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Nice Work :) GLWS

Awesome design mate! GLWS ! ;)

Thank you! :)

How do place image in the circles?

Hi Martin,

Images in circles are placed from css. Find this in style.css: .maincolumnsblock ul li .circle1

and change image background.

Hope this helps. :)

Thanks – that worked. One other question, for some reason Circle1 is showing the Circle2 image. I’ve checked and double checked and also removed and resubmitted the image. Also wen through css. In development I see the right image, but not in preview or live.

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you need to set correct path to images in html file

Thanks – was hoping there was a way to click from anywhere within the slider area.

If you like template please rate it nice. thank you. :)

Where can I change the blue/teal background color in the slider?


Hi, you can change blue background pattern in sequencejs-theme stylesheet in css folder here: #header { background: url(../images/bg1.png) repeat;

Thanks! That worked. Almost done, I’m also need to change the color of the footer from Black – I’ve looked but can’t figure our where to change it. Thanks again.

check in folder “colors” in blue.css file


Tell me, please, why I get this page when I check the canvas:

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I am trying to create an app and I fail…

Hi, it seems like paths are not connected well, try to link directly to homepage_1paralax.html. I really can’t tell you what is exactly wrong here. Maybe try to find a freelancer to help you. And please don’t post links in comments. Thank you.

Is there a way to use it if I don’t have SSL Certificate?

There should be way for that…

Don’t know exactly, you need to ask that on forum.

Hello !

I did purchase this theme for Facebook and as well I have the SSL code.

Can you help to set up the fan page for Facebook ? Do you have any set up info to follow ?

Thanks. Michael www.oxentiatourism.ro

Interesting. Does it available with support? I hope how to upload theme to facebook is covering in your documentation.

Hi, no specific steps for editing this template, only official documentation for FB pagetabs. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/games/canvas https://developers.facebook.com/docs/appsonfacebook/pagetabs