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hi My name : Mahmoud from Egypt i want sale this Temple but i want ask some Question ? how i can change any Things in temple ? if i want use it with Arabic language i can make it ? my email address m.stsegypt@gmail.com my whatsApp 00201022000050 Thanks a lot

Hi, this is a HTML template so you changed everything via code, you can also use the WP version that’s more easy to use : https://themeforest.net/item/lightwire-construction-and-industry/22836186

The template support RTL, but you may need to adjust some design issue via CSS on your side.

I did not get the wordpress installable file. Please kindly send it to me


You bought the HTML version instead of the WordPress version. If you want you can buy the WordPress version here: https://themeforest.net/item/lightwire-construction-and-industry/22836186 . After the purchase contact me again and I will give you the full refund of the HTML version.

Thank you

Hello and thanks for the nice Theme

One Question: Can I specify a max. number for Featured projects?

So that on the Homepage only a maximum of four are displayed? Maybe even with a feature that shows others with each new call. (Shuffle)

Thank you in advance Best regards Martin

So Sorry, me again … I have a strange mistake on my part. Display on iPhone size. On the first call of the drop-down menu, everything is ok. With a tap of a finger, you get to the desired side. http://martineid.de/1Klick.jpg The second time the menu is accessed, there will no longer be a link. http://martineid.de/2Klick.jpg I have no idea why this could be?

Hi, the dropdown parent items link is always removed on mobile, this is correct. But your menu is not using the correct code, if you don’t have dropdown items don’t use the class “dropdown” remove it. Please check the docs to understand what menu codes are corrects: http://html.framework-y.com/menus/#dropdown

Thank you!

Found my mistake. :) Thank you for the quick help.

Any chance to port this template to Bootstrap 4 ? I bought the template and had a shocking surprise to see it is bootstrap 3.5 . The code is fine, and pretty clean using framework-y, but starting a project in 2018 with bootstrap 3 doesn’t sound very good, not for me nor for the client.

Hi, I understand your point but I think is not a big issue, both technologies work good. We have just completed the new framework version with Bootstrap 4 (only the grid system) but you will need to adjust the HTML and design in many parts with to use it. If you want I can send them to you but again, the design will partially broke and many components and the menu will have a different HTML.

Hi, I just buy your theme for a job. Can you send me the PSD files please? Thanks

No PSDs available sorry, this item has been designed directly from HTML.

Hello I have received a message about wordpress that I should update the latest version. Can I update this wordpress without concern without damaging this template?

You can but please install also the “Disable Gutenberg” plugin and it will work with V5 ;) Thank you!

Hey, the demo default option didnt realy worked for me. the demo content was upload, but not to the very detailed things. in the description they told me to ask for Demo.zip file.


Your hosting may have some incompatibility, some of the causes can be: insufficient resources, folder permission limitation, modules not installed like the zip one. Please insert the demo.zip at http://themes.framework-y.com/demo-import/lightwire/demo.zip as from instructions of Theme options > Demo import > Problems? If still don’t work below the manual installation instructions. If still don’t work I can install it for you with also the original demo images for 20USD, the final result will be exactly like the preview.


1) Activate the theme.
2) Go to Tools > Import > Wordpress.
3) Install the Wordpress importer and launch it.
4) Select the files demo-all-contents.xml ( 1-2 … 8 ), in the correct order and click Upload file and import for each one.
5) Will appear the “Assign Authors” form, select “assign posts to an existing user: admin” (or your main user).
6) Select “Download and import file attachments”.
7) Wait up to 5 minutes, when importing complete you will receive a success message.

1) Select the file demo-list-name.xml(ex.demo-list-1.xml) and click Upload file and import.
2) Will appear the “Assign Authors” form, select “assign posts to an existing user: admin” (or your main user).
3) Select “Download and import file attachments”.
4) Wait up to 5 minutes, when importing complete you will receive a success message.

1) Go to Apparence > Theme options > Customizations.
2) Open the file export.json with a text editor, copy all text and paste it into “Apparence > Theme options > customizations > Import settings” area and click “Import now”.

1) Install and activate the Slider Revolution plugin.
2) Go to Slider Revolution page and click Import.
3) Select the revolution slider demos you want to use and import it.

1) Go to Appearence > Menu.
2) Click on top tab “Manage locations” and assign the following menus: Header Menu: main menu, Footer menu: footer menu, Top mini menu: top menu. Note that footer and top menus can not be inserted in every demo.
3) If you not see CSS Classes field go to top right button SCREEN OPTIONS and select it.
4) For icons menu you must select the icon manually.
5) For fullpage menu you must reset all the links.

Thank you!

Hi, I’ve installed the theme and everything works quite fine…except the Google Maps element… after some days it now displays errors…do you have any tips how to fix this…do I have to pay Google to use this knd of map and why do you still have it in your theme then?

Hello! Unfortunately I’ve bought this template by mistake and then bought the right one later. I’d like to know whether it’s possible to get a refund in this case or not. Thank you in advance.

Sure, no problem. Contact me at support@schiocco.com

Hi Anand Here,

I purchased a HTML version, i realized later, can i get wordpress version by paying additional amount or can you refund this to purchase wordpress ?

I can do with html provided i get the images that are available with demo.

Let me have quick reply if possible

Thanks Anand

Hi, yes sure, write me at support@schiocco.com

Just paste this comment massage to the email

Sorry forgot to tick the box.

