Lifeline - NGO Charity Fund Raising WordPress Theme

Lifeline - NGO Charity Fund Raising WordPress Theme

Lifeline – Charity Wordpress Theme to Build A Non-Profit Website with Extreme Ease

Lifeline is a clean, highly flexible and beautifully designed charity WordPress theme with fresh and mobile-friendly layout. The 13 unique homepages offer as many styles for your website, each of which follows the latest trends of 2015. You can use it for fundraising, NGO, nonprofit or any other related project. Lifeline has earned the title of ‘trend setter’ for introducing many advance features that were never seen before in such templates.

Lifeline – An Advanced Theme To Build A Non-Profit Website

Lifeline allows you build any type of layout with the help of its most advanced page builder. This page builder has got the power of 85+ dynamic elements to help you get the desired elements in a short span of time.

The Best Charity Wordpress Theme

Thousands of charity organizations are working around to globe to help the poor. These organizations need online donation system to collect money to run their campaigns. Lifeline is the best solution for such Non-Profit organizations as it has built in Fund Raising or Donation system to raise the required money through Paypal or by selling some products online.

The Best Premium NGO Wordpress Theme

For Non Government Organization, Lifeline offers the most suitable structure and built in elements. Publish your recent news, describe your causes for which you are working, explain your projects which you completed or elaborate whatever you like through Lifeline, it has come with so many advanced features and functions.

Easily Make Website with this Minimalist Wordpress Theme For educating the masses, for poverty alleviation, for helping the flooded people, for fighting pollution – you need an easy to build WP theme to make your website easily. This is the easiest way to build such websites as Lifeline has all the features which are necessary for creating any non-profit website easily. This theme worth 55 Dollars which you pay.

Lifeline Features

  • Visual Composer Page Builder (Given Free Worth $34) To Build Anything without Coding Knowledge
  • Font Awesome Support – Use 500+ Fonts Anywhere in The Theme
  • 10+ Predefined Colors Scheme or Apply Any Color in Text, Headings etc Through The Backend
  • Boxed And Wide Layout – You Can Also Apply a Background or A Pattern on The Background :)
  • Advance Admin Panel to Customize Different Sections, Sidebars etc
  • 5 Header Styles :) :) – Each with Multiple Customization Options
  • Sticky Menu for Each Header Style
  • RTL Support – Use The Theme for Any Language Starting from Right to Left like Arabic, Hebrew etc
  • SEO Optimized – Fully Managed On-Page SEO
  • Donation System – Get Donation through Paypal or Credit Card
  • 2Checkout, BrainTree, Stripe Paymill Gateways for Credit Card Processing for Donations
  • Donation Time & Price Management – Increase or Decrease Donation on Daily, Weekly or Monthly Basis
  • Multiple Sidebar Option – Make A New Sidebar For A New Page or Use The Same on Every Page
  • One Click Demo Import – Import any Managed Demo out of 13+ Demos
  • Contact Us and About Us Pages with Working Contact Form

