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Dear clients and potential buyers, please have a look at the new changes in the theme especially the newly added Demo Install System.

  • New “Auto One Click Theme Setup System” With Demo And Plugin Installation System.
  • New – Added new option for sticky footer in theme option.
  • Fixed – Translation Issues fixed.
  • Fixed – “Team” shortcode issue fixed.
  • Fixed – “Our causes with donation” shortcode issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Category selection issues fixed in shortcodes.
  • Updated – Compatible with updated Lifeline Donation Plugin 1.8.
  • Updated – Compatible with updated WooCommerce 3.2+ Plugin.
  • Updated – Compatible with updated Visual Composer 5.4+ Plugin.
  • Updated – Compatible with WordPress 4.9 version.

We are continuously working to improve our product, if you have any problem you can contact us at https://webinane.ticksy.com

Thanks a lot

I tried to set up Theme Updates and I got the following error: The requested URL /files/envato/wptoken/server-script.php was not found on this server.

Also, when I tried to use the Demo Importer, I got a page that says: Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

How do I resolve these two issues?

There was a path improvement needed in the package, now we have updated the theme on Themeforest. You can download this version and i hope you will not face any problem regarding updating the theme. You can email me at sugotech@gmail.com to need further guideline. Thanks a lot

After updating to 5.2 and again in 5.3 I have lost my footer with all the links to the pages. If I go back to 5.0 it reappears

We want to access the backend of your website. Please send your ftp and wp_admin information at sugotech@gmail.com and our team will look into it and give you a solution. Thanks

It was because you were using an older version of Php which was below 5.6, the old version of the theme was compatible with that old version of Php but the new version was not support 5.4 which is obsolete now. This is why this happened but we have fixed that issue on your server. Thanks a lot for your cooperation, you can ask for further help as well. We will be there for your help always.

Thank you for your kind assistance. Unfortunately the issue is not corrected. There are no links in the footer. I have tried changing the footer settings in theme options but nothing works

Hello, i have a multilingual site with this theme but the RTL makes both English and Arabic to be RTL. Also the menu doesnt become RTL the order of the tabs.

Can you please share the URL so that we can check the error. It would be better to submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com because the team will look into the backend settings that you have done in it and give you a solution of it. Thanks

Honestly i submitted a ticket and no one replied since 4 days i cant publish yet. the theme in terms of the RTL it needs alot of coding its not a button away like the ad says

We are extremely sorry for this delay, we were offline because of local holiday and surely you will get a response on Monday with the solution of this problem. Please provide some sreenshots of RTL issue which you are facing. As far as the data entry is concerned, you will have to do the data entry yourself but if there is some technical issue we will provide a fix of it. Thanks a lot

This is urgent request!! I am waiting since yesterday and my website is not working.

I tried to install the last update of the theme you sent to me. After installation the website stop and I got following below message:

This page isn’t working www.samrl.org is currently unable to handle this request.


Here it is the TICKET #1390111

We have answered all the tickets which we have received so far today. I have forwarded your ticket number to the support staff for further investigation. I will directed the team to contact with you again and look into your problem urgently. Thanks a lot

The same day i rechecked the ticket history and found that we have given you the solution of the problem. The memory_limit of your server was very low that is why this error occurred but we increased it through php.ini file. Thanks a lot for your cooperation. Let us know if you need further help.

in responsive mode, the main navigation menu is not fully visible on page and you have to scroll horizontally to left … is this normal ?? https://www.screencast.com/t/kFfyHnKQAq

Thanks a lot for purchasing our product. Please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and we will provide you the solution of it. Thanks a lot

Hi, I reached out to sugotech@gmail.com on Nov 28th, didnt get a response till now (Dec 12th). Hence writing here. I have purchased the product. 1 – Is this a single domain licence? 2 – How to add PayuMoney payment gateway?

Sorry to know that your email was not answered, Yes one purchase is for one domain only, secondly for adding PayuMoney you will have to order customization. Only for few more bucks we will add it for you. Thanks a lot

Thanks for your response. Please let me know how much is “few more bucks” :) and how do we go about it at sijithskumar@gmail.com and I will have my developer get in touch with you to integrate Payumoney payment gateway.

I am thinking of purchasing your template, do you have an area in backend of Wordpress to add your own custom css? Also can you change the main color to match logo color? Thanks,Ruth

Thanks for your interest in our product, yes you can easily add custom CSS in your theme and you can easily change the color of the theme from the backend. These options are available in the backend. Thanks


Ystlumod Purchased

Hello, The plugin does not activate. It keeps showing that there is a core plugin but it won’t activate and so many features are not working. My support has expired but this is a core theme issue that you should fix without charging me a fee. Please help, thank you!

