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Hi, This template looks good. I have few questions before I buy it.

1. Do you have a built in booking module? if not what do you recommend? 2. SEO friendly? we are very particular about the load times etc etc etc, is this template heavily modulated? 3. Menu item what are the limitation of main menu items that can be seen on a horizontal line? from what I see is 5 or so, I need about 10 under my logo for my case. Is this easily modified or does it require css editing? 4. I have an old thumbnail scroller to show clients logo and are hyperlinked. Do you have a builtin logo displayer or do I require to get a new one that works with your theme?

Thanks, i think I listed my main concerns.

hey there thanks for your interest, To answer your questions –

1. Sorry, no booking module is available. We never tried any so cannot recommend.
2. Yes it is SEO friendly.
3. By default it supports 5 menu columns in row then it will break.
4. We have a scrollable widget , but it shows only posts or custom post type.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


How to upgrade to 1.7.9 from previous version. Not able to find guide from the download files and documentation. Please help.

my bad forgot to add here it is


Hello, i want to disable the slider in the homepage. Page – Custom page settings – Media. When i set the slider to None and save it, it won’t save.

Where to change this?


no usually it works normally select none and save. Contact through profile with wp admin details I will look into it ;)

Thx message send…

got it mate, we are going through support will get back to you asap

Hello, My company buy this theme and when we migrate it to another server, most of the posts featured images won’t shows up even though it is shown in the admin side. Even the posts slider wont shows up in the front-end… please help

hey there, can you contact from the account you have bought this theme, we would need to verify it once then we will help you out :)

hi i can’t for the life of me change the font sizing in the header or top menu area. whats the easiest way to do so. i want the sizing bigger.

hey mate, goto visual styler -> tyography tab -> font size tab. You can change it here :) . Also make sure Override Theme’s Font Size on top is yes

Hello. I have an address/phone/email/social set in the text area in my header. How can I keep that from disappearing on mobile?

I tried to use the social icon under the text area, but it kept place the social icons to the left of the text. Had to use my own images to make it look right.

Hope you can help! Thanks

Still can’t see the menu in the sticky nav. :/

Menu wrapper right was this as a default setting when I inspect element. That’s why I added the -150px margin to fix in the first place. { padding: 150px 0px 0px 0px; }

hey mate, I see what you mean, can you contact through profile I will set it up for you. When you can social icons, in alignment select new line right that will make it stick to right in bottom.


Thanks for the update, have been using 1.7.9 to build a client’s site… I’m using Page Builder to make the website, was trying to insert the button shortcode in text-widget but it wasn’t there, whereas in RAD (v1.7.7) it is there… Currently used the code to create a button, but would like to know if there any other way to insert a button(shortcode) in Page Builder or is it missing?


hey mate wordpress 3.9 is in beta not official yet , shortcode button and few things wont work in that since they have changed editor to new version. I have an update for that but can’t release it until wordpress 3.9 is official, can you switch to 3.8.1 and check

Hi, Sorry correction it’s 3.8.1. I’m using 3.8.1 not the beta version.

on line 38 remove the icon from class for the shortcodes, I am checking on 3.8.1 here it is working, it could be a conflict can you contact through profile with wp admin details, I will quickly take a look.

I don’t even know where to start; things seem so buggy!

I thought this theme would be easy to use, but so far every time I try to build a page: only problems.

1) Filtering is buggy, doesn’t work most of the time. I wrote to you guys about this and you said I had set a “container” [sic] incorrectly to align=center. Guys, the filtering DOES NOT WORK! I have created several dummy posts with a category, and they don’t show.

2) I tried setting up one of your page blog templates: the titles don’t show up!

I regret paying for this theme at the moment. Hopefully I can get over it, but this is like walking through a swamp: hardly any progress… If this was meant to be user-friendly, then that claim should be retracted, at least! Look at how many people come to the comments section to get help on basic stuff…

Is there any way I can give back my license and get my money back???

hey Daniel, sorry to hear that this is not working for you. I think you have it confused, I had replied your mail for builder not for blog template neither I get any mail . I think you are setting the blog template in settings -> readings -> post page , it will override blog templates and nothing will show. Try to create a page and set a blog template and check.

If you still feel it is not worth please contact envato support, they handle all the refunds.

That is true. I am aware of that.

But the WP Core Post List widget still does not filter!

And I did in fact choose the Blog Grid template while creating a page, and did not set anything in settings as you suggest. And it is only the titles that don’t show up, whereas the dates and and content does (actually, in Blog Timeline template, it does actually say there are no posts!).

There may be some bigger bug or plugin conflict, but I simply cannot troubleshoot for your theme any more…

ok no problem, in near future if you give it a shot we will be glad to help you out even if refund have occurred.

Hi there,

This theme can do everything I want to do but there is 1 thing i cant configure for this awsome theme.

