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Nice, but some images used in the CSS file are missiong. For example:

buttons_submit.gif, ico_arrow_blue2.gif ant others

thanks for your message, we;ll take a look into it

Any update? Can you estimate when it will be done?

we’ve updated the WP version, so it’s time now for this HTML one… so i can’t say for sure, but should be very soon.

Disappointed because I was searching for a WP theme, this one came in the results, I bought it, and it is no WP theme.

Not nice!

if you look at the big image that previews the theme it says so very clearly that this is the HTML version. We sell the WP version on our own website (can’t post link due to Themeforest policies) – contact us for a discount

hi, very good template, thanks, i want to use the HTML version for a tv show. how can i add movies or youtube videos to video page of this site? is there a good player included for embedding as well, pls help.

It’s easy, use the [object] tag to embed vimeo or youtube videos. The player is the default one that comes from you tube or vimeo.

Click view source on this page to see the HTML and how the videos are embedded.

Hope this helps. For further support please visit our dedicated support forum.


how to instal this theme ? I drop HTML folder in /wp-content/themes but not working ??

it doesnt work because it’s just the HTML version. The Wordpress theme can be purchased from our own website, and not here on TF

Some images from the CSS are still missing :

buttons_submit.gif, ico_arrow_blue2.gif, sidebar_hover.gif, icon_reply.gif, comment_hover.jpg, etc.

Hi, have a few questions (sorry if they are obvious): 1. So this version can be used with Tumblr? 2. Is it possible to install without losing content that is already up in another theme? 3. And is there functionality to change the colors on the nav bar?

this version of Lifestyle project is only the HTML version, so it’s not for Tumblr or WordPress… it’s just the design in HTML form. The WordPress version is available exclusively on our website.

I did what jgirardi did.

I thought it was a theme. Bugger!

the Wordpress version of this theme is available exclusively on our website. You can get it from there, with a discount, if still interested.

having issues with the header menu… Cant get it to fit the menu and have reduced the padding on each cell. the last tab (purple – contact) seems to fall below the actual menu when view in different browsers, (ie: Chrome, Opera etc) yet the demo version is absoutley fine all in browsers including IE

Suggestions please.

Odd, it must be something with the modifications you did for sure. Please be so kind an continue to receive specific support on the themes’ dedicated support forum. Our support guys there will love to help you.

Thanks for your understanding.

works in blogger?

no sorry, only in WordPress (that is available exclusively on our website. Can’t post link here)

hey Themefuse,

I purchased your Practice HTML template and was really happy with it, I think this one might work well for my next project, I have a couple questions. Are the accent colors on the navigation menu / tabs defined via CSS , so I could change these if I wanted? Like maybe if I need all of them all the way across to all be… blue or purple or some other color, is it relatively easy for me to do that?

Also, is it possible for me to remove the little arrows/triangles below the main tabs (which appear in the accent colors on hover? Is that CSS or psd to edit?)

Also, do you think it would be possible for me to make the dropdown menus more “plain / standard” rather than styled as they are now? (It looks AWESOME , but this is for a corporate site that needs to uphold a certain level of blandness.) LOL . :-)

Also, what is this slider called that is used on the Lifestyle Mag homepage and on the Medica homepage? I really love it!

can you please post this on our Support Forum ( with as many details as possible. Thanks, we’ll reply asap.

Using Lifestyle, we have to almost as we need to. What do we need to do to get the Facebook feed working on each page?

can you please post this on our Support Forum ( with as many details as possible. Thanks, we’ll reply asap.

your support forum link does not exist – all i want to do is get the facebook theme sidebar working

Of course it does, try again now:

Support Forum

Is there a gallery page?

Nope, but you can always add one I guess.

ur demo of the site has a problem:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_option() in /home/tfuse/public_html/demo/tfuse-top-panel/tfuse-top-panel.php on line 12

we don’t see this error, where exactly have you spotted it?

Wanted to use this theme on Wordpress but already read that it it not possible. How do I get a discount on the WP-version on your website?

please contact us via email – you’ll find the contact form in our profile here:

Hi, very nicely theme. I find this theme in Wordpress version. It’s possible?

Thank you Best regards.


please drop us a line to hello[at] and we will figure something out.



I bought the Lifestyle theme there is a little more than a year. Is there now a Responsive version or how to ensure that the site becomes Responsive?

Thank you for your reply.



sorry but the theme is not responsive and I’m afraid it will not be updated to become responsive.


Thank you for your reply. Is the theme for Wordpress responsive?


wordpress version of the theme was retired some time ago so is not available anymore but you can try Newssetter theme which is a nice looking blogging theme. You can test it here.


Hi, does this include admin panel or tool to control article on the website? thanks!


this is a simple HTML template, no admin panel.