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Hi. I’m trying to change the facebook link, on the header, but it doesn’t change it. I go to Theme Admin – Head Constructor, and edit Social Icons, write the new facebook direction, but it shows the old one.

What can be?


strange , when did this started happening ? Contact through profile with wp admin details, I will look into it.

Is there any support for Buddypress? – Heard that only an archives page show up when using it.

sorry mate no support for buddy press ;)

What would you recommend instead for a plugin as I am interested in a memberlist where you can see “info” like companies but the only thing I know of is buddypress. I would love to purchase this theme.

i get with a simpel theme admin change a 500 error. And i am waiting for a other support question for weeks…

hey is it a plugin ? can you please show me the plugin , I will test here and check. Regarding support question last ticket is 16 hours old. Have you contacted through the form on the profile page :)

No plugin, clean install and minor changes withing the limitless admin panel. My last ticket is still open and the latest reaction on your side was : 18-12-2013! From laranz..

hey there is a chance he may have missed you reply that ticket back and tell him , he will help you out asap ;)

Hi, from this update is not possible to set up the header constructor in the page, so it is only possible to have just one header type from the theme admin. You will fix this?

In the next update there will be compatibility with buddypress and bbpress?

Thank you! This theme is really the best!


HI Marco, yes we have removed it for time being, we are re iterating the whole framework to make it more easier and better. We will again add it in the near future. I push try to push updates for bbpress in the coming updates.

Hi, I am in the process of starting a new online business that will teach people how to create their own website. I’d like to show my customers how to build a website through Wordpress, and to have them work with your Limitless Theme. So I plan on driving a lot of customers to you and becoming an affiliate.

One thing that I need to do for my website is to have people completely copy my current site. So I want my customer to be able to create a Wordpress account, buy Limitless, and then be able to copy code that I’d like to provide them so that they can copy and paste it and duplicate my website content, style, colors, etc. Is this possible? Is there any way that my customers can easily re-create my business’ website without having to do much of anything? Making it as simple as possible is extremely important. I hope to work this out with you so that we can both start making more sales! Thank you, David W.

Please feel free to email me at to further discuss details if necessary.

Looking forward to your response.

Hi David, you can use rad migration plugin that comes with the zip you have downloaded from themeforest. We are updating support site and we will write an article explaining how you reuse RAD templates in other pages and sites.

Can you please direct me through the process of transferring my website design and content onto another persons website on a different computer? Do I have to copy the and forward it to others who purchase the Limitless theme so they can copy my website onto theirs? How does this work? Do you by any chance have videos on how to do this? Thank you very much, David

Hi David,contact through profile page, my support will give you a walk through regarding this process.

Your theme is surprisingly fast for one that comes with RAD builder and soooooo many features. Customized it for a client. Loved it! Will definitely recommend to other clients :)

Hi guys,

I’m having this weird issue where enabling RAD editor in the front in automatically takes me to my home page instead of enabling the rad editor on the page I’d actually like to edit. There also seems to be a small saving bug that simply won’t update the design once I’ve saved it in RAD.

hey is a SEO plugin activated on your end ? You will be to disable the remove get variables options in order to make RAD work.

Hi there, nice theme!! I wonder if there’s demo content available?

hey , we have a installer included with limitless which sets up like demo ;)

GREAT SUPPORT and a great theme.. highly recommend it!

How Can I remove that email pop-up slide or change it, so I receive the emails? How can I remove the ‘-Limitless’ title on the top of the browsers? Where can I go to view a separate support page (with quick steps) the above link does not work.

please goto theme admin -> contacts tab , sticky contact tab you can fill the details. ,for the support please goto our profile page and through the contact form in bottom right you can contact us ;)

I think you guys might want to take another look at the way Limitless detects custom post types. So far I haven’t been able to get it to detect any existing post types.

I also can’t choose a single default page layout for custom post types even when their credit by the them itself.

Also, I think it might be a really bad idea for the Enigma Styler button to surface in the front end of the website for just about anyone.