Hi again… how can I turn of the search bar in the footer? or can u send me the shortcode to create the footer like in http://templates.framework-y.com/lightwire/pages/index-factory.html ?


The search bar is fixed, you can hide it with this CSS:

footer form.search-input  { display: none }

These are the codes to insert into Theme options > Footer:


<img class="logo" src="../images/logo.png" alt="logo" />
<hr class="space s" />
<p class="text-s">
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consy ect etu o dolor sitct raqum nemo de amet.
<hr class="space s" />
<div class="btn-group social-group btn-group-icons">
<a target="_blank" href="#" data-social="share-facebook" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="top" title="" data-original-title="Facebook">
<i class="fa fa-facebook text-s circle" />
<a target="_blank" href="#" data-social="share-twitter" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="top" title="" data-original-title="Twitter">
<i class="fa fa-twitter text-s circle" />
<a target="_blank" href="#" data-social="share-google" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="top" title="" data-original-title="Google+">
<i class="fa fa-google-plus text-s circle" />
<a target="_blank" href="#" data-social="share-linkedin" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="top" title="" data-original-title="LinkedIn">
<i class="fa fa-linkedin text-s circle" />
<h3 class="text-black text-uppercase">Contact Info</h3>
<hr class="space space-30" />
<ul class="fa-ul text-s ul-squares">
<li>201 Liverpool Street, Suite 721, London</li>
<li>London, United Kingdom</li>
<li>+88 (0) 101 0000 000</li>
<h3 class="text-black text-uppercase">Useful resources</h3>
<hr class="space space-30" />
<div class="footer-menu text-s">
<a href="#">NEWSLETTER</a>
<a href="#">ABOUT US</a>
<a href="#">SUBSCRIBE</a>
<a href="#">CONTACTS</a>

Thank you!

Fantastic! Thanks! :-)


sataol Purchased

Hello. I’m working on the LightWire Tech theme. Congratulate for great design and code structure.

I want to the active page’s menu button to be different in color. I have tried a few options like inline css and on the skin.css but it didn’t happen. Can you help me with the code, please?

For example; Active Dropdown: “contact” page / Menu button / Different Color: (Not white) gray or blue

Hi, this is not possible currently sorry. Only the top menu level show the active status, not the sub menu items, so you can change the design only of the top menu level, they have the class “active”.

Use this CSS:

header .navbar-nav > li.active { color: red !important; }
Thank you!

Hey, how can you achieve the yellow upper top border effect in the item boxes that you have in this demo? http://templates.framework-y.com/lightwire/pages/index-factory.html ... additional css or back end settings? Thanks

Hi, please use this CSS (you can insert it into the skin.css file into the theme folder, or go to Appearance > Theme option > Customizations > CSS, or go toEdit page > CSS on top right for apply it only on the single page).

.advs-box.boxed-inverse:before {
    position: absolute;
    width: calc(100% + 2px);
    height: 3px;
    transform: translate3d(0,0,0);
    z-index: 2;
background-color: #F5BF23;
.advs-box.boxed-inverse:before, .btn:before {
    top: -1px;
    left: -1px;
    content: "";

Thank you!

awesome! Thanks

Hey, me again… is there something like an image gallery element (even masonry)? is there any way to achieve that?

hmm..I don’t know how this should work… there wouldn’t be any lightbox function there, right?

e.g. like this one: http://templates.framework-y.com/lightwire/pages/features/containers/list-masonry.html under “MASONRY ADVANCED IMAGE BOX” for instance…it’s very difficult to get the right settings for this…has this been done with a grid list?

oh sorry..i found it..there were 2 grid/masonry lists. ...

Hey everone :-) Is there any way the display Title&Captions of images in the Lightbox image Popup? Thanks

Hi, you can display only 1 text on the lightbox by set the title tag. Docs at http://html.framework-y.com/containers/lightbox/#lightbox-types

Oh, sorry mate…I posted the question on the wrong theme forum :-) sorry!

Hi All the html pages are in folder call “pages” so the problem is that the url should be www.example.com/pages How can I avoid this? I need the page start in the index.html

Hi, move all the pages outside the “pages” folder and update all the links inside the pages.

Hi thank you for your wonderful template. Please help me setup the contact form to work properly, currently I do not know how to make it work and where I need to add the submission email address, I am new at this please walk me through it. Thanks

Hi, all the information are here: http://html.framework-y.com/components/contact-form/

If you have problems let me know. Thank you!

Hmm… while editing a blog post, I clicked somewhere and the whole composer backend for editing the post has vanished…now even when I load other posts, I don’t see any back end… can’t edit any texts or even featured images…what happened and how can I turn it back on?...no, I have not turned on classic mode

Hi, I’m sorry for the issue, please go to Appearance > Theme options > General and on bottom check “Disable Gutenberg” and try again.

Then on Edit page try to click the top right button SCREEN OPTIONS and check “Page Editor” / “Editor”.

Thank you!


nscansiz Purchased

Hello there,

I can’t upload this theme to wordpress. Please help me.

When loading, the page is not found.


If you bought the HTML version instead of the WordPress version and you want to buy the WordPress version(https://themeforest.net/item/lightwire-construction-and-industry/22836186) please first buy the WordPress version and after the purchase contact us again here and we will give you the full refund of the HTML version.

Thank you!