Discussion on Lifeline - NGO, Fund Raising and Charity WordPress Theme

Discussion on Lifeline - NGO, Fund Raising and Charity WordPress Theme

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Hi We are facing the issue with Elementor not allowing us to edit the Home Page, it happening when we go to edit screen for Home Page, upon clicking the Edit with Elementor button, it says: There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. NO EMAIL RECEIVED EVER.

Please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and we will check it and provide a solution of it. Thanks


baitona Purchased

Sticky header/menu not working on mobile, however it does work fine on the normal website but not on the mobile/responsive

Thanks for contacting us and explaining your concern. Actually, we don’t force you to renew your support license. It is the requirement of Themeforest to provide support for only 6 months. We welcome your bug reporting and are thankful to you as well, but please note when we provide an update we test it thoroughly so that our clients don’t face any problem. So the chances are that the bug may occur because of an extra plugin or so restrictions from the server. This needs diagnosis to ascertain the true cause. Also, we are using the support forum of ticksy so it is their default setting that it allows only those clients who have active support. We are ready to help you completely, please send an email at support@webinane.com so that we can diagnose the issue and get back to you with the solution. One last thing please note that we are the cheapest in the market like all other Themeforest Authors and we pay heavy monthly bills to run of offices, so if you have to pay some bucks some time, please don’t mind it as $50 or so is like peanuts for the costly services we offer. Best Regards


baitona Purchased

Thank you for your support and help
I did not have any extra plugins installed at all, I sent an email to your support and they fixed it indeed, now it is working well in the responsive. Thank you

You are welcome:)

update your demo, it says disk full in mysql query

Hello, Thanks for informing us, we are working on it and it will be fixed very soon. Your information is much appreciated.


jjko72 Purchased

I am facing huge amount of issues with the theme purchased last week,

1 – the header style is not updating when I try and getting a 403 error on updating the site, Also, some of the theme setting sections changes are not appearing whenever i make changes it shows default preview (customize page),

2 – No products are appearing on the product page, nor during demo content

3 – The footer area is also not working during the update, it shows redux error.

Also how do i update the theme to 1st June version

The case may be that you are using WordPress 6.0 and you are trying to install the older version of Lifeline which is not compatible with WordPress 6.0. We recommend to please install the latest version 8.5. This will hopefully solve your problem. If you still face any problem you can contact our support staff at support.webinane.com Thanks a lot for your cooperation and patience.


Did you further assistance? We want to know whether you are satisfied or you still facing issues.

Thanks and Regards

Everytime i update the change the changes wont show up let me know the what wrong and how to resolve it asap.

First of all please let us know from which account you have purchased this item. We can’t see the purchase record, send your purchase code first at support@webinane.com and we will then guide you about the question you have asked. Thanks

Hello , can i use woocommerce payments gateaway ? because i need to add our custom local gateway in woo thank you

Hello Thanks for your interest. We are sorry you can’t use the payment gateways of WooCommmerce. They charge on yearly basis, whereas you can buy our payment gateway in one time payment as well. Also you can order a new payment gateway in just $200 whereas you will have to pay on yearly basis for the WooCommerce payment gateways. Thanks and regards

The support link doesn’t function today…

We are so sorry this the inconvenience, we are working to restore it back to work. Thanks a lot


baitona Purchased

Hello, This theme is wonderful, really wonderful, however unfortunately it has countless bugs, so if you ever consider buying it you may consider extending the support as the developer will insist of doing so (simply you have support you get support if none you get none, and you need to live with these bugs around you).

I have no choice now but to extend the support, as I can not cope with the bugs my self any more and I need them to be fixed since client is furious now.

If for any reason the support extension still does not fix these bugs, I will be back, and I will seek a full refund as I am exhausted now.

When you purchase a theme you are given 6 months to check the theme and install it. If you face any problem we help you on every point and there are customers who submit more than 50 tickets but we never say that we don’t support you. But when your support license is expired, you should have some positive feelings for us that we have to run our system so it becomes necessary to renew the license. You actually want lifetime services against 49 dollars thinking we authors don’t eat or drink anything and we need nothing to pay our employees and run our offices. Please note you have to pay to extend the license. As far as bugs are concerned those bugs may be because of extra plugins you must be using without theme or you may be using an older version of Php on your server which may be causing this. So please keep these factors in mind before commenting here. Lastly, we are ready to help you anytime. Thanks and Regards

Hello, 1 – Donate Button to redirect to a specific Page : For now, I want the donate button to link to a specific page. (I may use your code another time) 2 – Banner image: I would like to change the image background from this banner – https://ibb.co/WBwZ3MP 3 – How to reduce the footer top space? – https://ibb.co/PW8jHbK: and also add footer style (3 column)



1) You can add the link to a specific page on the donation button from the lifeline donation setting. Go to lifeline donation > donation > general popup and select the donation type to an external link. See the Screenshot1.png name screenshot.

