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Important presale question. Is possible put main menu under slider on home page?


sorry mate theme design doesn’t support it , thanks for your interest.

Clear. I have already bought theme :) Can i ask you – about this customisation? Where i can change in code location of header for display menu after slider?


contact via profile, with ftp and wp admin details… I will add it for you ;)

Hi – what’s the best way to change the bg color of the testimonial widget? (where the content is). Thanks!!

hey if you want to change for each testimonial , you can set that in edit testimonial page, scroll down to dominant color tab. Else open enigma styler, goto css editor . Add this code
div.testimonials-wrapper ul.rad-testimonials-list li div.content { background:#333333!important } 
Change #333333 to your color.

Thank You!!!

How can I out Contact form 7 code in the columns (using the html text box)

And how can i use the theme ui shortcodes in the rad editor?

to add contact form 7 form , create a form and then insert a text widget in rad builder. Then add that form’s shortcode in that.

Similarly when you click edit in text widget , a text editor appears, in the toolbar area you will find the shortcode button there. Click on it and a shortcode window will appear.

How can I fill a sidebar?

hey goto widgets page in admin and from there you can add widgets to sidebar

Hi, Looks to be a fantastic theme and I would like to go ahead and buy it—first three questions:

1. Are audio file and self-hosted video supported to be placed and play on any page / post? And several on one page / post?

2. Is sticky header menu supported?

3. Is it possible to add html in the header.. we would like to set-up log in space there?

Thank you!

Hi, when you scroll down a menu with small logo will show on top of page . Regarding the videos sorry self hosted cannot be customized at the moment.

Thank you for clarifying the menu. Are you available to hire for customization—such as enabling self-hosted media?

hey mate, contact through mail.. after holidays I will try to schedule you for customization ;)

Hello Please help how to do that when you scroll the page was visible menu along with the logo. Frisked probably everywhere and do not see such an option would block Someone from the menu bar. Here is the link to the example – Please help me.

OK, I found it :)

How can I remove the main menu’s mouseover feature? I do not want the colored background to show when I mouseover the main menu links. I want it to be transparent.

Thanks, Whitney

Hi Whitney, I have your mail I will mail you the modified script

Presale Question, I have a Google Map plugin that is called via a shortcode, can I place this shortcode in the slider area, instead of the slider and have it display full width?

hey thanks for the interest, sorry but google map embedding is not allowed in the slider area .

Ok, thanks. It seems Limitless is somewhat Limited. ;)

You mention that you have HD help videos, where can I access them?

hey you can access them here ;)

Hello, i bought your theme a while ago but never had the change to really use it. Now i am working on a project and decided to work with your theme. This is one of the best themes ever. I have DMS, Avada, Headway and a bunch of others but this theme really is the best. Keep up the great work!

thanks mate ;)

Can you please tell me how to edited the content on the home page. For example on the test demo where it says “Craft Amazing Websites at mind blowing speed !” how can I change that black background to blue,

Also where it says “Radical Features” how do I change that orange background to a color of my choice.

I tried using the RAD editing and Enigma and had no luck..

you can change it using RAD only, in the edit page click on rad live editing it will open the site in rad mode and then you can do the editing.

Hi, I love your theme when I first seen it. so I bought it without second thought.

However, I am fail to receive any email thorough sticky contact form. but I can received email though other contact form after I updated my email address

Do I need to update my email address for the sticky contact form? and please tell me how, many thanks!

strange have you added your email in theme admin -> contact tab -> sticky contact area. Without that it wont work.

Hi, I did put my email at the sticky contact area, but is the stick contact form not sending email if my WordPress only testing in Local host? (Not upload online yet)

hey mate there is no mail server on localhost , upload your site online and it will work fine ;)

Hi, I love the drag and drop function. however it does not work at my favourite browser – Chrome (from Mac).

At RAD Editor, the area of Structure, Widgets and WP Core just blank, so I can not add any thing. but I can edit any structure that already been created from your template. There are no such problem at other browser, like Firefox and Safari.

Is there anything you can fix? Thanks

can you please contact via profile with wp admin details.. I had built the pages in chrome only I will look into the problem

I am sorry, where should I report this problem? Basically, I found that the RAD Editor can not be used in Chrome, it can not build anything. But other browser is fine.

goto here , in bottom right contact form you can send us a mail . It will get you registered through our system.


My RAD element disappear for the whole website. I cannot work and waiting for you. If you already come back, please support me.


I understand for the long weekend, so I was waiting for the long period and just asked for your support 2 days ago. I got your e-mail today ,however it still cannot fix my problem. I replied your mail and asked what I should to do next? Do you receive my e-mail? I need your suggestion. And hopefully you will help me solve the problem and understand me. I really need my website can work properly.

Hi, now I can work via Firefox. But chrome still cannot work. I’m a little confused because I use chrome from the beginning until I got error. However it’s OK, I can go on. :)

Thank you for your support :)

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to the theme update, when can we expect it?

Also, I’m experiencing a bug with the sticky sidebar. It overlaps the footer when you scroll down and hides under the header when you scroll back up. How do we restrict it to the page content?

hey we have resumed our operations.. update was ready while back. but our testers were on holidays .. hopefully we can get things moving now..

Hey guys,

Really needing this feature as it is default WP. Can we get support for paged pages?

Also, how can I remove the sidebar title from displaying. Here is what is happening:

thanks for letting me know , contact via profile.. I am adding it now , will send you the code ;)

Hi! I want the featured image of every portfolio posts (here: to link to the post, not to the image. Is that possible?

please goto edit page of services in wp admin , scroll down to custom page settings. In portfolio settings tab , set Enable lightbox icon on hover (if false link icon will show) to no ;)


I’ve added a webform to a page and I can no longer use the RAD drag and drop functionality. How can I delete the page section that is causing this so the page can function once again?

FYI, this is occurring in all browsers and the live page is:

I’m getting: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home1/jamcella/public_html/wp-content/themes/limitless/templates/rad/construct.php on line 44

I think there is a open markup tag left that is breaking the rad builder. Contact through profile with wp admin details, I will try to fix that.

Hey, Bought this theme some time ago, but never had a project to use it on. I’m starting a new project and I’d like to use your theme, but I’m wondering how it works with WooCommerce. Also wondering if the mac/chrome bug (mentioned a few posts up) has been fixed. Thanks!

So I’ve been playing around with your theme, and I have to say, it’s way smoother than it was when it first came out, so kudos to you! I’m begging you to consider adding support for WooCommerce. That would make it 6-star worthy (as it is, I’ve given you 5 stars for what truly is an amazing product)!

hey Tali, thanks for the kind words .. we have already started on woo commerce (80% done) , a true live editor (version 3) and a page builder ( it is done ) .. we are first going to load a theme first to stabilize our finances and in the process add these features in phase ;)

Good to hear!

Img – 1 Img – 2 to be buffaloed by a problem A blank window opens. When I want to select an image

The problem arose due to incompatibility with the plugin NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati. Whether fixed this incompatibility? IMG – probably because of styles.

yeah , Next Gen gallery css are flooding all over the wp admin and that is causing the issue.. not our fault mate ;)