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fzamaan Purchased

Hello, i brought this theme and installed today. also imported the same data. import was successfull. also selected the front page as ‘home’. but the problem is the demo data site layout is diffrent from the original demo shown here. i have also kept a support ticket. i need to solve this problem urgently. please help.


fzamaan Purchased

a message with link sent using the contact from in your profile here. pls have a look.


fzamaan Purchased

this issue has been sorted out. no need any action from your end.

Thanks a lot for your kind information :)


Aboyal Purchased

Good theme so far but I am rusty with web dev and need help on a few things

1) I have the even header. Where can I find the code to change the text “read more” after (to the right of) the event countdown in the header. Ideally I would delete it 2) There is a neat donation tracker on “our causes single page” I would like to move to the home page. How can I get this tracker?None of the widgets or elements copy this style exactly. 3) Search widget appears in header. How can I delete it? 4) Donation amount. How can I allow people to write in custom amounts. Is this possible and I just missed the feature?

Of course our event is coming up soon so any timely response would be much appreciated

thank you!

This is customization, please send your request for these changes at https://webinane.ticksy.com. Please don’t forget to send ftp and wp-admin information because these changes will be exclusively done on your website. Thanks a lot :)

Hello i would like to have the same slider on the home page 1, i tried to import the slider in local it’s works but then when i export the slider i have an error so can’t import the slider. I don’t want to load the demo on my website online is it possible for you to send me the file zip to import on my website?

Thanks for asking us for help, please send your request at sugotech@gmail.com and i will send you the required file through email. Thanks gain for your cooperation.

Okay, visual composer is always out of date and, hence, not working. I shouldn’t have to contact you every time for this; this is not a good enough reason for me having to purchase support. Also, I didn’t get a reply to my support ticket I sent out like 3 weeks ago…

We are launching a new system in all of our themes though which you will get automatic update from our server whenever a new version of premium plugins will be available. At the moment please send a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and our support staff will provide you the latest update of Visual Composer. Thanks a lot for your patience and cooperation. I assure you that this problem will not arise again once the new system will be integrated in Lifeline.

it says I can’t submit ticket cause our support is expired. I don’t want to renew support just for a plugin update! Is there another way to get it done?

Ok send the request to me at sugotech@gmail.com and i will send you the updated version. Thanks a lot

hi, any idea of how to change the color of top bar?

We have notified these changes and we will improve our theme in such a way that you will be able to change these things from the backend very easily. To remove the icons find the file header-social-icon.php in root theme directory and on line 30 you will find all the icons where they can be removed or changed. Thanks a lot – you can request for further details as well.


centroot Purchased

Thank you very much. Usually, other themes that i have purchased through themeforest, keep updating. But I haven’t seen LIfeLine’s any recent one. Please do make one with more options that fans like me keep requesting.

We appreciate your suggestions and we keep updating our product. In the next version we will include these features in the theme options for sure. Thanks a lot :)

I have lifeline theme 2.9.4 to use for my website and it work great, but when I activate WooCommerce 2.61 my menu doesn’t work quite right. Any Ideas please?

We have not received your information yet, we checked it yesterday and there was no email received against your name Marchall. Please send the ticket, also we request to renew your Support License please. Thanks a lot

I sent it in with this address savoeun@rdic.org

We are again sorry to say that we have not received your email yet. Please send email from any gmail or yahoo address because i think your email sending server is blocking the emails which you are sending to us. Thanks a lot for your favor and patience. Waiting for your response.

hello How do I display comments on posts

Go to Settings > Discussions > and select Allow People to Comment on Posts, If having difficulty submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com/ our tech staff will check and fix this for you. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.


nualap Purchased

Hi, the thumbnail in the blog list doesn’t work. Here the page: http://www.associazionecolibri.org/news-eventi-laboratori/ Only the first post works well.

Can you help me please? thanks

Kindly make sure you assigned the Featured Images for all of the posts, You can set the featured image by following the following link while editing/adding a post http://prntscr.com/bmfyrv Still if you are having issues kindly open a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com/ and submit your login details, so our techs can check the issue for you and give you the advice about it. Thanks a lot

I assigned the featured image to all posts. Please, I ask you to verify if it is a bug of the theme, before I buy another support extention.

thank you.

No this is not a bug and there Is no issue on our end, we need to check the issue at your site. We have verified it, please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com Thanks a lot

I purchased this theme a while ago, and I downloaded what is supposedly the most recent update of the theme and installed it, but it still says version 1.01 in Wordpress. Do I have to buy it again to get the updated version? I need to know because I don’t want to extend my support if I need to buy the whole thing over again to have the update, since I’ll get support if I buy it again.

Brother you will have to extend your support license only, there is no need to buy it again. Let me know if you need further help. Thanks a lot

hello above the slider i have empty space up to menu – http://prntscr.com/bng9td how i fix it?

Please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and our support staff will solve this issue. Please don’t forget to send ftp and wp-admin information in the ticket. Thanks a lot

hello i need the support but i cant submit a ticket. Purchase Date was in 2016 february 29 in the licence flie show 2015-12-09


Ok send your information at sugotech@gmail.com and i will forward this task to the support team. Actually some technical changes are required that is why we need your backend access. Thanks a lot

Hello, I purchase one year ago the lifeline theme, at this moment I have the 3.0 version. I know that are a new version.

