the details of website from the client who was facing this issue and found that it was because of Fast Velocity Minify plugin which is a third party plugin to minify the files to increase the loading speed and only for this reason a blank page was visible on the page. Otherwise there was no issue with the theme. Thanks a lot

So tell me how can this issue be fixed, because i will highly regret if the same thing that happened to my friends happens to me too. I just want to know and be cautions before i start buying. send me an email on how to fix the issue.my email . meetpres(@)usa.com , and my friends who also bought it from you still haven’t fixed theirs yet. or better still make an explanation here on how to fix it. i await your reply.

This varies from client to client, different clients have different reasons for this error and for this reason we need to diagnose it first. We only diagnosed Please ask your friends to contact us at https://webinane.ticksy.com and we will provide them the solution after diagnosing the issue on their website and then provide the solution to them. Also i am sorry to say that after verifying we have come to know that we can’t accept payment from bitcoin or perfect money. But we can accept payments from CC if you have any. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

side by side

Hello, What does it mean dear?

Please ignore this comlpetely submit click before I could compose my question.

How to add a new Currency Code (Indian Rupee, INR) and Sysmbol (₹) ?

Hello, i am sorry for responding you late, actually there is no such option in the theme to add INR but we can do it in the next week. If you want it to be done on priority, you can order customization. If yes you can contact us at sugotech@gmail.com. Thanks a lot for asking us for help.

I am getting “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias lifeline not found.” I have tried importing the slider from developement version on local machine but that too is throwing error. Installed Revolution Slider v5.2.6.

Ok let me update the theme to provide the latest slides and latest theme, we are already working on making the new slides according to the latest version of Layer Slider and Revolution Slider. I am hopeful that it will be launched very soon. Thanks a lot for notifying this error, we are working hurriedly to give you the updated version of it. Please be patient. Thanks again for your cooperation.

​I no longer have access to the options of the theme.the message that appears in my browser​ is : The page www.reseaucref.org does not work

This request can not be processed at www.reseaucref.org at this time. HTTP ERROR 500

I think you are using an older version which you have not updated for a long time. Please send me the version which you are using at this time so that we can further guide you about the proceedings. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.


1) How do I remove Meta, Categories and Recent Comments from Sidebar ?

2) Is there a Login option for Users (apart from wp-admin) that I can place on main menu? If so, how do I create a page or post visible to registered users only ?

3) Is it possible to show pic of user who wrote the blog under blog date ?

Kind Regards

Please ignore question 1, found my answer in Appearence >> Widget. Thanks.

For the 2nd point, If you are using woocommerce plugin then you can add my account page in your main menu section to show it on front-end. If you are not using woocommerce please submit ticket to our support team they will add new option for user login. For the 3rd point, There is no option to show author image under date, you can make a request to our support team to add this option. For these changes you can send a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com Thanks a lot

I am having trouble with the Event full page layout – the description doesn’t use any of the HTML formatting I put into the backend – no paragraphs, and bullets mess everything up! It only seems to work if I add in a sidebar, which I don’t necessarily need.

I’d also like to be able to take out the entire Organizer section, since there is only ever one organizer for everything!

Hello, thanks for contacting us in time of help, we are ready to help you. Please send your email at webinaneff@gmail.com and our technical department will take care of your needs. Actually the technical team wants to check the backend to diagnose why the styling is not applying. Can you please send a ticket immediately together with ftp and wp-admin information. Thanks a lot – we are waiting for your email. Also let the team know what problem you are facing while submitting a ticket.

I will email – for whatever reason, when I try to submit a ticket, I get an error that tells me that my purchase code is for another product and it won’t send!

I am also worried that why you are unable your ticket. Can you please send me your purchase code at sugotech@gmail.com and i verify it why it is creating problem for you. Thanks a lot :)

SALES QUESTION: How much control over color is there other than the color schemes?

Other than the color scheme you will have to control the color of Menu, Header and Footer and H!, H2 … H6 Tags easily. Already there was no option available in the theme but within 24 hours we will add these options in the theme and you will be at ease to manage the colors. Thanks a lot for your interest – let us know what else you want to know about our product.

Hello, we have launched a new version is which the color options are added to control the colors of the header, footer and the titles in the text from H1 to H6. Thanks a lot for your interest – let us know what other options you like to be added in this theme. We always welcome the suggestions of our dear clients.


Dear clients and potential buyers, We REGULARLY update Lifeline and add New On Demand feature in this theme. We will welcome your features and suggestions as well. Here is a new update in which those options are added which were demanded by RLFouts.

