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Clean and beautiful, Good luck with sales!

Thanks JOGJAfile :)

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Nice work! Good luck :)

Thanks. ;)

Graphically it is a well managed theme, hope you will get good sales. Well done.

Thanks bro ;)

Hi! It’s great! Some pre-purchase question. 1. In Works item, Can I modify the grid size? Now 3 columns in 1280×1024px. Can I change it to 4 or 5 columns?

2. In Works item, It’s showed in same box size. Can I use differnet width and height image? Maybe a rectangle across 2 columns ?

3. Can I just showed the Works item and disable the other item page?


Thank you! May I know ….. Can it add some related works under the work gallery?

May I know ….. Can it add some related works under the work gallery?

Dear edmondmak,
This feature is not available in LightDose theme.

Beautiful work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you codeex ;)

great looking theme! a few pre-sale questions…

1. can the video intro handle self hosted video? 2. how is the backend handled? is there a visual builder? 3. can the parallax assets handle video? 4. can full width images be placed on the one page sections? 5. can the speed of the smooth scroll be adjusted?

thanks & good luck with sales!

Hello, mikedubs.
1. Yes, video intro can handle self-hosted video. You need the specify file with required video in your Dashboard (Admin panel).
2. There is no visual builder in LightDose theme.
3. Parallax assets can’t handle video in LightDose theme.
4. Yes, full width image can be placed on one page section. Height of displayed image depends on content of this section.
5. Speed of animation can be adjusted in your Dashboard (Admin panel). If you want to adjust only scroll speed, then you’ll need to edit js file. We can help you with it.

Congrats , wish you the best with sales. Looks fantastic
Kind Regards,

Thank you very much Bedros :)

Good job, glws ;)


Clean and Good Work, GLWS !


Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)


Good theme. Does the ” Skills ” circles move dynamically or need to be adjusted manually?

Hello TeslaThemes, sorry for inconvenience but all support questions would be answered from the 8-th of January due to holidays.

Pretty good theme, spelled WordPress wrong in the title. Anyway, good luck with sales :)

Thanks sytafi ;)

just a question, why is the preview in html?

Thanks for report sobrilliant, we will change it soon.

Thanks ThemeRox :)


Great…another theme that doesn’t work out of the box…

Do you have some troubles with theme installation?


i think you have bug when; 1. select a item from portfolio 2. then change categories 2-4 times ….

good work!!

Thanks for your attention, we add this issues to our check list.

WooComerce compatibility? If not, will you be updating integration?

We are planning to add this compatibility in future versions. Thanks.

Is this theme compatible with WPML ?

No. But within a month, we released an update with this feature.