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Ok….just purchased this item. Very disappointed. I bought this based on the Rad Editor. I see it has been changed drastically…

Then I hit some bugs…(says version 1.7.7 in theme admin)

Trying to add a background image and the file browser will not open. The background turns gray, and nothing happens…

When trying to edit a column, sometimes it just drops the editor window down, then does nothing.

This is in ALL browsers.

I am also overall disappointed in the editor. I like the older original version in the videos (with all items on the side and the page displayed so I can see what is going on).

Is it possible to get an older version of the theme with that editor still in it?

hey mate, sorry to hear that you are disappointed.. the RAD builder has evolved into the curent state. I have the older version. If you want it contact through our profile I will send you the older version. The bugs you are mentioned showing do not occur , I think something is interfering with the editor. When you are contacting , send us wp admin details we will have a look into it and resolve it for you ;)

Great! I just contacted you through your profile, to get the older version. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

hi, I’ve been having lots of issues after upgrading to 1.7.6 then to 1.7.7, the website it’s not the way it was before and I am not able to fix it after spending hours. This is the most important issue I need to fix asap:

1) THEME ADMIN v1.0 it’s very slow, 2) enigma styler has duplicate styles and its confusing already 3) I’m not able to change the main menu font size, after the upgrade the main menu is huge and it has 2 rows instead of 1 row. 4) Where is located the area to change the size for the main menu? Compact menu area, headings? 5) I tried to go back to older version and it didn’t work, got the site worse.

I hope you can help fixing asap. I need to send a newsletter but need to fix first! Thanks!

hey sonia, I mailed you. Theme is compatible with W3 cache plugin you can try it.

Hey I never received the older version over the email, and at this moment my main blog page (NEWS) stop working and it’s not showing the posts anymore. Do you still have the admin to login into my site? I please need help with this ASAP! Thank you!!!

Hi, I had mailed you that day only. I just mailed you again. Let me know if you got it and checking your blog also now

Can the hyper menu change in size, so if I only want 3 columns it’s not the wide of an 5-column?

hey James, we can do that contact via profile I will send you the code ;)

How do I change the speed the Testimonials move?

hey goto sprites / js / custom.js , at line 1300 in

        mode : 'horizontal',
        adaptiveHeight : true,

           pager : false, auto : true
add auto:3000 , this will change the speed.

Thx for this Another silly question or 2 Maybe I do not see it, but I want to change the font size of the text that says “Helpline: +1….” I found where to change the “Menu font size, but that only affects the MENU font size, not the text Second question: If I want to sDisable the time on the Testimonials and only allow the visitor to click to show next icon, how do I go about doing this?

hey to disable testimonials timings set auto:false in place you had changed to 3000 . For text font size, goto enigma styler , open custom css editor and add this .top-text { font-size:13px; }

Like dnet-dev above I bought this based on the Rad Editor. I see it has been changed drastically… I am having all sorts of problems as well. I have communicated with you on these but your suggestions have not been helpful. Can you send me the older version of the theme so I can build my site and update when you get the bugs worked out?

hey mate, contact through profile I will send you the file. Think is code has evolved so rapidly whenever I try to add a new feature .. it is breaking something.. so we are just going to improve the old live editor and update it very soon.

When Rad v3 will be out? Thanks

cant give an exact date mate, first we are releasing our new theme and a plugin ;)

How easy would this theme be to Ajaxed? What is the SoundCloud integration? I use an audioplayer that requires the theme to be Ajaxed.

hey mate, thanks for your interest. If your audioplayer uses js from 3rd party , it will by default work. Ajaxification is of many types like page loading , infinity scroll etc .. I dont think those are what you are looking for ?

I’d like to change the default font size for the body of my blog posts. I can’t seem to find that setting and wondered if you can tell me where I can make that change.

hey can you please tell me which blog you are using , that will help to give you accurate setting or code.

oh okay single post , I thought it was for a blog template. Please goto engima styler -> custom css editor. Add this
.post-content { font-size:15px; } 
It will affect post content font size only.

This theme is quite awesome! I love it! Presale question- I am searching for a theme with very specific features and this theme seems to have everything and then lots more except I can’t find one thing… Can I self host videos? more specifically I intend to use this theme on several touchscreen PC’s in my retail store via a localhost WP install for customers to use as a kiosk for a fullscreen, grid style, video gallery of products (fireworks) that play in a lightbox when the thumbnail is touched. I will have several of these computers and I want instant playback and don’t want to count on the internet. I do not get good internet speed at my store. I hope it can be done. I will throw money at you instantly if the answer is yes. Thanks!

hey mate thanks for the kind words, theme supports self hosted video but it will appear in a video player only and cannot be opened in a lightbox for now.