I’ve also gotten this a few times too when building pages. Fatal error: Call to a member function getTax() on a non-object in C:\Users\Travis\Documents\Websites\\wp-content\themes\limitless\templates\post-grid-cols.php on line 50

hey mate ,to answer your questions , limitless detects only the custom post type created through Custom post manager not from plugins.

A new Enigma styler has been made , it will be replace it soon .

I will look into the 3rd and roll out a fix.

Can you guys create an HTML CSS version as well?

sorry mate , no plans for now ;)

Hi, i have search a lot and i finally think i find what i need. I have some pre-purchase question, i like the timeline view in blog posts but i noticed it’s reversed, i mean the oldest posts are first? why so? when user have a lot of posts then the customers had to scroll down a lot to see the newest posts? are there any way to change that?

Hey all our blog posts have backend filters from where you can set how to order posts. Hope that helps.


Am I able to control the duration of the testimonial? It is too quick before I finish reading each testimonial. Thanks

yes you can please goto sprites / js / custom.js in your theme folder , at line 1301 change
        mode : 'horizontal',
        adaptiveHeight : true,

           pager : false, auto : true
        mode : 'horizontal',
        adaptiveHeight : true,
          speed : 1000, 
           pager : false, auto : true
change the speed to what you want.

Hi, the “speed” at the jQuery only control the speed of transition, but what I need is the duration of each testimonial can stay longer time, so people have enough time to read the testimonial before it go to next. Do you understand what i mean? Can you please help, many thanks.

hey my bad , please use this code
        mode : 'horizontal',
        adaptiveHeight : true,
          speed : 1000,
           pager : false, auto : true

I have few questions: 1. In your demo site , in the homepage there are this section CTA “Fallen in love yet ? It’s Yours take it .” when i added my home page CTA i noticed that your page section height is much smaller than mine. Is there any way to change page section height? because i want the same small cap as you have in your demo. 2. How to add text widgets in menu? I only managed to create menu item with description? but it acts as a menu not just text widget.

And when i thought everything is over i just figured out that after update some things changed. Before there was a small cap between rev slider and next page section (home) now it’s gone. I tried to add page section – nothing, added column in to that page section then it shows up but it’s too big gap. Is this possible for me to add like 10px gap between each page section . So when i have two page sections with bg-s then it’s a little gap between those.

i tried to make image with 10px height but it still makes it higher, so seems like it’s impossible to make smaller sections because there are no option to change it’s height.

And i found out that some of my pages doesn’t work after update. Our “about us” page was empty after update and some other pages, what might cause that. I edit those pages and it didn’t change anything. I had to copy page content , delete the page, add a new page and paste the previous content to get it working again. So the page was just like cracked or somthing. Nothing wouldn’t help, only option was to delete those pages and re-do them .

hey mate, yes we have noticed some buyers are having difficulty with the new update, we have loaded another update with old code to restore things again. Sorry about that.

hi, I’m a bit confused if - I can have portfolio layout like blog list full width with side posts? - there is option for ajax portfolio (where the single project opens above the portfolio instead of a separate page) - or can I use a plugin for this? thanks! Marije

Hi Marije, thanks for your interest ajax portfolio is not possible at the moment :)

Thanks for quick answer… Is it then possible to have the whole portfolio appear underneath the single portfolio item? This would also solve my problem..

second question -> can the portfolio have layout like blog list full width with side posts?

and third, can I make multiple portfolio’s?

last one, can I play video inside thumbnails?

hey mate you can make multiple portfolio’s , but you cannot play videos under thumbnail or add portfolio under single portfolio for now those are under customization request ;)

Hi I am wondering if this theme could be set up as a single page format or similar?

sorry mate, not possible for now :)

I am really happy to have bought this theme : the support is so nice ans helpful !


i cannot figure out how to create a drop down menu (sub tab). how do i do this?

hey mate, please select mega menu on the dropdown , then the direct menu items of this menu item will act as columns and the menu items added under this will act as rows.

Hi, I am trying to use Google analytics on my site, and I input my tracking code into the tracking section of limitless and still Google analytics does not find the tracking code on my site. Please help. Thank you, David

hey David, pleas make sure you are adding the code without the script tags and theme already does that for you.