  • Fixed – Fixed-video gallery shortcode not working.
  • New – Added option to change header color
  • New – Added option to change footer color
  • New – Added option to change heading(h1,h2,h3…) color
  • New – Added option to change theme font color
  • Updated – Visual composer updated
  • Updated – Layer Slider Updated
  • Updated – Revolution Slider Updated
  • Updated – WooCommerce Files and Templates Updated
  • Updated – Compatible with WordPress Version 4.7.3

For any pre-sale question contact us at sugotech@gmail.com and for the Post Sale help submit a ticket at our ticket center https://webinane.ticksy.com

Thanks a Million for help us.

Hello, Can someone from Webinane support team respond ticket #1089789, Its been 5 six days still waiting to hear anything back ? Thanks

It is so sad to read your message. I am so sorry for this delay, i have directed the team to respond you quickly. Actually it is already been assigned to senior technician but because his tight schedule the delay has happened. So please be patient and we will surely solve your issue very very soon. Thanks a lot for your patience and cooperation.

Hi there, interested to but this theme, i just want to make sure it is working fine and users can donate, as for now when i go to all donation demo pages such as: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/lifeline-ngo-charity-fund-raising-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/7044503?_ga=1.268648497.1909828457.1486468746

after i fill in donation details and chose “paypal” i get a blank page – this happens for all of you donation demo pages.

basically i need a template that will allow me to create multiple donation pages, i also want to be able to create 2-3 version for every donation page with different design for each page.

is it something i can achieve with this teheme?

We have not given the testing information in the theme because Paypal doesn’t allow to test donation transactions so many times. But it is 100 percent working and we ensure its perfect working. Yes you can make different donation`pages for different causes but i don’t understand what does it mean by “create 2-3 version for every donation page”. Thanks for your information.

thanks for quick replay! :) – i meant if there several page templates for donation pages. i want to be able to create A’B’C version for every campaign i run with the same content but different design

This will need a little customization in the code. This feature need change in the code. Thanks – let me know about your opinion.

Where can I find the purchase key for the slider? Is there some other way to get it, than to import all demo data (and remove it all again)?

Is this a pre-sale question. Thanks

do theme support Indian currency INR

The answer is given in the previous comment. Thanks a lot

Hello, I updated the theme. Where can I find the updates for the plugins Visual Composer and Revolution Slider? Thank you!

Our theme is compatible with the latest version of Rev Slider and Visual Composer 5.0.1 but the new version of VC has been launched so we will give you the updated version of the theme within max 48 hours which will be compatible with the latest plugins. Thanks a lot

Hi, did you update the theme for the new version of VC?

I am very sure that the coming week is starting from tomorrow and we will give you a complete new version with Updated VC and WooCommerce this week for sure. I am sorry for the delay. Thanks a lot

How do I add mega menu on the website? Your documentation is extremely poor! I added causes carousel which too is not showing up on the website.

The documentation is old but we will not leave you helpless. I will shortly send you the guideline on these topics and i am sure these guidelines will be helpful for you. Thanks a lot

What is the update on this? You can provide the documentation at your convenience. Just tell me how to add Mega Menu.

Hello sorry for being a little delayed, we were preparing the document for your guideline. Please download the following file and use it for your learning. http://lifeline.webinane.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/How-do-I-add-mega-menu-in-Lifeline-theme.docx Thanks a lot – let us know if you need further help.

any help ?

This support desk, managed by Ticksy, is currently in maintenance mode for the following reason: Please keep in mind that the support desk you are trying to reach is in no way responsible for this outage. They are waiting for a resolution to this issue as well so they can continue to provide support to their customers.

Ticksy is working on getting things back up and running shortly and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Please send your help request at sugotech@gmail.com and we will respond you in the next support session. Thanks a lot

Ok just sent you email…. Thanks

Hello, Is Lifeline compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.1? Since updating Lifeline and Woocommerce, we get php user messages and had to return to the last pre-3-version. Why is WooCommerce mandatory for Slider Revolution and is it possible to make RS work without WC? Thank you!

WooCommerce has given a big update in its latest version and we will have to update all of our themes. Now we have started this updating all of our themes. Today we have successfully updated 80’s Mod which is one of our newest theme. I hope after this weekend we will update Lifeline for sure. Thanks a lot


anniqueb Purchased

How do I get rid of the “Leave a reply…Send us a message” field under the blog posts. It just appeared automatically, along with a red shortcode. Urgent help needed, thanks!

You can remove this easily through a section from its Php file. Here is the path for that file lifeline\single.php on line 94 remove the code line and it will not appear on the desired page. Thanks a lot

any help? Dear friend , I need a WXR (.xml) for Lifeline NGO theme… Thanks

Our team sent you the file two days ago through our support forum. Please check the ticketing system and check your ticket. Thanks a lot