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Hello. I am impressed with the theme. Before considering a purchase, I am concerned about it working based on the recent comments. Are these issues for only people upgrading or new installations? I am ditching a current theme that was just purchased and support is zero – so I don’t want to walk into the same scenario again.

Thank you! I made the purchase and I am very pleased so far. I see a couple things that are a bit off though. When I save a post or page, click update, it’s saved, I get a warning that if I navigate away from the page I may lose data that is NOT saved. What is causing this?

hey builder saves some dynamic settings in a textarea that gives this, sometimes wordpress show a warning for this.

Ok, thanks!

I’m unable to change the size of the different header (e.g. h1 -h6). Whenever I’m changing the size in the Enigma Styler, it won’t be applied. I tried changing it with custom CSS in my Child theme, but it won’t be applied either! I don’t want to be stuck with preset header sizes.

hey what I mean is if you can contact through profile with admin details I can check it, it is not browser related. If you want code to use child theme css only then I can give a link here.

I wasn’t aware that I need extra css to use a child theme. Why is this so? I contacted you through the contact form.

got your mail, replying.


Sorry to bother you but are there any plans of releasing buddypress any time soon? – The only thing keeping me from buying the theme as I need the social aspect.

Best regards


Hi Gustaf, for now we have no plans for adding buddypress may be in future bbpress support :)

Hi there – a few pre sales questions:

Header layout: I need one with the main logo on the left, a top bar with social icons and secondary menu (above the logo) – the main menu in a bar below the main logo an another graphic roughly the same size as the logo – but on the far right side. So main logo on the left side and second logo on the right (secondary navigation and social icons on top and main navigation below the Logos)

Is this possible? – plus how will this work with responsive views? will the second logo be shown below the main one?

Also do you have the options of adding higher resolution logos for retina devices etc?

Lastly, your boxed version: can it be widened? and how does this affect responsiveness?

Thanks very much

hey mate, to answer your questions -
1. Currently only one logo can be added , you can add other through text widget. Till ipad vertical that is 767 px width , the 2nd logo will show below the first then it will switch to mobile head version.

2. We have support for retina logo

3. Boxed layout width can be increased but cannot be decreased . On smaller resolutions it will behave same as full width layout.

Thanks very much.

Another quick one – I can’t see an example with the bottom menu option, where the search icon is added example: – this does not have the search icon?

I hope this can be added without any problems to that menu?

Let me know, thanks

hey mate, you can add anything you like to any area using our head builder. Adding search icon wont be a problem.

I can’t seem to figure out how to make posts on the blogroll show the entire content instead of an excerpt. All the documentation on the_content/excerpt I can find doesn’t really apply because of how you’ve structured the files in this theme. Please advise.

hey mate it is a blog template, in your blog page select blog full post as template from template selector.

blog posts issue

  • When I turn off the social share it also turns off the blogpost meta data that is next to it and I want to keep it.
  • The related posts along the bottom takes the 4th/last thumbnail and drops it to the next row no matter what layout I am using.
hey have you replace single.php with the code I gave it will switch off social share only , to reduce line height you can reduce it in div.meta-info
div.meta-info { line-height:1.2; }

I didnt get the single.php file, but I will not switch off the social share now that I have it customized (although I think i would look better on its own row maybe, and have the option to add more/other social networks).

hey thanks for input , I will add option to choose social icons in coming update ;)

Social Settings?

FYI …When accessing the admin panel, the “Social Settings” displays a link to twitter dev (which is a broken link).

thanks for notifying will correct that.

Contact Page

How do you get the address information on the contact page? I dont see a widget or any other area to add this info.

I found settings in the admin panel, but not how to add the map. Would love to see a video tutorial posted on the two options like the demo has!

hey mate those are templates, when you have added the data in contact tab. Goto the page where your contact page is and from top right template selector select the contact page template

Portfolio – is it possible to have vertical shots displayed without being cropped?

Currently on the portfolio page I am setting Media>Slideshow and would like to see the full vertical shot in the slideshow. Can you tell me when this option takes effect?

you select a slider and tick adaptive height to yes that will give you what you want to achieve. That option is for single portfolio template. With limitless you get single portfolio templates as well ;)

This is not working for me – I cannot get the vertical images to appear in full. I have previously sent admin login details to you if you can check it out.

Hello – again :D ... page 2 of the portfolio results in 404 page not found. How can I fix this?

hey mate, make sure the portfolio template page slug is not portfolio. Wordpress gives 404 error if a page slug yoursite/portfolio and post type name that is portfolio are same. Change it to something else it will work fine.

Perfect – it works now. Thanks for the help!

Hi, this theme does really look limitless! It is really truly beautiful. Thanks for creating it for us.