I want to know if in the new version the visual composer is active, because in my version this plugin don’t work.

I need to know too, that if I purchase the renew support you will help me with the installation of the new version of the template. I tell you that, because in the beginning when I make the website you help me making many changes in the code of differents pages and I’m worried to make the installation to the new version because I don’t have a child theme and I don’t know the pages that you make the changes.

Could be posible that you help me with this? the website is www.fundacioillesbalears.org


Please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and our support staff will look deeply into the issue and give you an idea about it, that how much work is involved in it. Actually you are using too old version that is why we need to look into it first. Thanks a lot

I tried before write here, but my purchase code is old and I can’t take contact by this way, for these reason I make the question here. Mybe you can send to your team my question. thanks

In reply to your email, our experts need some information so that they can guide you properly about the update. Please reply to our email. Thanks a lot

Hi I tried to update the theme and I don’t find how to do that could you tell me how is that other themes can be update and yours Not… I appreciate your help … Thank you

You can update your theme by downloading a fresh copy of the theme from themeforest and replace the old theme files via ftp or filemanager in the directory wp-content/themes rename the old theme files for the backup purposes. Thanks a lot for asking us for help. We are also introducing a new update system for themes and plugins which will be beneficial for you to update your theme or premium plugin within minutes.

Hi, after update the last version 4.5.1. The mobile menu has a issue, doesn´t show the “x” to close the menu. is it possible solve this?? Thanks.

Please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and our support staff will provide a viable solution for this problem also they will include it in the upcoming update. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

I can´t send you a ticket because my support has expired :S

Ok i assign it to the tech team directly. Thanks

Dear Clients and Potential Buyers,

Please download the latest version of the theme, which has got following updates and improvements,

  • Updated – All Plugins Updated with their latest version
  • Updated – WooCommerce outdated Templates are up to date
  • Bug Fixed – Single Gallery Post Styling Issue Fixed.
  • New Option – Add New Option in Project meta to show/hide donation amount bar
  • New Option – Add New Option in Cause meta to show/hide donation amount bar
  • Bug Fixed – Welfare Project 3 Currency Symbol Issue fixed

We have moved our support to ticketing system, if you face any problem during the set up of your website, please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com for quick reply.

Thanks a lot for your support to make Lifeline a successful theme in Non-Profit category.

Hello, I am trying to submit a support ticket and the system is saying my purchase code is invalid. I’ve already purchased extended support. Can you tell me what the issue may be here?

I think you are putting the purchase code of old purchase not the new one. Please put the purchase code of Extended License than it will be accepted easily. In case you still face any issue, please send your problem at support@webinane.com Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

Hello, I did still face an issue and so I did send an email to you. Thank you

Your problems will be solved by our support department in the next support session which will start soon. We are thankful to you for your patience. Thanks a lot :)

Hi, There is no Indian currency in theme. please add it. thanks

We have include this in our upcoming task, it may take some days but we will include it in the upcoming updates. Thanks a lot :)

how do i change the color at the logo & menu areas and also at the top area where there are contacts and social media icons. my site is yasnetwork.org

Thanks for asking us for help, we have notified these options and we will included these options in the next version of Lifeline, at this moment first of all change the theme color from Theme Options, then follow the following guidelines,

To change topbar background color #top-bar.modern To change contact or email color #top-bar.modern li To change social media color or background color #top-bar .header-social li a find these selectors in css/style1.css

Thanks again. If you find any difficulty you can contact our support staff at https://webinane.ticksy.com

Hi – can I take different elements from each demo site, such as the counter from Home Organization, and put it on the Home Nonprofit?

Sorry for multiple comments, but does this also come with “child theme’ and is it built for SEO optimization?

Thanks for your interest, yes you can take different elements of the pages and use it on one page by using our advance page builder. Yes it is SEO optimized and it also comes with Child Theme. Thanks – let me know if you need further help. :)

question on the dates format for the events page.

i have set the dates format in the theme settings. However, the events pages still insist on a different dates format. Is that by design or is there a different setting that needs to be changed or is this a bug? it’s very frustrating.

also, if a field in events isn’t filled out, it shouldn’t be displayed.

it would be great if the events address field would integrate with google maps or another service by default rather than requiring to embed a map.

This is a custom work, if you like to have it done, please contact our support team at support@webinane.com and our support staff will tell you further about it. Thanks a lot

i think my first question is a bug, not custom work. if the theme settings for the date format for your theme is set to MMDDYYYY, then your events dates should follow that format MMDDYYYY and not DDMMYYYY.

Yes you are right the first one needs code correction, so please send your email to support@webinane.com and our team will help you solve this problem, whereas the second one is custom work. Thanks for understanding us.

Dear Author,
please inform how to upgrade from version 3.1 to version 4.6. Tried to upload new version in old folder and have broken theme.

You are using a way old version. Now first of all i suggest to please take your backup, then update the WordPress to 4.6, in the next step delete the old versions of plugins which we are using in the theme, now upload the new version and install the fresh plugins, This way you will be able to update it successfully. If you have any problem, you can contact us at https://webinane.ticksy.com but you will have to extend your support license first to get the work done by our team. Thanks a lot for your cooperation and understanding.