2) You can change the image from the section style tab image option. See the Screenshot2.png name screenshot.

3) Add the following code for footer top space in the customizer > additional CSS for footer space
footer {
You can change the column from the appearance > footer widget area setting. See the Screenshot3.png name screenshot. Please download the file of screenshots here. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/029da85469fa9f5291ca43e1ba2302ec20220414061552/afd256dc0c0bcd53c2ccc33a7312bd9520220414061612/43a647


My support subscription for this theme has expired.

I have updated from the old theme to the one with elementor theme.

Elementor is really difficult to use.
​Widgets do not load( footer , side bar)
I cannot change the footer information
i cannot change the front page logo
the home has set itself to the education theme ( which i want )and the, the logo has set itself to another home page.
the cause list kept giving me a page that cannot be found and then they started working
the right-hand column of the cause list the content is too big, widgets space.
I cannot change those .

the footer has gone off totally, how do I get it back to normal.

The theme looks great, but i had not anticipated the number of issues it will give to edit normal stuff.

Is there anything you can do to help, it looks all good on your demo website.

i did a fresh install with the elementor , new website totally, none of my old data is in it,

how do i edit the footer without disrupting it , if you want share an email, i will send you the login details , i dont know why its crashing the widgets.

i cannot change the log on the main screen too.

I have figured my way around elementor.

We need to look into it so please extend your support license and submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and our team will diagnose and fix it. Thanks

Is the theme compatible with polylang and wp-rocket plugins? Thanks in advance

Thanks for your interest in our product, yes our theme is compatible with both of these plugins. We also provide post sales support so we will guide you as well if you face any problem. Thanks again. Let us know if you need further assistance.


unfortunately I have again serious problems with updating your theme. Since support has expired I cannot create a ticket anymore. So I write here.

After updating from version 7.4 to 8.1 of Lifeline theme I can see only a turquise background on my website, pages are empty, nothing there to see, no images, no text.

I have updated the theme, I have installed new required plugins (like lifeline responsive headers, etc.). My website is broken.

I had to roll back to version 7.4.

Now what can I do to make this update work? How could it be, that every major version change is breaking up everything?

Best regards


Thanks for contacting us. Actually you are using WPBakery version on your website and trying to update with Elementor page builder. So please update it with version 7.5 given in the package. Let us know if you need further assistance. Thanks

Can you provide this in HTML theam


Thanks for your interest, this is the new and fresh version of Lifeline which is launched recently with Elementor page builder. We will give this design in HTML a little later, it may take 3 months.



baitona Purchased

Thanks for your hard work,
- I can confirm this Lifeline 8.1 is not compatible with PHP 8, it is pushing errors. So you better stick with an older version It only works on 7.4 and 7.3 ONLY.

- Also, Lifeline 8.1 does not have the Service archive and detail pages, (please amend your change log)
your demo:
however, the copy we download does not have that in the demo


baitona Purchased

This is the second time I am being asked to renew my support for primary requirements and expectations, which should be available for all license holders. Worth mentioning, I am not asking for any customizations or modifications, I am just reporting bugs and technical issues, so you can look into them and have them fixed. I am not asking to fix it only for me, but rather for every license holder.

Also, worth to mention that in your change log, 8.1 you specifically reported that “services” are there, while in reality they are not!
I suggest amending the change log to keep your credibility, and only report what features are really there.


Many thanks for the quick response


baitona Purchased

Hello, Unfortunately the theme is great however the support is not that up to standards, This is now over 8 days and STILL no reply, Nor any comments about the theme’s change log containing inaccurate information.


First of all you purchased Lifeline theme WPBakery version and not the Elementor version. We launched a new elementor version just a month ago, that is why we are requesting you to extend the license as your support license is expired months ago. Please read the policies of themeforest regarding this, if you need our help you need to submit a ticket and that is not possible without renewing your support. Brother do you know how expensive the developers are? This is really costly and if we request to extend your support license, you think we are trying to fleece the money. So please understand our concern as well. Now for your errors we are developing a new version and we will launch it within 48 hours then you can download that version from themeforest and update it, your problem will be solved. Regards

hello I have the version 7.3, I tried to upload to the new version but all the website design brokes. how can I upload for do it well? thanks


Thanks for contacting us for support. Please check the Php version of the server on which you have hosted this theme. We have updated our theme and made it compatible to the latest version of Php 7.3 +. If the problem persists then submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com so that our technicians can solve this problem for you.

Best Regards


baitona Purchased

Hello, what a wonderful update, however there is no documentation as how to apply the desired theme layout globally across the site. Only the main front page is changed, while other pages are still showing the default layout. Any advice please?

