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Hello, I’ve the same problems of lost_kitty with portfolio
- Cannot change portfolio descriptions even after following documentation. Still shows “This is a little description”.

- No problems when modifying demo portfolio items, but adding new portfolio items causes a grey thumbnail to appear.

- Setting a featured photo does not change the thumbnail displayed in home page.

Was found any solution?

did you download updated theme, last version we fixed it, if you still face this problem please visit our forum or mail us to

The last version is 1.1.0? I tried to download and install again but nothing seem to happen. My under construction website is:

please mail to support, developer will help you to fix the problem.


I want to add a small linear logo to the left of the navigation on the sticky menu. Can you please assist me?


Could you mail us to our support, developer will assist you, to adding small linear logo. Thanks

the “HOME” parallax is not showing on my site:

This is the coding for the slider that is NOT showing up:

how weird – when I copy/paste in the coding, this site removes it? Let’s see: “[slider sl1=”” sl2=”” sl3=”” sl4=”” sl5=”” sl6=””]home[/slider]”

Home page are not parallax, you can change the images. those are demo images. if need more help please mail to support. Thanks

what support? do you not provide the support?

Hi There,

I am thinking about purchasing this but want to know if it is easy to put a image / logo in the central position of the main screen where there is text that says lightflow?

Let me know.

Hello, Thanks for your interest, this theme have option to make your site demo as like our demo within few min, after that you can change your content very easy. Also you can just insert images inside the post done your work. nothing complex.

Hi pixel_coder,

I’m interested to purchase this theme but before take any action, I would like to ask..Can i delete “PORTFOLIO” section and add 4 more “PRICING TABLES”? Please let me know.

Thank you!

Yes, you can delete “PORTFOLIO” also you can add unlimited price table, because price table are shotcode. Thanks

Hello, I’ve sent my question in for support before, but the English response is so bad, that I can’t figure out what’s happening here. I want to know why the theme is not showing the parallax images on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. I want to enable that. What’s going on in the theme that’s obstructing the loading of these images?



I have check, this image make responsive but whole image not display because if display whole image than parallax effect can¹t show and parallax space make too narrow, so that image are cut and show most of the part of image. I hope you should consider for design purpose. “

We are updating parallax issue, in the next update will be fix the parallax images problem. Thanks

It’s easy: I want the parallax image (the one that you add in the parallax pages) to appear in the background on mobile devices (phone, tablet).

I already sent you this question before, and the above quoted text was your reply to that. Not trying to offend you in any way or trolling here, just wanting to stress that I’m not able to make any sensible explanation out of what you wrote there.

two questions:

1. the “action” button at the bottom of the parallax – I can see where to change the text on the button, but where does the link go? Can you supply the coding for the button??

2. The Portfolio – where does the image go that is used for each item? I have tried to insert, and use the FEATURED IMAGE, but am still getting the grey box on the home page.


Could you send a mail support with your login details, developer will help you how to do.


in PRODUCTS – I want to change the word PRODUCT #1, #2, etc to something different. How would I adjust that?

Please visit and ask your question developer will help.

Quick question guys, can this theme be used as individual pages rather than one-page setup? so each section is in a separate page and url.

Thank You

No, sorry. but we are working for multiple pages, when ready than you can use for multiple pages instead of landing page

Is it anytime soon? i guess I can modify this on my own..

Its take around 1 month, because we are working on a big project, you cannot do that, this theme design little tricky way, if you buy sytic that can be do your self. or you want this theme send a mail to support we may customize for you. Thanks

Hi, I have a client that has this theme but I am having an issue. Do you have SOCIAL ICONS, for other social media sites for the home page. All you have as far as i can see is Google+, Twitter, FB, Github and etc.

I need LinkedIn for my client.

Please check the documentation, in the documentation have the all icon demo and source. Thanks

I used the icon shortcode and it doesnt work.

Buy theme from which account? send a mail from that account through our profile page, then our support will help you.

How do i add additional custom link next to the parallax menu? cheers.

Hello mohdneotech, Could you please mail to our support or Thanks

Hi, how do i change the currency symbol? thanks.

Hello mohdneotech, Could you please mail to our support or Thanks

Hi I am trying to change the words “PRODUCT #2” in my light flow theme and I am unable to do so.

The website link is and its under the section “OUR Process”. I sent an email to your support and have not received a response yet.

I am also having trouble linking out an the social icon for EMAIL on the homepage. Your shortcode is not working for it automatically open an email client.

Reply on mail.

Hello I am attempting to change the icon on the services parallax portion of the site. However when I remove the “?” from “[service title=”web design” icon=”?” ]” and replace it with “[service title=”web design” icon=”web” ] I loose the image.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Please mail to our support to get quick help. Thanks