Change Log of Updates and Improvements

Version 4.8.1 (30 December 2016)
Updated - Theme Updated to be Compatible with WordPress 4.7
Updated - Layer Slider Plugin Updated
Updated - Revolution Slider Plugin Updated
Updated - Visual Composer Plugin Updated
Updated - WooCommerce Plugin Updated 
Fixed - Home with layerslider demo content issue fixed.
Fixed - Theme activation error fixed.
Fixed - Google Map issue fixed.
Fixed - Boxed layout issue fixed.
Version 4.8 (11-10-2016)
New - Added new option to manage blog page
New - Added new option to control top bar color settings
New - Mailchimp Newsletter option added to newsletter widget
New - Added new option to control address in responsive header top bar
Fixed - Donation popup responsive styling issues fixed.
Fixed - Added option for YouTube videos in "Charity Video 2" shortcode
Updated - Visual Composer plugin updated with this package
Version 4.7 (09-13-2016)
Udpated - Compatibility issues solved with WordPress 4.6
Updated - WooCommerce and made Lifeline compatible with it
Updated - Revolution Slider and made Lifeline compatible with it
Updated - Visual Composer and made Lifeline compatible with it
Fixed - Bug Fixed in Event Calendar Section
Version 4.6 (07-26-2016)
Updated - All Plugins Updated with their latest version
Updated - WooCommerce outdated Templates are up to date
Bug Fixed - Single Gallery Post Styling Issue Fixed.
New Option - Add New Option in Project meta to show/hide donation amount bar
New Option - Add New Option in Cause meta to show/hide donation amount bar
Bug Fixed - Welfare Project 3 Currency Symbol Issue fixed
Version 4.5.2 (07-01-2016)
Updated - Compatible with wordpress 4.5.3
Updated - Compatible with woocommerce  2.6.1
Updated - Visual composer plugin updated to 4.12
Version 4.5.1 (04-15-2016)
Fixed - Compatibility Issues fixed with Wordpress 4.5
Updated - Visual Composer New Version 4.11 Given 
Version 4.5 (04-12-2016)
Improved - Demo Importer with new demos options added
Improved - Responsive Header Style Improved
New - Read more button added in "Recent News" shortcode.
Fixed - Donation popup string translation issues fixed.
Fixed - VC Element "Text Block" shortcode styling issues fixed.
Fixed - Demo installation issues fixed.
Compatibility - Latest plugins compatibility issues fixed.
Version 4.4.3 (02-26-2016)
Updated - Update WooCommerce ajax add to cart issue 
Updated - Updated All Plugins
Updated - Fully Compatible WordPress Latest Version 4.4.2 
Updated - Fully Compatible Woocommerce Latest Version
Updated - Fully Compatible with PHP 7.0.2
Fixed - Fixed some issues of Visual Composer Version 4.10
Version 4.4.2 (01-19-2016)
Updated - New Super Responsive Version Launched
Updated - Premium Plugins Updated
Version 4.4.1 (12-28-2015)
Updated - Visual Composer 4.9+ Compatible
Updated - Responsive Forms and Pop-ups Bugs Fixed
Version 4.4 (12-22-2015)
New - BrainTree Payment System Added in Donation System
New - 2CheckOut Payment System Added in Donation System
Update - Compatible with Wordpress 4.4
Update - Compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.12
Update - Compatible with Revolution Slider
Update - Compatible with Layer Slider
Version 4.3.2 (11-04-2015)
Fixed - Services Icon Not Showing - Bug Fixed
Fixed - Span Class Color Not Matching with Color Scheme - Bug Fixed
Fixed - Gallery ShortCode Tab Bug Fixed
Fixed - All Images HyperLink Issues Fixed
Fixed - CSS Related Color Issue Fixed 
Fixed - All Default ShortCodes of Visual Composer Style Improved
Fixed - All Default ShortCodes fo Visual Composer Bugs Fixed
Fixed - All Responsive Issues Fixed
Fixed - All ShortCodes of Events Dates are Now Showing Event Date instead of Post Publish Date
Improved - Option Given to Show or Hide Portfolio Filters
Version 4.3.1 (10-23-2015)
Fixed - PayPal Recurring and One Time Payment Issue Solved
Fixed - Update Demo Installation System
Updated - Woocommerce Templates File Updated to Latest Version
Updated - Visual Composer "Text Block" Shortcode updated

Version 4.3 (10-18-2015)

