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Looks stunning!! Really love the clean presentation!

Good luck with sales!

thanks buddy :D

Amazing work! Congratulations!

thanks mate ;)

Awesome Theme :)

thanks a lot mate :)

Looks amazing for sure. Is it compatible with Woocommerce?


thanks mate, working on woo commerce as we speak with drag and drop integration and wishlist ;) .. should be out next week

Sweet!!! :) I think I am going to make my wallet lighter in buying this theme. :)

thanks a lot mate

Very nice theme. Good luck!

likee,very amazing theme. When RTL will included???I need RTL theme to buy.

thanks mate, RTL is already included ;)

2,571 sales, but other than this item with no sales there is nothing in your portfolio?

I mostly worked on Codecanyon with different name.. it was dormant for some time, then I deleted all of them and started on themeforest :)

Congratulations seems quite promising :)
Wish you luck.

thanks a lot buddy , put a lot of hard work in it ;)

This is the single most attractive theme that I’ve seen. Beautiful job! Colorful, organized, etc. Anyway, If I purchase, I’ll need help with portoflio – specifically I’d like the categories to show automatically with the page – so the user can immediately see them. Also, under each image – I’d like the title to show with just a few custom descriptive words under each title (but no categories – no meta data anywhere, actually). Is this possible? I have some WP knowledge – but not an expert. I could pay extra if you could help me. Also, is the editable version of the logo included? Thanks for your consideration.

wow thanks a lot for the amazing comment.. for your requests –
1. I will help you out with showing categories and adding few words of portfolio text .
2. You can disable meta data from options
3. I have 2 versions of logo in psd format :) , I am not that good at designing psd stuff but they are editable.
Once bought and activated on server, contact via profile with wp admin and ftp details, I will make the changes required.
Thanks again

new to wordpress can i change theme homepage colors easily to E511C74 to match our company logo and colors

thanks loading funds into account to purchase, can you help video on how to install demo site. We know how to install WP but want to start with working demo like you to easily modify

purchased and installed theme then when i tried to activate demo got error You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. What next

can you contact via profile with wp admin details, I will look into it . It’s a admin permission issue :)

wow,very great sorry,it’s my first time to purchase an item.i have a few question be4. 1)what will be your supporting scope? 2)can i make it like demo by a click??(demo content and quick start included??) 3)u said RTL is included??so,this theme have rtl sykeshhet???

tnks a lot

Hey mate thanks a lot for the interest , To answer your questions –
1. we will provide all the support needed to properly setup your theme apart from big customization ;) .
2. We have an installer that can either install basic template or similar to demo. We dont provide exact demo version because it is too big and has pages that won’t work in real life usage but it gives all home page variations and others pages.
3. yes a RTL stylesheet is provided :)


this rad builder + enigma styler is awesome !

when woocommerce comes into rad builder it will be sooooo great :-)

i hope theme design & features are supported by theme code quality ! (so early buyers would address just minor issues)

now, plz. some questions :

1. are all shortcodes already integrated into rad builder ? or for now some of them (toggles, accordions etc) should be inserted in a text widget and then into rad builder?

2. in enigma styler is there an accent color setting to change basic theme color in just 1 click?

3. do u support envato kit for theme auto update?

4. can we load lang charset in fonts (so non-english fonts get loaded correctly eg. roboto greek, cyrillic etc)

thx so much! tasos

3. Next week, around Saturday.

4. Yes I checked what you mean, while you can enter subset in typography panel -> weight textfield and it is working fine, but I will add an update in couple of hours that will enable use of cryllic fonts properly.

Thanks for pointing this feature out ;)


4. not only cyrillic or greek… any subset ;-)

yup adding it now :)

While I really like your theme, I’m not so fond of the whole flat style of BS v3. Thankfully, there’s an official theme / skin to make it look like the BS 2.x series. I’d want all the BS v3 features but with the look of it’s predecessor even if that sounds silly to you / some people.

Could I make use of the BS 2.x skin now and then later if the whole flat thing becomes more to my liking, I can just switch? I’m certainly not code adverse so let me know what I’d need to do if I were to purchase.

hey, actually I haven’t used bootstrap styling in the theme, it is only there to provide basic html styling support that to 2.3. Every thing is custom styled. One thing that can be done is you can use Enigma styler it supports background image for major areas.

One thing I can do is, provide a common styling panel for buttons.

Understood. How many columns across in full width? What is the max pixel width of the grid?

Rad builder supports 4 columns layout , in wp editor using shortcode builder 5 column layout is supported.

Container width is 1060px and with box layout it becomes 1140px

Wow just amazing work, I have been using themeforest for quite sometime building all my clients website but this theme is just awesome each and every features is a wow. Definitely getting this one hope to see more themes coming from you and last but not least the support, I hope that the support goes long as well I want to see this theme in popular items every week. good luck

thank you for the amazing comment , more themes will come for sure ;) and as for support try us we will win your heart ;)

Is it possible to add icons in the Title Editor?

thanks mate , there is an update coming in couple of hours with more features .. be sure to check it ;)

Playing around with it now. I have some questions and possible feature requests/ideas, but I’ll wait to see what you have in the update before I bug you.

Though I will ask where/how you add the icon to the title. I can’t find it.

currently you need to add icon code in title textfield, I am almost done with new update, it has a icon button for title. So you can directly set it.

Thanks Artillegence.. From now on i will give up my job.. I am off. :)

I really like this theme. Nice work! One question: I noticed this theme is using google fonts but will it compatible with Asian characters? Because there is no web font available for this at present.

Hi mate, our font manager supports font face and font deck too. You can load your own fonts ;)

Amazing theme!
Good luck with the sales :-)

thanks buddy :)