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Hi, this theme is so easy to use. I love it! One quick question, I’m trying to hide my revolution slider for mobile devices such as androids and iphones ( I’m having issues hiding it on iphones only. See my screen shot of the last settings I have chosen:

Hi, can you please submit this to our support forums.

We will check this out asap. However our developer is not available this week due to family related issues

So we will check this asap and provide an asnwer whenever he’s back.

Our sincere apologies for any delay caused.

Are you guys no longer supporting this product? The demo does not load anymore, nor does your site

hey our server is down it will be back up soon, limitless is very much active :)

Jeez, thats sort of a bad response…. So, I was interested in purchasing this theme 18 hours ago, but now that you have neither sent me to a demo located elsewhere or can’t even fix your own server…. Im a little concerned..

hey mate demo is working now, our sites are hosted on a third party server and until they were able to resolve at their end.. we couldnt do much.

Blog page does not respond to changes in layout at all. I can’t remove the side bar, and also the blog template won’t change to any other style for example grid, scrolling, full width.. Is this a glitch?

hey make sure this page is not as blog page in settings -> readings, since when you set that WordPress takes control of the page and settings wont work.

Hi, I’ve tried emailing you. Headings font sizes will not maintain through the Enigma styler. I think something is updated. I’ve removed all plugins and tried, but the problem still happens. I’m running the latest theme and wordpress. Please let me know how I can try to fix this?

hey can you please contact through profile with wp admin details , I will check it out.

Having an issue with the Gallery. Whenever you view a page with a photo gallery on it the site’s CPU Usage spikes out of control and shuts the site down. Any ideas? I’ve licensed several copies of this template and don’t recall seeing this issue before. Thanks.

hey mate can you please contact through profile with wp admin details, I will check it out asap.

I’m interested but this theme doesn’t look as though its been updated for a couple of years?

Plus does it come with a child theme?

hey theme has been updated lately and yes it comes with child theme :)


pwaddy Purchased

Hi there,

Is it possible to use short-codes for the limitless elements with OptimizePress? I have Limitless installed as my theme with OP installed as a plugin. I want to create some landing pages with OP but would like to use some of the Limitless features if possible?

Also, I noticed on the ‘live preview’ landing page: now has an opt in box with a name and email. How do you create this? And is it possible to create this as a full width opt in like the following example shown here:


hi mate, that form in the landing page is created using contact form 7 , you can easily create a new form and it will give you a shortcode which you can use it in OP . For stylings once you have added the form let me know , I will help you out :)


pwaddy Purchased


I want the form to be full width so maybe I won’t use it.

Is it even possible to add full width parts to a page that aren’t background colour or image related? For example I am using JotForm and have an embedded code, but when I put it on the page it isn’t full-width.

Also, if you view my website here: you’ll notice that there is a problem with the theme’s arrow that scrolls to the top or bottom. It is appearing as a big block of blue. Any idea what is wrong with this?


hey some plugin is adding its own code to the back to top button. Add this in custom css ,
a.back-to-top { top:auto!important; }

Can you help me about a problem feature enigma? we have a problem at the time of opening the menu enigma.

The specification of the problem:

Fatal error: Call to a member function print_scripts () on a non-object in /home/demoarifhosting/public_html/fib/wp-content/themes/Limitless/templates/enigma.php on line 79


hey sure pass me the access , I will make sure it is running fine.

please give me your personal email? Iwill send you a username and password wordpress. thanks.

Hi. When i try to use Enigma Styler some weird things happens.

Anyone know why?

Thanks :)

can you please contact through profile , I will pass you a code that will fix it :)


pwaddy Purchased

Thank you for the previous help.

I have a question regarding shortcodes. If I am using another theme, or even a plugin such as OptimizePress, is there a way to create the Limitless elements or shortcodes to copy into my OptimizePress html or shortcode section?

Right now I have Limitless installed, but would like to create some landing pages using another plugin, however I still wanted to use certain elements from Limitless. How could I do this? Would it mean creating a blank page of the elements, then copy that code from there?

Thank you.

hey you can use the structure of page builder but the stylings will not work since they need a page with builder mode to work in. To add the shortcode you can add your row in a new page and then copy shortcodes to your desired page. Hope this helps.


pwaddy Purchased

Thanks. Where are the shortcodes? For some reason when I edit my website now I don’t even have access to all the features and shortcodes. Certain ones are missing for example Power Accordion, Pricing Table, Team, Props and so on.. Is there a reason they are missing? I don’t even see the Limitless shortcode selection in the pages anymore. Could this be because it shows the shortcodes for the OptimizePress plugin?

hey when you create a new page with builder page, hit publish once .. once the page has been loaded again , click on switch to default editor and you can see the shortcodes. Copy that and use it . I have checked all widgets are present in the builder in latest version. If you still have issue contact through profile with wp admin details, I will set an example.

hello how to troubleshoot blank element like this?evidence of the problem in the picture that I attach

hey some plugin is overriding the builder settings thats why elements are showing there.. head on to our forums , create a thread there and staff will check where it is coming from and fix it.


zentim Purchased

Hi! How i can change color in active tab. (may be, active tab – white color, non active tab blue color)

hey mate currently you have added custom colors in the tab that’s why active color is not visible , you will need to remove those for active color to work.

please let me know if any translation file themes for other language.

Is there a way to change the portfolio slug from ‘portfolio’ to ‘services’ or something else?

hey its possible , can please open this ticket in our forums, support staff will give you the code.

hi, the Limitless theme is compatible with the actual wordpress 4.7.2 version?

...if the theme Limitless is compatible with the 4.7.2 version of wordpress I buy it now!

hey it is compatible .. :)

are you still develop this theme? or you already abandoned this theme?

yes we still maintain the theme :)

Hi, I have a short question:

Is an theme-update to woocommerce 3.0 planned?

Woo gives the info: Your theme (Limitless) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.

Well I can’t get into support bc it says I am typing in a wrong username or email (which is ironic because I am literally looking at the receipt in my email inbox) but both the enigma and rad garbage are a poor mans visual composer and/or muffin builder. I would upload visual composer but I’m afraid that the junk that comes with this theme would interfere with it. So yeah, please tell me how to go about getting a refund. Please and thanks.

The mandatory RevSlider was behaving badly and got my website crashing. I removed the plugin and tried to reinstall it but the installer doesn’t work.

The error message is: “Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.”

Please advise. Thank you.