New - Tag Page
New - Featured Post ShortCode Post Selection Option Added
New - "Our Causes with Donation" ShortCode Content Limit Option Given
New - "Our Causes with Donation" ShortCode Category Selection Option Given
New - Causes Parallax Slider Shortcode
    Background Image Description Spelling Mistake Corrected (Bakground)
    Wrong Category Description Bug Fixed
    Content Limit Option Given 
        Parallax Background Image Bug Fixed
New - Causes Tabber Slider Shortcode Options
    Wrong Category Description Bug Fixed
    Content Limit Option Added
New - Causes Portfolio Shortcode Options
    Content Limit Option Added
    Wrong Category Description Bug Fixed
New - Donation Sidebox Shortcode Options
    Extra Textbox Limitization Option Given
New - Start Regular Donation Shortcode
    Large Image Bug Fixed
New - Recent News Shortcode Option
    Content Limit Option Added
New - Successful Stories Shortcode Options 
    Content Limit Option Added
Fixed - Event Counter Bug Fixed
Fixed - Event Date Displayed in Event Counter Shortcodes
Fixed - Donation System Bug Fixed
Fixed - Modern Event Counter ShortCode Hyperlink Bug Fixed
Fixed - Urgent Cause HyperLink Issue Resolved
Fixed - Spelling Mistakes Resolved in The Theme
Fixed - HTML Related Issues in Services Shortcode Fixed
Fixed - Image Hyperlink Issue Fixed
Fixed - Project Slider ShortCode Bug Fixed
Version 4.2 (09-22-2015)
New - Add PayPal Donation On Off option in theme option
New - Add Donor Info in Donation PopUp box
Updated - Impore Donation Reporting Styling
Updated - Update Stripe liberary
New - Add Donation Button in Causes Listing
Updated - Fully Ajax Based Payment System
Updated - Complete Reporting of Donations
Updated - Global Donation System Added
Updated - Update with woocommerce 2.4.6
Updated - Add Credit Card on off option
Updated - Donation Payment System updated
Updated - Theme update system bug fixed
Version 4.1.1 (09-02-2015)
Updated - Fully Ajax Based Payment System
Updated - Complete Reporting of Donations
Updated - Global Donation System Added
Updated - Update with woocommerce 2.4.6
Updated - Add Credit Card on off option
Updated - Donation Payment System updated
Updated - Theme update system bug fixed

Version 4.1 (07-15-2015)

Updated - WooCommerce 2.3.13 Compatible
Updated - 3 Shortcodes Styles Improved
Version 4.0.3 (08-13-15)
Fixed - Styling Issues of New Shortcodes Fixed
Updated - New Visual Composer Given and The Theme was made compatible with this version.
Fixed - Update System Error Fixed
Version 4.1 (07-15-2015)
Updated - WooCommerce Version 2.3.13 Compatible
Updated - Some Shortcodes Updated

Version 4.0 (07-11-2015)

Updated - Update System Updated and Bug Removed for Demo Installation
New - Credit Card Payment System Integerated (Stripe + Paymill)
Version 3.1 (05-18-2015)
Updated - WooCommerce Updated
Updated - Theme Options Panel 
New - Auto Update System with Auto Backup System
New - Update Notifier Given
New - Improved One Click Dummy Data Importer
Fixed - Logo Bug Fixed
Version 3.0.2 (01-29-2015)
Fixed - Theme Options Image Upload Big Fixed 
Fixed - Image Carousel Link Broken Bug Fixed
Updated - Visual Composer Bug Fixed
Version 3.0 (01-15-2015)
New - BuddyPress Support Given
New - Gravity Form Support Given
New - Contact Form 7 Support Given
New - Home Page Organization 2015 Added
Updated - Visual Composer
Updated - Layer Slider
Updated - Revolution Slider
Updated - WooCommerce Plugin
Fixed - Demo Problem Solved (Making it Compatible with Wordpress 4.1 and Above)
Fixed - Image Upload Bug Fixed in Theme Options
Fixed - Boxed Version Problem Solved
Version 2.9.6 (12-20-2014)
Updated - Revolution Slider 
Updated - Visual Composer Updated
Fixed - Little Php Bugs Fixed
Version 2.9.5 (11-29-2014)
Fixed - Fix Megamenu Bug
Fixed - Paypal Recurring Payment System Bug
Fixed - Fix Some Style Related Bugs
New - Make PDF Report of Donations
Version 2.9.4 (11-03-2014)
Fixed - Recurring Payment Bug Fixed
Version 2.9.3 (10-21-2014)
Added - Twitter Option in Theme Options and Display on Contact Page and Header with Social Icon
Added - Filter on Search Box
Updated - jQuery File
Updated - Woocommerce Plugin
Updated - Donation Box Popup Box in "Our causes with Donation" Shortcode
Updated - Donation Box Popup Box in "Donation shortcode" Shortcode
Updated - Donation Box Popup Box in "Donation Sidebox Shortcode" Shortcode
Updated - Donation Box Popup Box in "Donate Us (widgets)" Shortcodes
Fixed - Megamenu Bug
Version 2.9.2 (10-10-2014)
- Updated - Layer Slider New Version Given
- Updated - .mo / .po File Updated
- Fixed - Donation Price Box Issue Fixed
Version 2.9.1 (09-23-2014)
- Fixed - Causes Single Page Donation Amount Bug Fixed
- Fixed - Codebird.php Small Bug Fixed

