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Hi! I want to hide the Excerpt in the portfolio posts, how can I do that? Like that:

Sorry, I dont understand. It is already an update avaliable or Ill wait for it? I just need to hide the Excerpt in the portfolio posts, how can I do that? Editing any archive?

hey it was out last night , 1.7.1 . You just need to replace those files on your server and portfolio text won’t show.


Subtitle fix?

yes loaded along with some other updates ;)

Hello, I heard RAD Editor V2 will be out soon. When will that be? And will that be added on this theme?


mate its out since 2 months, now its time for V3 pure live editing + page builder version ;)

hey, alright, this definitely makes me to a new client of yours :) can you say how long this will take about until v3 is released? 1 week, 1 month, 3 months? THANKS !!

it will take a month mate, we are releasing a theme and plugin first then rolling the beast out ;)

When will the new updates be live? V3 sounds exciting!!!

we are going to first release woo commerce as many buyers have requested it in an week then integrate our new page builder in limitless then finally V3 pure live editor ;)

looking forward to it :) thanks for the info.

Hello, When is the WooCommerce plugin coming?

this week mate, its done working on a new demo.. ;)

Hello, Before i buy i want to know that is the right choice for me. I want to ask is there any way in these template to have a widgets on the header? For example i want to have a the top widget with log in and register buttons for shopping cart.

No, i want to have for example a drop down login form in top bar above the logo or next to the logo. Is that possible?

I need to know that because i thinking about to buy this theme.

oh that sorry mate wont be possible, it comes under customization

Hi guys any word on gravity forms, I searched your updates and comments and found this. But it was over 5 months ago. I need to use gravity forms because it links with infusionsoft (my crm). Could you let me no asap if possible.


hey mate this week we are releasing woo commerce, I cant give you an exact date on gravity but if demand is there we will try to push it earlier .. for now we dont have any plans.

Hi ive just installed the theme and install a demo but when its time to edit the colors for example on the rad editor, cant preview it and if i saved it . appears like before ive made the changes..

thankyou , and great job !!

hey mate you can please contact through profile with wp admin details, we will look into it asap.

Hi I just purchased this theme. I just want to make sure that the revolutionary slider is licensed to be used with the purchase of this theme, correct?

yeah yes it is provided in the theme zip and when you activate the theme an option shows to activate that slider :)

Thank you. I just want to let everyone know that this theme is remarkable.

thanks :) .. woo and more updates coming soon

I’ve searched the video tutorials and am having extreme difficulty getting the pictures to appear in the portfolio maeyra template, or any of them for that matter. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


hey can you contact through profile with wp admin details and website link, I will look into your problem. If you have contacted us.. support has just started.

Hi, I’ve contacted support and after providing the info continued to have problems. I contacted support a second time and I continue to have problems. I am creating a static page and for whatever reason I am unable to get uploaded media pictures to appear in any of the portfolio templates. Again this isn’t for a post this is for a static page. Please tell me what I need to do, some instructions. Your help is greatly appreciated. Please help, this is the only thing holding up the launch of the site. Thank you.

hey there, I checked your ticket , it was on feb 28th and was replied that day only, I am resending the reply again. Your site will be ready for launch ;)

What has changed since the last update a few days ago?

added bug fixes which appeared in 3.8.1 and with new UI :)

Hi, how can I make theme to only grab retina image if it exist, else don’t trying to allocate?

I’m having exactly same error as DEMO theme is having at the moment.

It is trying to get imge@2x regardless of its existence

Help please

Example: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Hey we dont have code running to replace retina images, I think that it coming from browser only. The only code we have is the retina logo.

And one more…..

I really liked timeline blogging in your theme, but the thumbnail image have some bug,

1.Thumbnail image on the first page of time line linked fine, but once its loaded to second page , it only links to one for example if you look on your DEMO of TIMELINE BLOG, when second page is loaded, EVERY thumbnail images from second page link to

2. When it is loaded, it doesn’t show the image inside the Lightbox.

Here are some screen shots from the DEMO to help my explanation,


It’s not perfect but I had to modify some lines to fix the errors, but I do not want to fix it everytime when new updates come up that still has the same error.

Would you be able to distribute hot-fix? or whatever it is called to remove the errors please?

Here are some code lines you may want to look at:

on listener.php

hey thanks for pointing that out , contact through profile I will give you the fix and we will roll this out with the woo commerce update.

Thanks for the respond, hope it is fixed in next update

Hi, I am trying to place a pixel on my home page to track leads from my Facebook ad. The Facebook instructions are, “Copy and paste the following code between <head> and </head> on the page of your website you want to track actions. For example, to track registrations, place the code on your ‘registration completed’ web page.” How do I get to the <head> and </head> part of the site so that I can copy my tracking pixel in it? Thank you, David

Hi David, goto theme admin in general tab, in Javascript code add your code it will add that in the head section directly.

What happened to the “Icon animation on hover” function? I do not see that anywhere. Did you remove it? If so, why?

hey its was added back in earlier updates for CTA , for columns we are adding it again with more speed, the css3 code was making css much bigger than it was so we had make it more compact

I wanted to add an additional field of sticky contact phone number I managed to put it in sticky-contact.php but after sending a test e-mail in the message I get only basic information: Name, Email and Message – no additional field telephone. Where can I find the file you need to modify the sent message contained a phone number? Please help me. :stress:

hey mate can you please contact from the account you have purchased or verify the purchase then I will be gladly able to help you out ;) .. sorry for the hassle.

Hello, I love your theme! I have to create an ecommerce website, when WooCommerce will be available?

Thank you and great job!

hey mate thanks for the kind words , woo commerce is ready .. we are just working on our demo as soon as soon as it is ready we are loading it. Probably in a one or 2 days ;)

Great news, continue like this it’s great!

woo loaded ;)

Hi there,

overall a fantastic-looking theme. I have 2 questions which I would like to ask so I consider my choice: 1) Can portfolios also handle video, or only images? And will those videos play in lightbox, too? 2) Can I find a way to have THE SAME categories, and thus, filters, apply to posts and portfolio items? Thus, could offer visitors to find all portfolio items AND blog posts which have the same category?

Thanks, I appreciate your time and hope for a quick answer!

hey mate, thanks for the interest , to answer your questions –
1. portfolio templates can handle images only. The single portfolio has 12 featured media types.
2. Categories are saved by ids so even though name is same but ids are different and taxonomies work differently so you can either show posts or portfolio at a time of a certain category .
3. For now yes you can add text widgets only
4. Woo commerce loaded.

cheers ears! we just purchased; time to unpack the box :-)

right on time mate, woo is out also ;)

So glad you added WooCommerce! Seriously, this theme does not get enough attention! When will the demo be updated with WooCommerce features?

thanks a lot Tali for the nice words, we are now working on our videos, docs and support system .. as soon as it done we will update our demo :)

This is one kickass theme! Have been using it for quite a long time now. Happy i got this :D Keep up the good work. Thanks!

thanks buddy , more is coming ;)