Hello thanks for contacting us for support. We will surely do it but please buy extended support license first please. We will not charge anything extra from you but you should have a valid support license. Buy the way which version of the theme you are using at this time. Thanks a lot.


Ystlumod Purchased

PS: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class SH_Grab in /home/www/adoptujsi.cz/www/adoptujsi.cz/wp-content/plugins/lifeline/includes/grabber/grab.php on line 3

Please answer the other comment and write the reply in one comment please. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

Hi Webinane, I purchased Lifeline 5.3.2 version theme in this month, and now i got this theme update(5.4) notification email to my email account michaelboda999@gmail.com.

after clicking install now button in email you sent me, i logged into my envato market account. but i found my downloads list as empty.

can you please send me the latest version of lifeline theme to my email or to my downloads list.

by mistake i deleted my purchase confirmation email in my inbox, so please tell me how to recover the latest version of Lifelife theme to my downloads list.


Thanks for contacting us. It is very very strange that your download list is empty. I am sorry without purchase proof we can not send you the theme. You should first contact envato staff for this issue once you will get the downloads back in your account than we will help you for sure. Otherwise purchase a fresh copy and we will start your help immediately. Thanks a lot for understanding our concern.

is payumoney available – if it is – then is it free or do i have to pay extra for it

Yes Payumoney is available and you will not have to pay extra for it. Thanks for your interest.

Yes Payumoney is available and you will not have to pay extra for it. Thanks for your interest.


cfreypt Purchased

Hi. My “All Team”-List has 18 team-members, all “published” and with feature picture. However only 16 team-members are shown on the Team-page (“Notre Equipe”). Why can’t I see the two last ones I published? (www.psf.merlanne.lu)


cfreypt Purchased

Hi. Problem resolved. No more help needed.

That’s great, good to know this. :)


bjcam Purchased

I am trying to follow up a support request in the author’s support system but I can’t get into it. I keep getting a 503 error. Please can you look into it as there is no other way to contact the author.


bjcam Purchased

It’s ok, it seems to be working again.

I can see the support panel in front of me, can you please retry it and then contact us again with some specific problem which you are facing. The support site is working fine as we have tested it ourselves, may be it went down for some moments. Please retry and contact us again in case of any problem. Thanks a lot

Hello, I am very interested in the product and template, however, my organization has a few questions. Is there anyone I can speak with directly via email or phone prior to purchasing?

Hello, thanks for your interest in our product, yes you can email us at sugotech@gmail.com and you can also join us on Skype by adding “Webinane” ID. Thanks a lot – don’t hesitate to contact us we are ever ready for your help.


rayyanep Purchased


I have updated my Paypal API username, password and signature in theme options

I have setup the donation amount to be 10, 50 , 100, 1000, 5000, 10000

When i click on donate and takes me to PayPal i get this message

“The link you have used to enter the PayPal system contains an incorrectly formatted item amount.”

This is the Paypal URL https://www.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=8z7TP3QBA_r1TheffK6B-UNCGQJwK-75RJxHfD8S0uY8yRkNLX-AG9Q8b8q&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8dc3f308debf7330dd8d0b0a9f21afd7d3&rapidsState=Donation__DonationFlow___StateDonationFatalError&rapidsStateSignature=62dc276374eef47a48d30614cd8008cb756b400a

​ ​Please assist

We have tested it on our end once you have notified us about this problem but we found no such error on our end. Can you please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com so that our technical team can dig into this error and give you a solution. Thanks a lot


rayyanep Purchased

Can you just reply me here please as I do not wish to to sign up for submitting a ticket My currency is MYR and the donation amounts are 10, 50 , 100, 1000, 5000, 10000

I tried to put the as 10.00 50.00 it didnt work

100 and above it did work but on paypal it showed the total of RM100,100.00

please advice

How can an error be traced without looking into the backend. If you don’t want to signup then send the details of your ftp and wp-admin information quickly so that we can solve your problem as soon as possible. Our admin email address is sugotech@gmail.com Thanks a lot


mfadil Purchased

I want to change the home style it gives me this error: Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias lifeline_new not found. Can you please give me a support.

Best regards.


mfadil Purchased

Hello, I have done the reinstallation of the theme and the problem is resolved. The version I am using is 5.4.

I have a question please:

If I want to use the theme without purchasing all the plugins used in it, is this possible or I am forced to buy them ?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for contacting back to us, no you need not to purchase Premium plugins at all, all these plugins are given free and you will not have to buy their license, we have purchase an extended license of these plugins for you. Best Regards


mfadil Purchased

Thank you very much!!

How can I change color of project header?

I added these lines in child theme but no effect.

.project-detail a{ color: #4fc0aa !important; }