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Minimal work! :)

Looks cool. Good luck :)

This theme looks amazing!

Heyyy very nice template!!!! only one question, how align the nav menu on left with the logo?

I was searching and i not found! sorry!!!!

Hi, thank you for purchase!

Find this code line in html files:

<nav class=”menuline c-10 push-two”>

and replace with this:

<nav class=”menuline c-12”>

Hope this helps. :)

Hi again!!! The menu is resolved!!!

I have another question. In the homepage i want a slider with full size images with anything slider, but i want delete the nav ant start/stop buttons and put the arrows on the center. It is possible?

Thanks for your response!


that is probably possible but you need to use some of these options here: http://www.lumiarte.com/luardeoutono/AnythingSlider/index.html to insert inside html in anythingslider script and to make some changes in anythingslider.css on class “arrow”.

But if you need slider only with full size images why don’t you use flex slider? That would be much easier.

Hi again… flex slider its for a full screen image and i want a full images for the slider size. Another question, its possible to make inactive the resize web for small screens, i want the normal size ever the sizes of screen.

Thanks again!

If you want to change width of flex slider find class .flexsliderrow in flexslider.css and change it’s width to 960px for example.

I’m afraid it isn’t possible to easily switch this template to be fixed width without changing foundation.css framework to have fixed widths.


I installed this theme on my WP3 .4.2 and it fails. It complains that style.css and design template is missing. After googling for a bit I saw that this theme does not have index.php and other files needed for WP3 .4.2.

Is there a fix? or a newer download available?


Thanks. Mahmood Haq solutions@netphiles.com

Hi netphiles.

I’m really sorry to hear that but this template is HTML5 template. That means it is not made to work with Wordpress. That is the reason why you had issues.


I bought your template and there are something wrong when I use Internet Explorer. See the error on [link removed]

How can I solve it?

Regards, Ramoel

Hi ramoel,

It seems that it is some common issue with curvycorners.js script.

Try to open style_common.css file and find this class: .view1 { ... border-radius:4px; }

then add this: -moz-border-radius:4px; -webkit-border-radius:4px;

below "border-radius:4px;"

Then check ”.view img” class and add this: display:inline-block;

This may help.

Hi, I want to use the blog active. What script can I use here?

Regards, Roland

Hi Roland,

I suppose you ask me how to make a blog of this template blog pages?

If it is a case then you can use any blog script here or maybe code template to be wordpress theme.

I hope in the next couple of months a wordpress version of this template will be available here.

Hello, WordPress is too extensive.

Can I use blogger.com or perhaps there are other simple blogger scripts?

Template isn’t compatible with blogger so it can’t be used in blogger.com. There are many blog scripts but I had no experience with it so I can’t tell you which one is the best. Maybe you could ask for advice about blog scripts on forum.

Hi… I have a little problems in internet explorer 7, the logo and the phone section not appear in the correct position and the circle images not appear in home page.

Thanks for your response!!!


This template is tested in IE 8 and it works correctly in it which means it isn’t stated to work without issues in IE 7 . I can only suggest you to make specific IE 7 hack ( separated IE 7 stylesheet for example ) and set logo and phone section to work correctly when template is loaded in IE 7 . About circle images… they should be in png format so check does your image is exported as png format from PSD or other graphic program or it had extension jpg and just extension has been changed to png. Images in png format appears correctly in IE 8 .


Hi, I’m with problems to config the Email Sender. Have you have a tutorial or something like that can I read?

Hi ramoel,

this is link for contact form script that has been used:


it is mentioned in documentation. Basic configuration is also explained in documentation.


Hi rayoflightt,

I bought this template and I want to make the single product page with full width but I didn’t found where to do it. How do i do it?

Thanks and very nice template

Hi samurai127,

Thank you for purchase.

Single product page with full width (wide page) is named: “one_product1.html”

There is also “one_product2.html” page with sidebar (not full width).

I hope this helps. If you have more question feel free to ask here or in email. :)

“one_product1.html” isn’t full width it’s divided to two sections. I found the method to do it by changing the class “c-8” to “c-12” and now it’s fine. thanks anyway :)

Got Problems with the installation:

Entpacken des Pakets…

Das Theme wird installiert…

Das Paket konnte nicht installiert werden. Dem Theme fehlt das style.css Stylesheet.

Die Themeinstallation ist fehlgeschlagen.

It means that the style.css Stylesheet ist not there?!

Do you know why?!

OH Dammn.. its not for Wordpress !! Thought it was …..

Unfortunately it is not Wordpress template. I hope soon there will be Wordpress version available.

Hello, thank you for very nice template!

But can I get also the PSD of the pages? I just found PSD’s of the logo and two buttons only. Thanks!

Regards, Ruslan

Hi Ruslan, and thanks for purchase.

This template is designed directly in html so it doesn’t have PSD version.


Hi, I just downloaded the template and didn’t realise that it was not WordPress compatible till too late, any chance I can have my money back? It’s a shame as this is the perfect template for me. Please let me know what can be done! Thank you

Please also let me know if the WordPress version is available yet or if you know of any WordPress templates that have a very similar look an functionality.

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to get money back in this case but if you wish you may ask support about that. WordPress version is not available yet, you may search in corporate WP category for similar themes.

does this template come with all sample content and images please ? Thank you


This is HTML template not WordPress theme. When you buy HTML template you will get all text data but instead of images you will get image place holders. That means the images from template preview are not in main file for purchase/download.

Hi there! A Really, Really nice template. Enjoying working with it overall. :)

I have 2 small issues that are driving me crazy and hoping you can help.

I have 2 web forms. One is much longer than the other. So I went to the style.css page and copied #main and created #main2, changing the height for #main2. However, the orange background isn’t showing up and I can’t get it to work. Obviously I changed the tag ID to main2 on the secondary form page as well.

Secondly, I’d like to change the shape of the circle checkboxes to diamonds. I could not find where to change the circle check boxes. If you could direct me in the right direction that would be great!

Thank you in advance,


height: 330px;

height: 750px;

Hi, you have email.