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Hi there, How updates are going? Can’t wait for Woo commerce!


Ps: Your theme is amazing, I’m really glad, that I choosed this one!

hey thanks for the kind words, we are work really hard on update.Usually we roll out in very quickly but making RAD V2 turned out we had to create 60% of theme from scratch and had to invent new concepts so it is taking more time.

Hi, I’ve purchased your theme and I’m very impressed by it. Though coming from Woothemes this was a little bit too complex to handle, would you recommend a good freelance wordpress expert that knows your theme? / Joakim, Scrm cloud (

you can contact us through profile, my support staff can take care of it :)

hi, how we can insert a contact form in a builder, beacause I put the shortcode of a contact form in the text, and it doesn’t work, thank you

hey that is strange the text widget supports shortcodes. Just a question is contact form plugin activated ?

hi,contact form 7 is updated

strange, can you please contact through profile with wp admin details and website url, our support staff will look into this.

Hi again,

Custom posts have facebook comments but not website comments. I cant see allow comments on edit page. How can I enable it?

Also I need user registration, login, profile and frontend posting. I have tried some plugins but they are not working properly with your theme. Do you consider add some user capability to the theme? Or I can make a reasonable payment if you can write codes for me!

Hi, I have seen frontend plugin it’s stylings were overriding the theme’s shortcode that is plugin developer’s fault. For customization, you can contact our support with the requirements, hopefully he will take care of it.

Ok, Thanks I will contact again

How can I change the page width from the admin control panel? Thank you for your answer.

sorry mate not possible to change page width as it requires lot of things to be changed.

Good morning sir, I have seen that, I am unable to access Parent Menu item/s in mobile view. Here is my website I am unable to access “Request Quotes” Page in the mobile view. Please have a look on this

Reagrds Subhash for Qikmo

contact through profile I will send you a modified file that will fix this

Amazing Job. Miles above all other themes. 5 STARS! Can’t wait for RAD V2. Keep up the great work!

Hi, the theme is really awesome ! I am new to wordpress. Once I purchase this theme, do I get all the future updates for free and unlimited support for customization (ofcourse after trying out your manual / Videos / FAQs etc. When is Woocommerce to be launched with this theme? Is support provided only through email/contact form and not through India phone no? Thanks in advance

hi there, thanks for your interest. Updates are always free after purchase. For the support we will help you in any way we can apart from free customization. Woocommerce will be launched after theme redesign. Support is through contact form only.

How can I turn down the testimonial slider speed?

please goto sprites / js folder, open custom.js find
        mode : 'horizontal',
        adaptiveHeight : true,

           pager : false, auto : true
add this in it , speed : 1000

Thanks, I think I should have made it more specific, I want the duration of the slide to last longer. I cant read the text before the next testimonial slide in :-)

Hi, Great theme. I’m not sure if this question has already been asked, but is there a way to remove auto-resize of logo from scroll?

Actually I have provided a separate input option for that logo area. So you can add separate logo there.


great theme ! I have a template issue. When i create a page, and choose a custom template (for example “blog grid” with some filters, my page content is not displayed any more. Is there something i could do ?

can you please contact through profile with wp admin details, We will look into it and resolve it ;)

Second question. Is there a way to attribute automatically a color and such metaq to all the posts of a category ?

Hey, We are waiting from you a account page like this:

And a post page with like and share stile like this:

hey I will look into it.

We are waiting new update for 1 month. Date?

10 nov, I was down with flu for almost a month getting better now

How to create a “meet the team” page?

You can use the person shortcode and add it in columns or in rad mode you can add person widget and set the width to 33% or 25% .

Having trouble with the sidebars. I created the widget, but how can you add the next to make it function like the demo?

Hey can you please mention which page you are referring to. Demo has a lot of pages ;)

For example: The Features page has a sidebar, but I think I figured it out.

My current issue: Cannot replicate the TEAM page.

You can use the person shortcode and add it in columns or in rad mode you can add person widget and set the width to 33% or 25% . That will setup the team page or contact through profile, my support staff will do it for you ;) .. Because sure to add a link to this comment so they can know .


how can i add a gallery?! I have page that called “Gallery” and i want to add some gallery… i have to install some plugin, or themes have everything to add a gallery with album?!

Thanks, woobs

hey woobs, scroll down to custom page settings area. In media tab select gallery and in Slideshow images tab add your images. Hit publish you will get gallery on that page ;)


A pre-purchase question:

is it possible to place the social icons in the top header in right hand instead above the logo in left-hand?

As for the climate icons: how many different icons are available?

wow nice but these are not working in IE 9 .. for the lightbox I will add prettyphoto in coming updates it will look like regular lightbox being used in themes.

Ok, I’m sold :) Gonna buy the theme shortly – your gallery roadmap sounds reliably to me :) I noticed there’s “100% sunny” weather icon missing among the ones currently available – the important one :) May I count on your guidance when modifying them, please?

Great, once you buy it contact through profile I will send you a code that will activate lightbox for wp gallery

any ETA of the RAD 2

yooo hooo! great! is a preview available?

Not yet mate.. I ended up having severe flu for almost 3 was barely able to access my PC..I am gaining strength now and will speed up things

too bad. Recover quick!

Is there a way to use another translate plugin (like GTranslate) from within the RAD Editor? We’ve got it to work on the menus and header, but I can’t seem to access it through RAD.

Sorry, *qTranslate

Can you tell me any resource on how it works. I will help you out.

Pre-purchase questions: 1. Is there a way to add Social sharing (Facebook etc) to individual posts through Limitless? 2. Also on single posts, are there options for “Next Post” and “Previous Post”?

Trying to see if these are possible without additional plugins or coding. Thanks…your theme and builder seem amazing. Good job!

Hi to answer your questions

1. There are 4 sharing buttons available on single posts including fb

2. I can add it for you after purchase not a big deal