We are so sorry there is no such process of resetting your license. I guess your problems are because of old version of Php on your server. We have upgraded our theme and made it compatible with the latest Php version of 8.0 so we request to please check this specification of your server and get back to us if the problem persists. I again request to please upgrade the license of support so that you can save your time and contact the team directly to get the solution of your problems. Thanks and Regards


baitona Purchased

I have tried all 7.3 even I tried PHP 8, even but problem still persisted

Resetting licence:
I was referring to the fact that possibly during the installation, the theme will be activated on my domain via a call back to your server (to check licence validity), I was asking to reset that activation and release the domain, so I try again.

This is an issue to be checked by the team so please contact the team and they will give you the solution of it. Email is support@webinane.com For priority support submit a ticket please. For submitting the ticket login to our support forum https://webinane.ticksy.com thanks a lot

Hello there,

a customer of mine has bought your theme over one year ago. I am responsible for updates and site checks. Since last Lifeline theme update we cannot edit cause pages with WP Pagebuilder anymore. It is not possible in backend mode to access pagebuilder rows and elements. I see only the classic editor with empty text area.

WPPagebuilder settings allow admins and editors to edit pages and causes with backend pagebuilder. It worked until November.

Can you help?​

Thanks, Bettina


Thanks for contacting us. Please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com if you have active support license and if you don’t have active support license then send an email at support@webinane.com with the purchase code of your client and we will solve your issue.

Thanks a lot

Hello again, thanks for your feedback. I must recognize, that I cannot use Envato Market plugin anymore for updating your theme, correct? Because when I update with Envato plugin, then version 8 is installed, not the correct one. It would be great, if you could publish this somewhere in your documentation. But there is no paragraph about updating.

Now I installed version 7.5 manually via FTP. Website is working, but very, very slow. Also I installed the plugin Lifeline donation pro, which is named as required. But I cannot acitvate is, there is a big warning and error message.

Also, again, after this update I am not able to use JS composer with causes anymore. I had this problem before (after an update last year). Do I have to roll back again??? This is annoying…

Please email at support@webinane.com with the list of errors and we will solve those issues. Thanks a lot

the projects plugin has crashed, i have updated to the latest theme 7.4. Wp 5.8.1

also the Woocommerce says Your theme (Lifeline) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. Suggestions to fix this:

Update your theme to the latest version. If no update is available contact your theme author asking about compatibility with the current WooCommerce version.
If you copied over a template file to change something, then you will need to copy the new version of the template and apply your changes again.

This should not have happened after update.

There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

Error Details

An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 538 of the file /home4/hillsmzp/public_html/jansevamandal/wp-content/themes/lifeline/functions.php. Error message: Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type WebinaneCommerce\Fields\Number as array in /home4/hillsmzp/public_html/jansevamandal/wp-content/themes/lifeline/functions.php:538 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: {closure}(Object(WebinaneCommerce\Fields\Number), 0) #1 /home4/hillsmzp/public_html/jansevamandal/wp-content/plugins/lifeline-donation/vendor/illuminate/support/Arr.php(611): array_filter(Array, Object(Closure), 1) #2 /home4/hillsmzp/public_html/jansevamandal/wp-content/plugins/lifeline-donation/vendor/illuminate/support/Collection.php(549): Illuminate\Support\Arr::where(Array, Object(Closure)) #3 /home4/hillsmzp/public_html/jansevamandal/wp-content/themes/lifeline/functions.php(539): Illuminate\Support\Collection->filter(Object(Closure)) #4 /home4/hillsmzp/public_html/jansevamandal/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(303): {closure}(Array) #5 /home4/hillsmzp/public_html/jansevamandal/wp-includes/plugin.php(189): WP_Hook->apply_filters(Array, Array) #6 /home4/hillsmzp/public_html/jansevamandal/wp-content/plugi

Hi Team, Webinane any updates to updating the errors

Hi Team any update to fix the errors


Were your errors fixed in the latest update? Thanks and regards

How can we disable the alt text hover?

Can you please explain on which template or page you want to disable this alt text hover? Thanks

Lifeline theme, used in https://resourcecentre.al/, header 2 thank you

any solution?

Hello there, unfortunately I cannot edit causes anymore with JS Composer after last theme update. Backend editor is not active in editing mode. Besides, there was no new version of JS Composer with your theme update. I had to get JS composer 6.6.0 from another theme.

After updating Lifeline Donation PlugIn​ (required plugins) editing of causes was not possible anymore with JS composer. Only classic mode visible.

After downgrading Lifeline Donation Plugin to former version it was working again.

Please fix that bug!!!

This is because the new version of lifeline is being handled by Lifeline Donation plugin therefore you are not seeing the causes. Please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and our team will do this correct for you. Thanks and Regards


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