I would like to set the mobile width by myself. If i could set the mobile width to 900 pixels it would be perfect.

Best regards I will hear from you guys soon!

Hi, I was not looking for this setting.

You know visual composer? I can set there the mobile screen width. The width when they put the content/stack under each other. I would like to set that to 900 pixels.

If you dont understand what I’m saying I can send you an E-mail and show you some examples of what I mean.

I’m really thankfull for your quick reply. I hope we can come up with a solution. You guys build very nice themes and I’m happy i bought this theme.

Best regards


oh okay got it mate, for that you will need to do little css editing, goto sprites -> stylesheets ->responsive.css , at line 264 please change , this
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) 
@media only screen and (max-width: 900px) 

This will trigger mobile settings at 900px . sorry for the confusion :)

Hi there!

Thank you very much for helping me out! I applied the code you send me. It works now perfectly! This is the best theme i have ever used.

The support you guys give me is very quickly and accurate.

Agian big thanks! Thumbs up +1!



Hi! I would like to know if the logo is adjustable…my client would like to have a bigger logo both height and width will be bigger. I wanted to know if the header will adjust accordingly both on the desktop and responsive view. Please let me know.. Usually I ran to this problem on other themes. So please let me know if your theme is flexible.

hey you can use logo of any size, head areas will adjust to it and we have head builder so you can manually toggle margins to align elements, though one thing I have noticed on a client site when he used a big logo there was a white gap due to gradient stretching, we are rolling out an update by Saturday to fix that. Letting you know the thing I spotted other than that all is good :)

Hello, I just bought your theme. how can I get the xml of the basic site? Thank you.

hey there , we have a 1 click installer. To access that please goto theme admin panel , once the page opens on top bar you can see the installer menu. From that you can access the installer , it will setup your site :)

How do I activate the gallery like this? horizontal? I can not find the custom portfolio setting -> select the media and among the featured media type does not exist!

hey mate you will need to goto single portfolio and select template from top right corner to horizontal images. We have loaded an update to fix a bug where that selector was resetting sometimes, it should be out anytime.

Hello, Quick question about the Limitless styler and upcoming changes. Will you be adding the visual styler to the new updates? I hope so.

The visual styler shown in your videos for your new themes looks much easier to use than the Enigma styler. I would love to see the visual styler replace the enigma styler for Limitless. Then it’d be practically the perfect theme!

Thanks, Heather

hey Heather, yes we have planned a front end visual styler similar to ones in you see in newer themes and something special, but we will proceed in 2 , first we are releasing a new live editor then we will release the visual editor so we can make sure our buyers dont get overwhelmed

Excellent! Thanks! Looking forward to seeing it.

Hi there, i just read the news about the 2.0 Updates. Now i was wondering if it will be possible to import all the content & design from the old version to the planned update.

When will you release the new version?

hey mate, update will come by end of next week. If you are on version 1.6 and above.. all settings will be imported automatically :)


Hello. Quick question: is there a quick fix to prevent the menu from adding a line break when there’s more than one word?

My client wants: “Design Services”

Menu does this: “Design Services”

I had to add a dash in between the words to make to not add the break.


can you please show me the page, we didnt add any words breaking but some google fonts are doing that.

Happy Friday!

I just updated to 1.8 and did it manually via FTP so I wouldn’t lose my progress.

I also own a full license of the Revolution Slider and updated that.

However, now the slider will not show and I get a message “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias home not found.”

It appears that the URLs for the images are not loading.

Any ideas??

hey mate, actually we are making a fresh demo with version 2.0 and deleting all old images so that’s why it is going to 404 :)

That makes sense….no worries. Do you have an ETA for 2.0?

we plan to release it by end of next week.

Hi Guys, can I add different captions to the lightbox/slider images?

hey for the lightbox it will take the default title you set in media lightbox , captions not possible :)

hi there your theme Looks FANTASTIC!! one question, do you also have a Fullscreen slider for startpage with swipe Support? best regards!

hey mate thanks for the kind words, for now we don’t have any support … I will try add an update in 2.0 update :)

hi there thanks for your answer, I mean if the slider on the startpage is ready for swipe gestures on the mobile phone or tablet? best regards

hey yes all our sliders and galleries are touch optimized :)

I posted comment on your support thread. Please respond

responded , it was weekend so we were slow ;)

I totally understand.

Thank you :-)

I Have bought this theme , how i find the “CodeCanyon Slider Revolution license key”???

hey mate, no need to worry about that.. that is applicable for buyers who bought rev slider .. when it is bundled with theme it is already activated :)

So ill Just Ignore The Message?? and the WPML comes bundled with the theme?? if so how can i activate it?

yes please ingore the message, we provide support for WPML plugin just woo commerce, the license of WPML forbids us to bundle it with the theme. You will need to buy it separately.