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Hello, any idea why the builder is not working; I just updated on a new wp install, version 3.7. The builder loads but does nothing.

can you please contact through profile with wp admin details, I will look into it.

The new update is awesome. Its a out of box thinking. Appreciate your hard work and great support. Keep rocking!

thanks mate :)

Is there coding that can be added to the post slider to make it scroll automatically?

hey mate you can please post all your queries through support only, posting on 2 places makes it confusing ;)

Hi – Thanks for the update but I too am having issues with the RAD builder:

For me this seems to be an issue when using child themes – when I activate the parent theme RAD seems to work.

hey if you have added old header.php in the child theme rad editing wont work. Make to have the latest header.php from the theme ;)

yup – that fixed it – thanks!

Hi there, I’m having issues with Revolution Slider. Several of the options buttons in the admin panel don’t seem to work any more

can you please tell when this started happening with latest update ?

Thanks for the quick reply. That is correct, since the last update. When I click on some of the buttons nothing happens. I’ve noticed that when I place my cursor over the button at the bottom of chrome it says javascript (void). Any ideas?

contact through profile, I will send you the latest revolution slider files that should fix it.

Beautiful theme. Love your demo.

RAD editing? Enigma editing? Whatever it is, it doesn’t work for me. Nothing loads.

And I do not want to style my theme page by page. I would like to style an overall color scheme! I would just like a normal WordPress interface to style my theme. Is that possible?

I have replied your mail, please check.

Where? Nothing in my inbox nor at thread.

I will resend it again.

A great theme but your customer support is non-existent at the moment. Please check your forum as i’ve posted a problem well over a week ago!

hey there I think you have bought the wrong theme, there is no purchase badge showing that means you havn’t purchased from us and we don’t use any forums , we provide support through ticketing system only.

I lost the possiblity of animation of icons in the textwidget in RAD V2. Is that right?

Hey, yes I removed it in this update.. the animation was done using animate.css and it used over 100kb just for animation of icons. Instead in next update I will be using js to animate those icons.

OK I bought your theme and promissed my client to use it. When can I expect this feature?

I will roll this out with the next update coming in 2 – 3 days.

Pre-purchase question does the theme support woo commerce. I read a post that you would be adding in but I don’t see it in the update details. This theme looks great I would love to use it for site since I have more of a graphic back ground and the drag and drop feature of this theme would be ideal.

Thank you.

hey mate, not yet . We will be adding it shortly :)

Where you can change the Outlook of pages in a Category? Disable sidebar. )

please open category.php , at line 26 change $meta_data[‘layout’] = “right-sidebar”; to $meta_data[‘layout’] = “full”; that will make it full width

Thank you very much!

Hi, Beautiful theme. A pre-purchase question: my boss may change their mind re: homepage layout. If I use the homepage in ‘corporate’ and she prefers a different layout like ‘multi sidebar’, how difficult would it be to alter the homepage layout?

hey you can use any layout from the home page variations and set them as home page easily. All you need to do is set home multi sidebar as front page from settings.

After trying and utilizing other themes, this is by far the best. Appreciate the support and continued upgrades. Just rated it a 5 star :-)

thanks mate.


i want to larger height sticky menu. for example with default height. how can i do that? thanks

please goto enigma styler, open css editor and add this div.compact-bar { padding:4px 0; } , change 4px to your needs.

How do I update to the newest Theme version and Rad v2?

hey download the latest zip again from themeforest and unzip it , inside you will find latest theme folder. Upload it to wp-content / themes folder through ftp it will update your theme.

How does the Enigma and RAD stylers work? Are they creating some kind of child theme? What happens to your custom styles with theme updates?

enigma styler is a live visual styler from where you can select styles , fonts or change stylings of a element . RAD styler only shows for the widget you are editing and is meant to customize that only.

Thanks but how does the Enigma style work with a child theme?

it works same as it would work for limitless theme.

contact form 7 when added to the widget is not submitting. any idea?

I updated from 1.5 to 1.6 and now all my content disappeared. I can still see it on the backend. What’s going on? Any idea?

just emailed you:

Thank you. On this page however, it says (at the bottom of the page): You must specify one of `href`, `id`, `profile_id` or `name`

Also, contact form 7 when added as a widget does not work. Just hangs. Any idea?

got your mail, my staff replied :)

replied, thank you


How to make social links to open in a new tab.

Regards Subhash for Qikmo.

yes Sir

please goto templates / header-template.php , in line 401 change
<a class='".$te[0]."' href='".$te[1]."'>


<a add target='_BLANK' class='".$te[0]."' href='".$te[1]."'>

Working well. Thanks for a quick support. Regards Subhash for Qikmo


Really interested in this theme, but have a few pre-sales questions:

- How hard will it be to build a theme with a responsive layout similar to Could you tell me how hard this would be to do on your theme for someone with no coding experience.

- I’m needing to add a user sign up and profile pages plugin. Currently looking at using Is this compatible with your theme?

- Finally, what sort of documentation/tutorials do you provide with the theme?

Hopefully, you can provide some insight to help me make my decision.



Hi David

Thanks for your interest, you can create 80% similar to the layout of , the bottom part and top most part won’t be possible. Regarding the parts that can be made, it is as easy as drag and drop.

I have seen that plugin in one of your buyer’s site. It works fine ;).

Regarding the documentation you can check here .

Let me know if you have any other questions

Seriously AWESOME support and theme…thanks for getting me ready for my campaign :-)