Version 2.9 (09-19-2014)

- New - 2 New Cuases Listing Page Templates (Fancy Causes 1 and 2)
- New - Recent News Listing Page Template
- New - Our Mission Listing Page Template 
- New - Mega Menu Support
- New - Our Causes 2 Fancy ShortCode Added

- Fixed - Mega Menu Bug Fixed
- Fixed - SEO Meta File Bug Fixed
- Fixed - Heading Styles Bug Fixed
- Fixed - CSS Style Bug Fixed
Version 2.8 (09-16-2014)
- New - Creative Recent News Shortcode Added
- New - Featured Posts Shortcode Added
- New - Post Video Carousel Shortcode Added
- New - Blockquote Carousel Shortcode Added
- New - Latest News Carousel Shortcode Added
- New - Fancy Causes Shortcode Added
- New - Header 5 with Social Icons and Donate Button
- New - Header 6 with Event Counter
- New - WPML Compatible Search 

- Fixed - Menu Issue Fixed 
- Updated - Fully Compatible with Wordpress 4.0+
Version 2.7 (09-11-2014)
- New - Creative Recent News Shortcode Added
- New - Featured Posts Shortcode Added
- New - Post Video Carousel Shortcode Added
- New - Blockquote Carousel Shortcode Added
- New - Latest News Carousel Shortcode Added
- New - Fancy Causes Shortcode Added
- New - Layer Slider Added Free
- New - Webinane One Click Importer Given
- New - Complete WPML Support Given
Version 2.6 (23-08-2014)
- fixed - Visual Composer New Version Given
- fixed - Slider Revolution New Version Given 
- New - New Home Page Added
- New - New Home Page 2 Added
- New - Statistics Short Code Added
- New - Carousel For Header Added
- New - New "Recent News" Magazine Style Short Code Added
- New - All Short Codes Structure Improved to Show Them in Parallax
- New - New Heading Style Given 
- New - Causes Slider Added
- New - Services Short Code Added
- New - Features Post Short Code Added
Version 2.4 (07-11-2014)
- fixed - Body background issue resolved 
- fixed - Slider issue resolved
- fixed - RTL CSS bug resolved
- fixed - Upcoming Events timer issue resolved
- fixed - Testimonial Shortcode issue resolved
- fixed - Cause Hover issue resolved
- New - Recent News shortcode updated with more functionality
Version 2.3 (06-06-2014)
- User Visit Counter Bug Resolved
- Donation Setting in Widgets
- Added Featured Image Functionality in Page
- New Feature added To Change Price and Time of Donation
- Recent Event Widget in Sidebar Corrected
- New Revolution Slider and Visual Composer Given
- Some Styles Improved Through CSS
Version 2.2 (05-19-2014)
- Two ShortCodes Bugs Removed
- Responsive Styling Improved
- New Version of Visual Composer
- Gallery Single Page Styling Improved
- Gallery Category Page Bug Removed
Version 2.0 (05-19-2014)
- BBPress Support Given
- All Known Bugs Removed
- File Size Reduced to Make it Easily Installable
- New Version of Visual Composer and Revolution Slider included
- Design Graphics Improved to Make It More Appealing
Version 1.0.2 (04-27-2014)
- Update the Version of Visual Composer
- Solved Custom CSS inclusion problem through Theme Options so updated
- Solved Sidebar issue of Our Project Single Custom Post
(03-11-2014) Version 1.01
- Carousel Issue Resolved on Scrolling
- Our Causes Images Size in Safari Browser Solved

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