I need a redesign of a friend’s personal blogging site and I think yours might be the perfect answer. Is it possible to have blog posts at the exact places where you have the recent projects?

Can you also modify the colour of the header area? Thanks

hey thanks for the kind words. To answer your questions, it is possible to have posts in grid area we support it. You can also change header area background. Though I would recommend you to wait if you can, we have a big update coming soon ;)

Ok, I will wait. How long do you reckon, please? Thanks.

hey we have already started on it , look for it around next week or so.

Great theme! I needed something that would allow for customization but work with my limited skills. This is really exactly what I needed. The ability to work with Enigma and RAD really helps make things come together quickly. The Theme constructor is a very nice touch as well. Also, I’ve been receiving some of the best support around as I try to understand certain aspects of the theme. Remember, I’m a noob and yet the help I’m getting is thorough and prompt. Excellent!!!!!!!


– the “Blog Parent Link for Breadcrumb” is set to blog and it is working fine (the blog landing page slug is blog). The “Portfolio Parent Link for Breadcrumb” is set to portfolios but I get 404 not found when clicking the link. The slug is set to portfolios.

okay I had got the details, replied again.. if you didnt got it lemme know I will send it from another mail.

No – still no reply. Please resend!

replied please check mail and I also changed the link for breadcrumb as well to point it properly to portfolio page

PS that’s a beautiful site you made there :)

HI there, how do I get rid of the grey background when inserting tabs? and also the key line border that surrounds the tabs? All I would like showing are the coloured tabs….

Also when will you be releasing a new update?

kind regards

hey mate sorry for the delay, can you show me the link by default tabs have no color.

hi there, your template Looks awesome!! do you also have a demo page with woocommerce?

hey mate, we are working on a new demo for shop. Woo commerce in limitless is like this

What are the main differences between Limitless and Kinetic. In which instance is it better to go for the one or the other?


Of course Xinity ;), not that Limitless is not good but Xinity has more functions.

Yay! Waiting for Xinity then!

its live :) , btw limitless is also getting a major update with new live editor .. our buyers deserve the best :D

LOVE the theme! BUT …..

I posted through your support system and explained my issues. A couple were answered, but the others were not I had a deadline yesterday of 14:00 and your support person stated that they would help via TeamViewer and then just DISAPPEARED !!!! :(

I had to create a BRAND NEW SITE and use version 1.7.6 because 1.7.8 had too many issues (not saving, not updating, losing tabs, losing data, etc)

Aside from me losing $1,000 because ver 1.7.8 lost data and would not accept my changes, RAD / Limitless is a great product

hey mate first of all sorry about that, my support guy doesnt do that and I wasnt aware of it.. I will personally check your issue and resolve it. Thanks for the patience

Sorry, but I just gotta say this ….

The support that I just recieved and the attention to detail was PHENOMENAL!!!!

These guys really do care and are not just blowing smoke (like many other debs do here on TF)

KUDOS to you guys I wish I could give another 5 stars, just for your support

I have a Question:

how do i change the font size of the menu? The Options i have in Enigma Styler dont change anything :/ Haven’t found an answer here on the website…

And one wish: add a second text Box to the Header custructor. would be awesome and give u more freedom in customizing the Header!

Awesome Theme, keep up the good work!

when you use enigma styler to change size does the changes affect in the site ? I think you are setting for different area. We are working hard on creating a new demo , docs and code. Its like making a new theme from scratch, we are on schedule will try to launch it in 10 days

solved, i tried changing it in the top bar menu styling, but i had to go to main area menu styling. Sorry for bothering u with that, i find it somewhat confusing to know which entry changes what…

Will be the Update to Limitless 2.0 included if I just bought the theme?

With the unlimited widgets in the header constructor i can finaly set the Design how i want it :)

yes since you have already bought the theme, Limitless v2 will be available free as all updates are.

Love the theme and the service; however, there are google fonts in their database that aren’t listed in the enigma styler’s add font support menu. is there a way to add these options or do i need to “update” the array in a php file?


hey to answer your questions –

1. Is the font saving or not applying When you set font weight of google fonts, you will need to check if those are supported else fonts won’t work . This is google fonts new rule. That can be the problem also.

2. In custom css editor, add this #top-bar .menu-bar .menu div.hoverdir-wrap { display:block; }

In the large list of all the Google fonts, Some the fonts are missing. Varela Rounded, for example isn’t listed in the large list of add-able fonts.

yeah new fonts are added regularly, you can use custom font input to add fonts that are not available font list.

Hi Can you see how your pages looks without preview. The previous version was so much better than new version for this reason.

Are you going to make it possible to see how the page looks again?


Hey can you please tell me which pages are you referring to , the default pages / blog and portfolios never changed.