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mtp8246 Purchased

Hi, this theme is so easy to use. I love it! One quick question, I’m trying to hide my revolution slider for mobile devices such as androids and iphones ( I’m having issues hiding it on iphones only. See my screen shot of the last settings I have chosen:

Hi, can you please submit this to our support forums.

We will check this out asap. However our developer is not available this week due to family related issues

So we will check this asap and provide an asnwer whenever he’s back.

Our sincere apologies for any delay caused.

Are you guys no longer supporting this product? The demo does not load anymore, nor does your site

hey our server is down it will be back up soon, limitless is very much active :)

Jeez, thats sort of a bad response…. So, I was interested in purchasing this theme 18 hours ago, but now that you have neither sent me to a demo located elsewhere or can’t even fix your own server…. Im a little concerned..

hey mate demo is working now, our sites are hosted on a third party server and until they were able to resolve at their end.. we couldnt do much.


pwaddy Purchased

Blog page does not respond to changes in layout at all. I can’t remove the side bar, and also the blog template won’t change to any other style for example grid, scrolling, full width.. Is this a glitch?

hey make sure this page is not as blog page in settings -> readings, since when you set that WordPress takes control of the page and settings wont work.

Hi, I’ve tried emailing you. Headings font sizes will not maintain through the Enigma styler. I think something is updated. I’ve removed all plugins and tried, but the problem still happens. I’m running the latest theme and wordpress. Please let me know how I can try to fix this?

hey can you please contact through profile with wp admin details , I will check it out.


bugaloo Purchased

Having an issue with the Gallery. Whenever you view a page with a photo gallery on it the site’s CPU Usage spikes out of control and shuts the site down. Any ideas? I’ve licensed several copies of this template and don’t recall seeing this issue before. Thanks.

hey mate can you please contact through profile with wp admin details, I will check it out asap.

I’m interested but this theme doesn’t look as though its been updated for a couple of years?

Plus does it come with a child theme?

hey theme has been updated lately and yes it comes with child theme :)