Is there another lightbox that I can use as a plugin or any way around this? I must have it play on a lightbox and really want to buy your theme. Do any of your other similar themes like the one you are about to release have this ability?

our new theme will be coming by next week, it has this features you can wait if you want. If you want to see a sneak peek contact us through profile ;)

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme and now trying to upload but the upload keeps failing… I’m assuming zip file is too big. Please help?

hey mate you can use ftp to upload the theme. Are you receiving some error or upload fails ?

There are obviously lots of issues with the pagebuilder. I frequently make changes, and they have no effect. when I return to admin, all the changes have disappeared! Absolutely love the theme, but will have to stop using unless these problems stop. I am taking three/four times longer to build my content than I should because of this problem. It is difficult to understand why sometimes it works and others it does not.

I see others have experienced the same issue. I cannot see where the ticketing system is, and have had 2 replies from you by email that did not answer my questions, and it seems that you answer just “thanks for contacting me”

Please can you provide a link to the support ticketing system?

hey thanks for the feedback, I am loading an update with backend Page Builder soon so that will take care of this issue. RAD V2 was temporary until our new live builder is ready.

How will we know when this is ready?

I am loading a page builder update in couple of hours, you will be notified.

Is there a way to put the editor back on the side instead of at the bottom? I want it to mimic the videos as much as possible. There also is no “Visual” option anymore, was that discontinued because it is all visual?

Oops. I see that we are to contact you through your profile and you’ll send us the other version!

hey for older version , I just sent you older zip my support staff was unaware of it.


Please make the old version available.

I have sent numerous emails since Friday because of the issues with the new RAD builder. I need to be able to work at top-speed, not slowed down by this 1.7.7 version. I need the support videos and documentation to match what I am working in – and most importantly I need what I am working in, to work!

I have requested the older version already by email and contact form: but no response yet -

I do not have time to be a tester here!

hey there support is not available on weekends, I just replied almost all your mails. Please check

I have been stuck for the past 21 hours; pages as well as navigation breaking, RAD builder now entirely non-functioning etc etc. I see you responded to halfcj above that you will notify when a new RAD builder is available—sounds like within hours. Will you please provide an update. Thank you

hey Millie, we are working on support. Sometimes it takes upto 24 hours , I am on your ticket only. The update with new page builder is also live.

It will be great if you add in to a header constructor option to add a widgets.

cool thanks for that info mate, for now we don’t have any plans. But I will quickly try to push it pipeline .

Hey, Can in header constructor have a many text blocks?

for now mate, only 1 block per item is allowed ;)

Hw do I change the text and stuff of the sticky email?

That does not show me the “We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.” text that I want to change Or the email address that I want to change Please tell me where this info is.


hey sorry I thought you wanted to change code, that you can change from admin panel -> contact tab -> sticky contact tab

I feel real stupid right now :( It was there this whole time and I just missed it Thank you :-)

Can you confirm that you’re compatible with 3.8.1.

As always, thank you for your responsiveness on everything. You’re awesome and the theme is the best I’ve ever worked with.


hey yes theme has been tested on 3.8.1 , works fine

I went through the other posts on here, but I cannot find where to edit the text on the sticky contact pop-out form. You mentioned to look under the Contact tab, but the Contact tab is for Contact Form 7. There are typos on it as is. Help?

hey you will need to goto theme options panel, in that goto contact tab -> then click on sticky contact tab. From there you can edit it.

There seemed to be a lot of problems with version 1.7.7. Are they all solved now or should I wait with my update?

hey have you used auto updater to update, I noticed on some occasions in update 1.7.7 envato updater api uploaded only half the files of new update and it created issues. I am looking into it , there are no problems with updates you can use new update.

Excellent theme! A number of the elements have broken icons from the shortcodes. In shortcodes.php should all instances of

i class=’icon

be replaced with

i class=’icon-shortcode

hey mate the auto update is sometimes updating half update on sever and created a lot of problems for us lately. I am checking the envato updater api , to resolve this. Update itself is stable and icons are changed in latest update, but the half updates caused serious issues for us.

Updated the Revolution Slider with the .zip in your latest Theme update. Now it’s not working and says “Not activated Plugin Users should contact the Theme Author for Updates and for Support.”

hey mate, it is themepunch new process for providing support to their direct customers .. slider will continue to work fine. Though I am in touch to remove that message it is confusing.