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Hi, I just bought the template. Very pleased so far! One improvement I would suggest is to make the navigation menu images have rounded corners for all background colours. Appears that a little bit of transparency will do the trick. The first thing I did was adjust the background colour but now my navigation tabs appear as rectangles and have lost the rounded corners!!



Hi Mark,

Thanks for purchasing and the suggestion! I’ve already updated the theme, but it will take some time to be reviewed. Please email me and I will send you the updated theme immediately.


so neat and clean. good job dude

Thanks! :)

Awesome work! So simple and clean!

Thank you ;)

I like this work! I like so much your light rounded corners! Very good work, Tuner!

Thank you so much Ivanov :)


I have a question – in the Contact page for example – there are tabs in the sidebar => contact form,maps

I find that the maps tab isn’t functioning. I think the same with sidebar tabs on portfolio page.

Can you help me implement these?

Regards, Ashwin


thanks for purchasing! All you have to do is change link target to something like this:

<li><a href=”map.htm”>map</a>

And on the map.htm, it has to be highlighted like this:

<li class=”current”><a href=”map.htm”>map</a></li>

Hope it helps, if not, feel free to email me and I will post you an example.

Sound good. I will try that and let you know if there are problems

Heads-up, live preview isn’t working (IE8 no show).

Hi Robby, everything works fine in my IE8 . It was probably just a short server breakdown :) Or, try this link: http://tuner.webz.cz/lightcorners/


I purchased this template and am very pleased. I am having an issue with the navigation div. I needed to add some tabs and that was easy enough, but now the navigation menu shows up about 150 pixels below where it should, which throws off the entire page. Is there a way that I can e-mail you screenshots/links so that you can see what’s going on?

Hi cjw908, I’ve sent you an email.

I love this theme. Is it possible to incorporate a search box into it? I get stuck if I try to add anything above the tabs like social network icons or search field, etc.