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On an iPad I notice the navigation does not stay sticky when scrolling down the page. Can this be fixed? Thanks – amazing theme

can you please show me the link and which ios version you are using.

Thanks for the quick response. I’m seeing this on Safari & Chrome on iOS 7 iPad 3.

Here are screenshots: Limitless Demo Site: My Dev Site:

Link to Dev site:

ok saw what you mean..I think it is occurring from IOS7 update. I will look into this and roll out an update asap.


Can I turn off the mobile display completely? So that part is always in full width and designs is the same as full width?

If possible please respond quickly!

I have found it, thanks.

Hi, I see that RAD v2 is ready, when will you be launching update 1.6?

regards :)

hey mate, yes RAD V2 is done and update 1.6 is ready. I am doing final backwards compatibility test then loading it :)

Cool, looking forward to it ;)

Hey its great to know RAD V2 is ready. Looking forward to it. Also, it would be nice if you could involve cool small customizations like lightbox in gallery, login page look etc which you provided to people in comments here in update 1.6

One suggestion would be to have knowledge base section updated in your support website with all those queries you get here and on support, so users can benefit and know OMG this can also be done via this awesome theme.

Your theme and support rock! Way to go

hey thanks for the input, I have added some new widgets like custom html widget for easier customization. Once update is out we will start again to update the wiki :) . Thanks again for buying.

Hi there!

For some reason when using the RAD editor, any changed that i make through the visual tab are not saving, any idea? This goes for background images and font color. Thanks!

can you please reply to the mail you have contacted mentioning this problem I will look into it.

How can we have the top menu always appear (with the regular nav), in the compact menu?

hey I see the top menu is appearing , the top 3 menu items are appearing in the compact menu .

ahh yes it is. how do i also get the nav to appear with it?

sorry mate wp allows only 1 menu per holder .

Hi Again!

I opened my pages to start working on them through the RAD editor this morning and for some reason all the pages that I had built using the editor are now stating that they are enable to be edited through the RAD, as if i had coded them using html….This is pretty random! I emailed you about this too… As always, thanks again for all your help! :)

hey Helen, I just checked saw your ticket and it seems my staff is helping you out and you are receiving the mails. Is there any specific mail you didn’t got. Also can you please send help request at support so it doesn’t create confusion ;)

Is there an option to have different header layouts? I didn’t see menu for it in demo link.

Would definitely like to request that for a future release if not currently available.

hey mate, using our header constructor you can create lot of header layouts. Check the home page variations and you will get the idea ;)

Hi – Curious to know if the Revolution slider will be updated to the latest version?

Yes it will be :)

Pre-purchase questions.

Is the theme compatible with WP 3.7.1 and IE11?

Does the live & dnd editor work on the homepage?

Do the slider options have youtube video options and can you have a slider with videos and images?


oh sorry missed those .. editor works on every page including home page and we are using revolution slider which supports videos and images both.

Is RAD V2 active and included now?

no RAD V2 update is coming in a day or 2 , final testing is going with some of our buyers once I have a go I will load it here.

Hi, I had contacted through support page on Friday night IST and would appreciate if you could provide a solution to it or probably your new update 1.6 (am sure it would be rocking) on which you are working hard have that feature. Have a great day ahead!

hey mate got your mail, sorry it is weekend so support is off.. I will personally look into it. Regarding 1.6 it is done, I am loading it in couple of hours.

Just purchased the theme and it is great. Please respond to my support ticket as I am trying to go live by tomorrow. Thanks.

hey mate, just loaded the update 1.6 .. I am on support only ;)

Where do I find 1.6? It is not in my TF account nor is auto updating via WP. I only see 1.5.2.

mate it is still in review queue, my bad I wrote loaded .. changed it to in the queue ;)

Hey folks,

I just downloaded and updated my test site and have to say I am disappointment. There has been a lot of talk about all this great stuff coming down the pipe, but nothing looks any different. The response is a bit faster, but still lacks intuitive layout and function.

I do appreciate your hard work, but I feel I had to remove the previous rating a drop it down to one star. Sorry guys …

Cheers Mike

Hi Mike, the update has been loaded to themeforest review queue it is not live yet. You have just tested old theme again :p .. please revert the rating :)

Sorry but… this new RAD2 builder is a step back. Where is the liveview of the page? Now it like all other pagebuilders. Why would you wanna do that? You had the perfect formula. There is absolutely no LIVE VIEW! I’m really sad about this.

hey mate, pure live editing had some disadvantages regarding speed and layout issues. This is best of both worlds front end and backend editor. You can still edit while browsing and it is powerful than backend editors [ 3x layout ]. Plus in future updates all page options will be shifted in the rad toolbar. So you can directly set templates, title settings or add components easily.

Hi I just updated this theme and I noticed the RAD builder doesn’t work anymore for me. This is what I get when I click on the RAD builder. Also, all the text boxes I arranged with the old RAD builder are not displayed inline, anymore, but one below each other. It really messes with my layout. Please, help! Thank you!

hey have you uploaded all the new files, the rad css is missing from what I see. Can you please contact through profile with wp admin details I will look into it asap.

I’m sorry to be such a nuisance, but this new update doesn’t seem to be working right for me. Aside from the RAD builder not working, my sticky sidebar just looks wonky, too. The sticky sidebar just disappears into my title. Before the update everything was working fine.

strange I didnt changed any code in sticky sidebars.. I have your mail look into it.

I built a multisite with Limiteless on this domain: It works fine (but the responsiveness of the theme needs a lot of work) but now I tried to migrate the site to a different domain on the the same server: I have done this a million times with other themes and know how to do this.

All content and styles etc are migrated pretty well (only sidebars have problems, but thats a common problem with migrating WP themes) BUT all RAR builder content has disappeared, THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM. How can we migrate RAD Builder content?

Everything else was migrated properly, but the homepage doesn’t show any contents anymore. Original website: Migrated to:

Last bit is not correct. All was migrated BUT the RAD elements.

can you please contact through profile with wp admin details for both sites and did you use xml to import and export pages ?

Just updated the theme and noticed my custom titles on pages and posts are default now. I lost the custom colors, animation and icons. Why and how can I revert back without duplicating all my work?

Is the patch for my fix coming soon?

yes I am on support only, will resolve your request soon

:-) Btw, is there a landing page or blank page template e.g. no header, footer, etc.?

Really digging the new builder! I think it’s more intuitive or at least more organized of an editing view. No problems with the upgrade thus far! <3

glad to hear you like it :)

RAD v2 is amazing. Thank you for this fabulous update.

thanks mate ;)

Update 1.6 Rev Slider vs Title (

new update has semi transparent header area that’s why slider has moved up, if you don’t like it goto enigma styler , open css editor and add this code
div.merge-trans { top:0; margin-bottom:0; }