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How can I make the portfolio right to left direction.

Thank you.

I did that, but after one second back to left again, I think because the animation, it changing the left property, where can I change it to right.

Thanks a lot

Sorry, also I want to ask about “The Booklet Categories” I am using WPML and everything is good, but it’s not working in Booklet Categories, what can I do for this?

Thank you.

can you contact through with site and wp admin details, I also need to test and add code for this . Then I will point or give you the necessary codes for this.

Hi, I tried to update to the latest version of the theme and the update process broke mid-way and now I am stuck with 2 lines of errors. I am unable to even login to Wordpress since I get the same error. Can you please assist?

Any luck with fixing this? Looked like a serious crash to me :(

I have your details mate, I am currently outside will be back in couple of hours. Don’t worry data wont be lost. I will see if my support staff look into it earlier.

Hey buddy, I fixed this issue myself. Just thought of updating you :) Will contact you if there are any further theme related issues.

Are videos responsive for mobile?

yes they are :)

question bellow v

Hi! How can I change the comments to Facebook Comments? Im using the “Seo Facebook” Comments plugin, but its shown a error message like this:

Fatal error: Uncaught CurlException: 6: Couldn’t resolve host ‘’ thrown in /home/agent684/public_html/wp-content/plugins/seo-facebook-comments/facebook/base_facebook.php on line 825

What i have to do? The theme have its own plugin for facebook comments?

excellent!!!! :)

But doesn’t work in firefox (the box is not showed)

it works here fine. Tested it on demo.


I’d like to put some custom HTML inside of my copy of your theme, as I have to in order to enable a non-WP-plugin.

My first attempt was to insert into a “Text”-element within RAD-Builder, but it didn’t work out.

My second attempt would be to write a new template-file with slightly modified HTML, but your loader is quite non-trivial :)

Is there another way?

I frequently checked my Envato and email accounts, and there is no reply.

I also checked your latest official update for the mentioned raw html widget, but, as far as i can see, there is no such feature.

let me send it to you again from my mail here in our support system we replied you within 10 hours.

I just sent you an email through profile.

I really appreciate you taking care of my issue on sunday!

Is there a dutch language file for this template.

With Regards,


Hi John, Sorry mate only generic po file provided :)

Are you also making templates on request psd to your template system

For now we will be making themes only not accepting any custom work thanks :)

Is there a guide or map to where each of the Enigma style items appear on owns site? I searched the documentation but its very brief. Some items are obvious but most it’s kind of trial and error, which is unnecessarily time consuming.

Also, I tried to export my styles but it’s just an empty text file!

hey usually the labels of panels are self explanatory but we are working, a documentation for all elements. Can you contact through profile with wp admin details, I will check why export is not working.

I did. No response.

Hi Have just purchased Limitless theme and are greeting an update re Revolution slider compatibility message (WP 7.3.1). When using Revolution Slider several of the options buttons in the admin panel are not working. How do I update Revolution slider 4.0.5 to the latest. Great Theme.

Hey mate, the latest zip of revolution slider can be found in limitless / backend / plugins folder .

hi Artillegence, Is there is any option, so that we can get restore page (made through raid builder) to previous version. I have lost 1 important section of a page, while making some improvements there.

Regards Subhash for Qikmo

hi Artillegnce, any update about the issue.

Regards Subhash for Qikmo

Hi Subhash, I replied you that day only. I think it went to your spam folder.

hi Artillegence, yes you are right, I got this email. As there was no too much contents, so I think I’ll manage.Again Thanks for your time and timely support.

Regards Subhash for Qikmo

I have upgraded to the latest version, But what happened to visual mode and “select container” I need these. Please explain asap as your documentation does not cover this change.

mate visual mode is mixed in editor only, when you click on edit in widget / container or section on right side you will styler. Containers are placeholders which will allow you to group more widgets together .

I get it now :) I think you need to update the documentation It will make your job and mine easier.

yes we will actually this editor is not final yet. This will be going to a backend editor soon and a new fully live editor will be replacing it in the front end ;) so classic users who like traditional builders can use page builder and buyers who like live editing can enjoy that .

Is it posible to make the breadcrumbs on the left side instead of the right side. Where can i find this setting.

yes it is possible, please goto enigma styler -> open css editor. Add this code
#breadcrumbs { right:auto; left:0; }
This will do the trick ;)

thanx a lot

Re: “Hey mate, the latest zip of revolution slider can be found in limitless / backend / plugins folder”

Why doesn’t the WP Plugins Admin show and allow the update to be initiated?

We have to FTP the whole new folder?

What I mean to tell you is you can get slider from that location and unzip it and upload it to plugins folder. The rev slider will be updated.

Also the animated icons was one of the features I paid for, when exactly will it be working again?

Any time frame on the next update?

next week, early . I will try to push it earlier for you ;)

Thanks :) also the parallax is working great in the new version

Hello Artillegence,

if i buy this theme, is this available with all dummy data?

thank you.

yes we have inbuilt installer which automatically installs site similar to the demo.

Looks great… notice bootstrap… font-awesome coming soon?

font awesome is already there , fontello coming soon ;)

Hi. I have updated the theme… but now, my posts doesn’t show on the blog page… I mean, the post are load on”post” instead of”post”.

I have read your documentation, and I have tried everything possible. On Settings – Reader, I selected the page Blog that I created.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

Nevermind… I think I got it

No, no, I thought I got it but doesn’t work. Can I send you a private link? Thank you.

your custom template got reset, goto edit page of blog. Set the template again it will show posts again.

Hi. How can I change the font size of de date on the meta-info in the posts?


... and the format… I went to Settings – General, and I changed the Data Format, but is not working.

to change the format please goto edit page of blog , scroll down to the bottom click on blog posts settings. There you can correct the data format in post_date shortcode.

Guess I won’t have to renew my Headway account. Nice job!

How I go to Visual Mode? Is it gone??

I found it.