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Awesome work! glws

Thanks bro.

Great looking theme guys, good luck with the sales.

Pre-sale question: Instead of the slider with text i want to have a slider with multiple layers, like revolution slider. I want to have a background with my logo and other images on top of that background.

Is this easily manageable? Let me know!


Thanks Mike, Currently theme comes with a classic slider. In the future, we may add Revolution Slider in one package with the following updates. But, all of the slider content can be managed from admin part of the site.

Having some trouble with this theme, i tried importing the demo content and following the documentation but I can’t get the site to display like the demo. When creating a new page, I don’t have the field area to choose the slider slug, or any slug at all?

Hello, mccannsys.
Please create a ticket by the link below and we’ll try to solve your issue:

Hi, congrats for the awesome template! As a newbie on WP I would like to ask you if I can change the video on the homepage, and also customize logo and photos?

Thanks. Yes, you can change logo, photo/video, colors e.t.c.

Hi, would it be possible to alter theme myself to …. only have initial screen (nothing below) + keep menu bar (because i need blog). Wld use as splash page for subdomain store. Thanks! Brad

Hello, imnolte.
Yes, it is possible. Juct replace unused menu items in your Dashboard (Admin panel):
Appearance -> Menus

Hey there. Pre-Sales question. I know this is a one-page theme, but is it possible for you to have the option to make it a multi-page theme? I will totally use this theme if you can make that possible.

Thanks, Ty

Hello, sicisum.
Sorry, but it’s impossible.

it is included dummy file?

Hello, jesselove.
Yes, it is included. You can find it in archive with LightDose theme.

Hello, nice work. I was testing the theme on firefox before purchase. I have seen that there is a problem when I resize the browser. The hover effect in portfolio section makes the text disappear. Is this normal?


Hello, pb2008.
Please provide us more details about the text, that disappear on hover.

Here is the list of changes: NEW: WPML Support (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian) NEW: Customization of the blocks (pages) (text color, background color, background image, background patterns, background opacity) NEW: The order of slides, team members, works, stories, FAQ, price Edit: Some changes in background video, background image, background blur options Fixed: The problem with static blocks, that create a new block in a block Fixed: The problem with adding additional pages into the theme Fixed: The problem with adding more than 10 Team Members Fixed: Some features on the iPad, Android Fixed: Bugs

The new version of the theme will be released in a week.

Nice design. Not read for prime time.

Thank you for your feedback.

What’s the ETA on the update?

Dear genesismedia,
We’ve updated LightDose theme on January 24. Please check it.

Hello, Pre-sale question: I would like to ask about possibility to put gallery of videos at the Works section. All/photography etc. – there are only picture, Is it possible to change pictures for videos from vimeo?

Hello, tempuserr.
This feature is not available in LightDose theme. We’ll add an opportunity to put video into work item description, but we will not implement gallery of videos.

Very nice and clean template! Thank you!

And you! :)


First of all, awesome theme, bought it immediately. I do have a question: im trying to implement the revolution slider.

It is not working using the shortcode, website keeps loading. Why is this not working? Website is http://vrijland.justfortesting.nl/ ill leave it like this for the next hours.



In which .php file i should put the <?php> code?

Hello, mikemelchiot.
We didn’t test ‘Slider Revolution’ plugin with LightDose theme. That is why we can’t guarantee you correct work of the theme with it. Sorry for inconvenience.

Nice theme but having trouble changing the color of menubar and text, is that possible?

Hello, ChristianThomsen.
This feature is not available in LightDose theme, but we can help you to edit CSS file.
Please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll help you to solve it:

Hello! This theme looks great and will be perfect for my next project. I do have one question/problem with the demo site I am concerned with before I purchase :

On iPhone and iPad, the Services section does dot display at all!! It is just a blank section with white background. On Desktop using Chrome or Firefox, it displays fine at full width, and it also responds well when resizing the window manually the first time. But after reloading the page, it will show an empty Services section again, unless I return to full Desktop width and reload the page.

Can you help with this? Thanks!

Hello, jocayer.
We already fixed this issue on our demo. Please check it.

Hello, I have configured with default template, looks and works great with Chrome and Mozilla but with IE9 the opening page just spins and nothing comes up, even if I take out home page and start it on about page. Any ideas to allow it to work with IE9, we use this unfortunately, thank you.

Thank you here is what I did not get around this. In IE9 hit F12 to bring up debugger. Then go to Brower Mode and Document mode to make sure there both IE9. Mine was not by default. I will have to change this on WordPress but this is temporary change on client. Thank you.

Sorry meant to say I did get around this :)

Dear mattffrost,
We followed this order of action, but still can’t reproduce this issue.

Another theme looks nothing like the demo.

Whats the point of these themes if they are a bigger headache then building a site from scratch

Hello, Anthony13.
Please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll help you to set up your site:

Hey, I love the theme, just would like to know how do you take the transparent off the Home Page slider. I would like to see the whole image instead of that.


Hello, studio5design.
Please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll help you to solve this issue:

hi I’m quite novice to this, and im looking for somthing simple will i have “color picker” inside the control panel to change color of button, background etc, or will i need to edit the code ?


Hello, actelum.
Please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll help you to solve this issue:

Hi! I can’t get your xml file to work? Nothing shows up but the media? Do you have a more recent one available?


Hello, johnball.
Please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll help you to solve this issue: