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Discussion on Lily | One Page Restaurant WordPress Theme

Discussion on Lily | One Page Restaurant WordPress Theme

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I just imported the demo and I have about a dozen pages, all with different names, but the same demo content. I can’t seem to edit any of the existing demo content though, I can only add content blocks below it. Did something go wrong during my installation? How do I alter this demo content?

I obtained this error for my template “Vimeo Froogaloop Api Could not be loaded ! Please Check and Renew SSL Certificate !” I contacted the author, but don’t receive any reply

Hi ! google map no longer works I am in v2-6 should I do something else?

Hi, I just need to set how many food menu items (cd-item) wil be shown where we have the grid with squares.. Could you point me to the right direction please? Or if you can send me the documentation. Thank you.

Hello, how can I add the WPML language selector in the main menu of the one page site?

It is not showing up.

Thank you

Hello there! Cannot make google map visible even after update lat, long, and marker as required. I´ve sent a mail to your support! Hope you can help us soon. Thx

Replied by mail.

why don’t you answer questions in tech support? I wrote 3 letters to the post office The problem with the mobile version even you have in the demo version, on the right side there is a white screen , the site does not adapt to the phone screen

Always send my mail by using our item support form or by our previous reply.

Add below css to additional css option.


thank you!!! you are the best :)

Check Appearance => Customize => Additional css.

Hello ! I’ve send two messages to the support team but no response till this moment since one week

Best regards


I have purchased the theme. First day the demo content was uploaded and resolved but there were two issues which remain pending and till date noone responded. Email sent on support

Check your mail.

Hi mate. replied to the email thanks

Hi Super Urgent – after updating to your newest theme files – the website is not working anymore. The wesbite now loads with “REQUIRED PLEASE ADD THIS PAGE TO “ONE PAGE MENU” AT MENU LOCATION SETTINGS.CLICK HERE” which is actually not working, all customizations, texts and the logo is missing. The newest lily plugin is missing and cant be updated since wp core cant locate it on your server and the now mandatory licence number field is after filling it in always emptying it self. the now mandatory registration to update the google font files is also not working. can you point us to where we can download the newest plugin files that are required to update so that we can atleast try to get the site to work until you fixed the rest in your update files?

All the icons suddenly disappear from my website. the website now looks like awfull website. I sent an email to the support. Please reply

Check your site now.

Update is still breaking the site.. can you point to where the Lily Plugin New Version 3.2 can be downloaded?

Web Redox Food Items that form the gallery on the landing page are not displaying after updating to WP5.5.1 – is this query solved in the latest update for Lilly? (which we can’t get going since the system is not offering to update, download any other version for the lily plugin, it shows only version 1.0)

Hi there,

I have the HTML version of this and it’s great.

I’m thinking of changing over to Wordpress however, I have “mixed” a couple of the pages together to give me best parts that I liked.

How (easily) customisable would it be to take certain parts from other pages? Is that an option or is it fairly set?


Yes you can use any element in any page. For each feature WPBakery element available.


I renew the licence and installed the last update of the theme, but the WPBakery Plugin does not update. Why?

Uninstall WPBakery plugin and reinstall again by required plugin notification.

hi kind support for demo 5 I cannot find the menu section, the timeline and the reservation cf7. could you help me. I already wrote you a mail. thanks

Check the support mail.

Would I be able to integrate Woocommerce with this theme?


Enri90 Purchased

WPBakery Page Builder 5.7.x not work on last version WordPress 5.7.x,

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘on’ of undefined at frontend-editor.min.js:10 at arrayEach (chrome-extension://ibnejdfjmmkpcnlpebklmnkoeoihofec/dist/pageHook.js:25848) at Function.forEach (chrome-extension://ibnejdfjmmkpcnlpebklmnkoeoihofec/dist/pageHook.js:34674) at frontend-editor.min.js:10 at chrome-extension://ibnejdfjmmkpcnlpebklmnkoeoihofec/dist/pageHook.js:30237

Uninstall WPBakery plugin and reinstall again by required plugin notification.


Enri90 Purchased

disappointed with this template slowed the development time of any other template

the plugin does not work on installation WPBakery Page Builder only if you re-install

photo and text changes are not stored on the homepage


You was using an old version of that plugin. That’s why told you for uninstall it and reinstall again. Then you will get the new version of that plugin.

If you ha any issue with the image and content, then contact with our support team.



SL-GD Purchased

with wich php-version is Lily compatible?

Minimum version 7.4

go2 Purchased


Slider revolution wont display slides on the home page (White background), but does display correctly when used within other pages.

Everything is updated fully as of today. I was wondering if you might have an idea why as this was working before updating the theme and plugins (deleted then reinstalled) Thanks