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Hi, nice tema but i have problem with the Contact form, can you help me to set. The infomation on the link that you sent me is not enogh. I need change setting in phpmailer.php also or just sendEmail.php only? How i can sent the file that you need setting to make work it? thank you

Hi It is really easy. You just need to add info in sendemail.php. Open that file and see all text that is written in CAPS LOCK. That are the information that you need to add. For example: YOUR HOSTING EMAIL, YOUR HOSTING PASWORD, PORT ID etc. Replace that text with your hosting info. example:your password email etc You have explanation in documentation too.


I cannot pay it via paypal. The service is still uvailable. How should I purchase your template?

As far as I know payment problem is not common problem here. You may try to ask Paypal support about your problem or to search here on Themeforest forum for similar experiences.

Is there any other way to purchase your template?

Unfortunately no. It is selling exclusively on this marketplace.

hi, pre sale question, 1 Can i set the contact form to redirect after the subscribe button on a download file? I need it works as an autoresponder.

2 i have to install it as a template? if i have my own template how can i use both?

tnx sorry for my english


1. You can add link that leads to your download page that will appear when contact form is successfully signed. That link can be shown on the same page or new page. Regarding autoresponder you can set it in your C-panel. You can also use this captcha code: http://www.snaphost.com/captcha/ReadyForms/SignUpForm.aspx

2. This is HTML template and you need to add it’s code manually in C-panel’s public folder to appear on your site. If you already have another HTML files there that you use for your site you need to remove them first then add this template’s files.

Hello. I have bought your theme. Downloaded it. However there is no images(( Where is this beautiful girl foto? I ve purchased th theme only ecause of it. How can I get images?

Open image folder and replace placeholder images with your images.

I ve done this already. Able to change all images, but cannot handle background one. And also bg.jpeg is not in index.html. why? Thanks

It is background image and it is handled via css. Check style.css, body tag for this image.


I have a problem with contact form and redirection.

I receive message from contact form without e-mail address of sender, only with name.

What is strange, as a sender is my e-mail address, so I’m at once recipient and sender.

What can be wrong?

Regards Michal

Template’s contact form is tested to work with c-panel. If you want to use your gmail it is recommended to make redirection from your c-panel email to your gmail so email from contact form will first go to your c-panel, then will be redirected to your gmail.

But what I don’t use C-panel?

Where do you host your website? You can test form only if hosted..

Greetings, Nice Templete. Having slight issue with the contact form. Once you send is pressed, the loading icon comes up and just sits there. Point in the right direciton, whats going wrong?

It’s processing the message now but nothing shows up in the inbox. You mentioned that it was built to work with cpanel. Does that mean it will not work with other control panels?

It is built with https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer, you can check for details on that link. I’m not sure is it works with other control panels but it should. Also please check your hosting spam filters, maybe message has been trapped.

Thank You

how do I add a phone number in there ? Love the theme thank you

Hi, this is HTML template and all content you can edit directly in code (HTML, CSS)

The latest download only has the index.html page. I remember receiving many more pages in my last download.. am I incorrect ?

This is HTML website template. Not WordPress theme.