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Hi! The blog template for pages doenst work for me :(

can you please show me the site link , I will help you out with the issues you are facing.

hey I checked your site, it is working fine on iphone 5. In responsive mode it is supposed to show like that only. can you tell me which device you are using ?

The slider in home pagee doesn’t looks good in IE11. Its stretching the image in vertical. take a look

your under construction mode is enabled, I cannot see past it. Contact through profile with wp admin details, I will look into it.

I have some urgent questions.

1. how do I get the logo and header to display in mobile phone screen size? when I shrink the screen to mobile size the header vanishes. 2. How can I change the sticky contact icon from a envelope to an image or other icon?

hey to answer your questions –
1. The compact logo displays in the mobile version have you set that ?
2. To change sticky contact icon , goto sticky-contact.php , at line 5 change icon-envelope-alt to icon you want. You can select from here , change fa- preffix to icon-

Quick question – How do i close the shortcode editor? I dont see any way of closing it. Maybe I am missing something!? :)

strange I see a close button, can you drag window down a bit. I think your screen resolution is less than 600px.

Strangely dont see any close button. And my screen resolution is 1366*768. Could it be because of the Firefox browser? I want to start adding some stuff to my site and this issue is holding me up :(

strange contact through profile with wp admin detgails, I will quickly have a look at it.

the theme cointains the WPML plughin? or it has to be purchused separatly?

hey there, you will need to buy wpml plugin .. we are not allowed to bundle it with themes ;)

ohh, i understand, thx

Hey Artillegence guys, Bit of a question. I’m working on a news oriented website in which the slider wouldn’t work too well. Any alternatives for just showcasing some stuff on the home page. I like what The Verge has going at the top of theirs.

are you referring to grid area or the video slider beneath it ?

The grid area.

hmm that’s a tricky one mate, I do have plans for a grid area widget but it wont be coming out any time soon. You try plugins from codecanyon they will work fine.

Hello, how do I remove the sidebar of the portfolio category? I want it fullwith. Thanks!

please goto templates/custom-tax.php , at line 11 change it to $meta_data[‘layout’] = “full”;

I bought Limitless WordPress Template and in Header Constructor section. Whatever change a make ans save it doesn’t word after reflesh my site.

hey mate can you contact via profile with wp admin details , my staff will look into it and resolve it ;)

What is the preferred method for uploading featured images for the parallax effect? Some of the images seem to be zoomed in and distorted when I upload them. What image dimensions should be up set to before upload?

hey usually images are stretched to fill the full width area in parallax mode, adding an image with 1900px or higher width and atleast 800px high image should solve this problem.

Thank you for the reply. It looks great now!

Hi! I want to hide the sidebar on portfolio categories, how can I do that?



hey mate, I had replied your earlier comment with the solution. Have you tried it ?


Hello there. My client has more than 1 office, actually 3. How can I do for to have the contact form with 3 boxes with the 3 maps? I really need it. Or, at least, to have the option to create 3 contact pages with different maps (as last option).


hey I will roll out an update for multiple address support asap ;)

any updates for woocommerce integration?

working on that only and events pro compatibility ;)

Hello, here is my pre-sale question: I don’t understand the license permission for this theme so I want to know if I can use this theme for my clients sites?? Thanks in advance for any clarification :)

hey the single license allows you to use theme for one site and for extended you can use it for unlimited clients.

Hello! I have a problem. After the last update (dec 4.) my post template puts “leave a reply” form directly under the rev slider and above the text. How do I remove this form, or how do I place it at the bottom if it can’t be removed. In that case I need to know ho do I translate/change the text of this form?? I would also like to know how do I translate/change the “Sort” word where the posts categories are shown?

can you please show me the link , I checked here it is at the bottom. To change the sort , goto templates / blog-filter.php at line 6 you can change it.

Already sloved the problem. Went into screen options at posts, checked the discussion and then unchecked Allow comments. Thanks for the reply

I keep getting this warning in the dashboard: “The following plugin needs to be updated to its latest version to ensure maximum compatibility with this theme: Revolution WP.”

But all my plug-ins are updated to the latest version. I’m not concerned about it but I wanted to let you know.

FYI – Revolution version is 4.0.5

hey we have attached latest version of revolution slider in the zip, you can update using that ;)

We just bought a Limitless. but we can not use RAD builder that we watched vimeo animation on Limitless sample page. we can just build like this capture

our wordpress version is 3.7-ko_kr is that a problem? please let us know how we could use that RAD builder.

hey there, this is the second version of RAD builder. You can use preview button on bottom right to preview changes and click on close rad mode to goto default wordpress mode.

The theme is everything as advertised, so I did not leave a low rating. However, I was personally unhappy with the theme as it is actually quite frustrating as a developer. The configuration process is a lot of hand-holding, there are template and layout builders that use drag-and-drop tools (RAD mode), and the documentation is written in broken English. I do understand that it may be helpful for people with little coding experience but I do not recommend this theme to someone who wants to get their hands dirty.

It feels bloated and clunky, and my WP dashboard ran 2-3 seconds slower when this theme was active.

hey thanks for your feedback. We have taken in all feedback and releasing Limitless 2.0 with new UI , Styler and consistency. If you are interested I can give you access to sneak peek ;)

Thanks for the response! You guys do appear to be on top of everything and provide good support.

Video does not play on my sliders as it should; just shows up blank; how can I correct this?

sorry for delay, replied your mail ..

How can i set the footer height.

hey do you want to add height or reduce the and which area footer widgets or bottom menu area.

footer widget and reducing height

for the footer menu , goto enigma styler open css editor and add this code
#footer-menu { padding:35px 0 }
.inner-footer-wrapper .skeleton  { padding:30px 0 }

reduce the padding to suit your needs

soon ;) , it is testing phase with fontello icons support.

awesome! :)