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I noticed that updating to WP 3.7 broke the theme, any thoughts on this and date on the next update? Theme is great.

All my images broke, but there is a chance the problem is not related to the theme, so I will re-install and let you know. Local installation on Wamp.

Ok, so the problem was my Chrome browser, NOT the theme, sorry!

How do you change the color of the entire menu without going to each individual menu option and changing the color? I noticed a plugin is conflicting with the color scheme.

Found the answer. Thanks

NEW QUESTION: When you have a submenu on a submenu, the text alignment for the menu shifts to the right. I tried changing the alignment in the Header Constructor, but it doesn’t change anything.

Hey it only happens if sub menu will touch right side of browser or overflow beyond right side. If you will check on bigger screen it will work normally

Hi there, you have this nice mega menu. I saw that it is possible to put some tekst in it. Is it also possible to put a small image in there?

Hi yes it is possible in the mega menu sub menu items there is a text area you can add text and it supports HTML tags

Can I use a large jpeg picture for the header? Can the header be any size? (I’ve watched your header video.) Thanks.

Yes you can add large header image max size is 1060 px

Hi Artillegence,

I’m a marketing guy and this is my first foray into the technical world of web development (please don’t hold that against me :D). I must say your theme’s capability is just mind blowing and awesome!

My pre sales questions as follows: I was wondering what RAD V2’s upcoming features “Save Templates” & “Import/Export” mean?

1) Does it mean we would have the ability to create template & export as a standalone website template? (please excuse my ignorance as I am pre beginner & not very familiar with wordpress terminology, but I’m very excited about the upcoming features and am considering buying & using your theme for my client as soon as the next update & RAD v2 is released)

2) Also in that regard (please bare with my noobness…), I keep hearing about,, wordpress multi user, wordpress multisite being very different from one another…..... this is all very confusing for a beginner, does your theme work with any, all, or just 1 specific? (need to decide what resources I’d need to have ready to fully use your theme).

Many thanks for your time and consideration & keep up your awesome work!

Hey, thank you. The demo you are seeing is running on multisite so I can assure you that it will run fine on multisite. Regarding the rad v2 it will be out very soon. I got severely ill for almost 4 weeks and wasn’t able to do much work.

Hi Artillegence.

Thank you for the assurance, hopefully I can land this client and join the every growing ranks of very satisfied limitless users.

Do get well soon

thanks mate looking forward.

Its a mind blowing theme can make different design just with one theme. Works good for all my client. Any body need help can contact me at

How to avoid in line styling and java? I built my site using RAD Editor and in normal way. Now according to Google Web Master tools I have some issues related to css stylings and js in my code. Which tools should I use to avoid such situations?

Hey mate our code does not generate inline js code. For the inline styling it adds up only if you customize the default structure and it does not affect seo

Is there a way for top menu to continue to appear with the compact menu?

Yes it is possible , please go to templates/header-template.php , in the div with class compact menu change location top_nav_menu1 to top_nav_menu2.

Hi, I just purchased this theme but it appears the stylesheet is missing, how do correct this?

hey mate, it happens to buyers who are new to wordpress. Please do not upload the complete zip file you get from themeforest as it contains docs too. Unzip that and inside that you will find limitless theme. Please let me know I can be of further service.


Is there any way to add a link to the post featured image? Thanks

Thanks! Could you email me at : ? I really appreciate it!

just sent you the files :)

thank you so much! works great :)


Any news on the update?

hey mate, I have just started again work. I had got severely ill for almost 4 weeks. Now I am recovering and quickly started on the delay updates.

Hi there,

is it possible to make quick & dirty tables. I can’t find a shortcode for doing that. Any hint?

hey currently you can add using html tags only, I will see if I can come with something in coming updates ;)

Another question.

I’m used to making forms with a payed tool/plugin called Iform (also known as Qform). It works with placing a shortcode in your page. Now I noticed that placing it in a page the ordinary way works fine, but when I use RAD with the textblock it gives many unwanted whitespace.

contact via profile , I will send you a modified version that will fix it. Currently wordpress is adding p tags to it.


The theme has nice menu display. But in my site the menus are not displaying the way it is shown in the demo.Specifically I mean the menu showing “Features” section. I want the submenu to display the same way in my site too. My website link is:

Can you please tell me if anything is missed out during installation of the theme.

can you mention which browser and os , I double checked on my laptop, ipad and PC . Icons show everywhere now.

I have checked in windows OS and firefox, IE chrome browsers.

contact through profile with wp admin details and site link, my staff will take care of it. Strangely the icons are visible here and I showed it to 2 more people it shows for them also.

Where can i get the Demo content for testing this theme?

hey you can use our installer to get demo content, goto theme admin , then on top right menu you will find the installer menu.

Hello, for some reason when I use the shortcode generator for Pricing Tables, it doesn’t generate anything. Just a blank visual editor after I click insert table.

can please contact through profile with wp admin details, I will take a quick look at it.

Hi, I have few questions before I purchase it today.

1. Does your header constructor is flexible enough to make any kind of menu like in and and not requiring any coding? Checking out your theme and its awesome features makes me believes almost any kind of website can be made without knowing html and css.

2. By which date are you planning to release woocommerce version

3. Is PAYPAL the only option through which I can buy this theme from themeforest?

hey to answer your questions
1. The layout and menu structure is possible but similar design is not possible.
2. I am rolling out RAD V2 first followed quickly from Woocommerce. Very likely in coming 1- 2 weeks.
3. Themeforest also allows you to use visa and skrill I think.

I also need woocommerce and some other improvements. I have purchased this theme because of your road map and hard working. But version 1.6 is too late. I hope no delay for date 10.11.2013!

hey there 1.6 will have RAD V2 and redesign … woo commerce will be later on. I know I am a month late .. but avoidable circumstances came and if you see update record prior to that, I was updating within 3 days so please bare with me you won’t be disappointed. One thing I hate most is causing delay to things :p

I am waiting for your update tomorrow!

Hi, I want to remove h2 and h4 title tags from the text widget in the Rad editor. Please see excerpt of code below that I would like to remove the tags from: div class=”text-title-inner-wrap” h2 itemprop=”name” class=”text_title hide custom-font1”Title/h2 h4 class=” text_subtitle hide custom-font1”Sub Title/h4

Thank you!

I sent an email with all my information, any news on how to remove the tags? Thanks!

hey I think my staff have already replied you. Did you got the mail ?

No I have not received a mail with a response to my user email ( or to my email that I sent the mail from ( Can you please have your staff send the response to Thanks!

This is a fantastic theme! Really enjoying developing with it. 2 Quick questions 1. How can I set the min width for the mobile menu? I’d like to se how that work on an iPad in portrait mode. I’ve used this in the past @media only screen and (min-device-width : 768px) and (max-device-width : 1024px) and (orientation : portrait) { /* STYLES */ } But I can’t seem to find how you are determining when to invoke the mobile menu.

2. Is there a way to disable the sticky contact form? I changed the CSS to display:none and that works but maybe there’s a better way.

Thanks in advance for your help.

hi, are you referring to side mobile menu as top mobile menu is full width. For side menu in style.css at line 315 and 326 you can change the width .

Thanks for the quick reply – I’m actually trying to understand what width triggers the responsive menu and where that can be adjusted. Thanks!

767 is the width that triggers the mobile menu, this is set to block in responsive.css around line 949 . But I have used some js code as well.