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Hi! I’m about to purchase your amazing theme but I was wondering when you are planning on releasing version 2.0? Because I rather want to wait for this big update before I get started.

hey mate thanks for the kind words, we are going to release it by the end of the week :) ..

Hi there, great theme. However, I’m getting the following error message on my home page:
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ingenioc/public_html/pa/wp-content/themes/limitless/backend/shortcodes.php on line 36
I reviewed the above file, and line 36 states:
    foreach($data as $d)
You can see the error here:

Can you assist me?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, I’m using 1.8

hey mate, I am not seeing it now.. I think it was from twitter .. due to heavy traffic it might have generated that error.

Err, the error message is definitely there. You may see it right below the logo, in black font. I can see it regardless of the browser or OS I use. Would you mind checking it out again? It is definitely there.

On a separate issue, I upgraded to your latest theme (1.8) from version 1.4. When I did that, there were couple of CSS styling issues that stopped working. Specifically, after I updated:

1. The social media icons I utilized on the upper, right corner of every page (header), reverted back to the default icons you were using on your template, and

2. When you visit any page (i.e.,, the page title includes a background icon graphic (a smiley light bulb), that repeats itself despite the fact that when editing the page under “Custom page Settings” > “Title Area Settings” > “Background Repeat for Title Area Image”, I specifically select “No-repeat” from the drop-down menu.

To avoid these styling problems, I reverted back to theme version 1.4. Are there any security issues to retain an older version of your theme?

Can you shed any light into these 3 issues? Thanks in advance!

hey mate can you please reply to the ticket only, as it becomes difficult for us to manage and support staff cannot view or comment on themeforest. I will manage all our queries there . Also to answer your questions , If you are using the 1.4 update , it had header constructor per page option . And I think it is still set , goto template / header-template.php , remove this code
if( ! is_home() &&! is_404() && ! is_archive()  && get_post_meta(get_the_ID(),'ioaheader_data',true)!=""   ) 
  $data = get_post_meta($post->ID,'ioaheader_data',true);
You can use 1.4 update there are no security issues, though these settings works fine in latest update. I just checked them.

I have noticed that some elements in your demo are not showing the relevant text in Safari – if you scroll to the bottom of your demo you will see the text is not rendering in the footer. I came across this from working on a client’s site (they purchased this theme).

Can you advise of a fix or when an update tot eh theme files will be available.

hey mate, I checked your site and our demo on 3 windows installation and on mac in safari browser and same version as you mentioned , they look fine. Did you checked on any other place.

Thanks, I checked in other places (desktop/laptop/mac etc) and it seems to have now resolved itself – local browser issue maybe.

Also I noticed a problem with Chrome and the text-rendering: optimizelegibility; bug. I have had to set it to auto so as not to break the menu.

body * { -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased !important; text-rendering: auto; }

Thanks again

After installing the new version of all my pages are blank! How to recover my site, and an earlier version?

when was your last update and did you used auto updater on localhost ?

Got an email notification that a “limitless” update was available….I was hoping it was 2.0

Downloaded the package, but the change log/version file still says 1.8

Was that update notification an error??

hey it is the same update as before, theme was disabled due to some confusion temporarily and we had to load it up again , I think it sent the notification. Update is ready , we are working on new docs and demo and will load it as soon as we are done.

No worries.

@tad29, the same thing happened to me! I just updated my theme and all the pages went blank! Here’s the error I got: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function oldpreparePage() in /home7/planeub9/public_html/wp-content/themes/limitless/backend/helper.php on line 2097 Can you fix it with the 2.0 update?

hey mate our last update got corrupted, we have loaded the update again as soon as we found out about it . It will restore everything again , if dont wish to wait contact through profile , I will send it to you.

Thank you so much for the fast response. I’m very satisfied with your theme; it was worth every penny spent. Go ahead and send the update to me however you want.

can you contact through here , from the bottom right contact form.. I will send it to you and we have loaded an update to fix this also

Im planning on purchasing your cool theme but im just waiting on version 2.0 before I make the purchase.

Could you let me know when it will be released as I was hoping it was today?

hey mate thanks for your interest , we have planned to load it tomorrow or atmost my sunday, but we had a mishap our theme got disabled on some confusion and when we loaded the update it got corrupted.. we are clearing that up then loading it :)

Thanks for the ninja quick reply : )

Looking forward to the theme.

If you need any help destroying those pesky gremlins who corrupted your theme, my invisible ninja sword is at your disposal.


Any update on when 2.0 will drop?

I was waiting for it all weekend.

Hello, you theme is great. I want to translate this great theme to Bulgarian language and give you translation files, so when your client buy the theme will have Bulgarian built in. But i don’t have resources to buy the theme to translate it. If you want i will translate the theme and give you back translated files.

hey mate thanks for your help and interest , but for now we dont require Bulgarian translation.

Hello, can someone please help in solving a problem of mine in the page editor:

When editing a Column in the Background settings tab what do i put in the Background Opacity line to change the opacity setting?

So far i have tried a numerical input like 50 or an input like 50%, both make the background invisible, so currently i have a choice of either 100% or 0%.

try values between 0 to 1 , like for 50% , 0.5 :)

Sent a post on support thread(just FYI)

Looking forward to 2.0 also :)

Hi any update when 2.0 will drop?

hey mate we are ready , got delayed a day as we had rewritten docs again and remade demo .. loading in couple of hours

When will 2.0 be released. If I buy today, will I be able to upgrade to 2.0 for no additional charge? THANKS.

hey mate we are ready , got delayed a day as we had rewritten docs again .. loading in couple of hours :)

Heyyyy awesome #Artillegence, was curious any video or way to show how your new ‘1. New Pure Live Editor added, extremely fast and easy. One of its kind using Phantom Engine, you can edit anytime you want no need to goto rad mode New Stable , faster and lighter page builder added’ Works…? Thnks!

hey mate you can check the documentation, I have added videos for both live and page builder. Will add a series of video from basic to advance in coming days :)

In the new demo, there’s two menus. Seems the static/floating menu is ever present on top of the initial menu. Is that just in the demo or something that needs to be corrected in the new package? – Before I apply update – should I wait?


nice catch, we had updated that forgot to clear our cache :) , can you give me a link on which page icons dont show.. we removed old icons from theme and switch to fontello . Thought those icons are still available when you run limitless compatible plugin. Thanks again

– The default home page shows duplicate menu - The Tabs Page SPECIFICALLY tab icons – there is no icons It seems there are less icons overall – I can’t be sure where they are really missing other than this case I know they were supposed to show Hope it helps. Thanx

hey actually we removed them, added less icons in this demo :)

Hey there!

I sent a support request using your email form on April 4, (4 days ago). I got a couple of follow up questions the same day, which was great; however, after I replied and sent screen shots with the problems, as requested, I have not heard back from any of you. Could you please take a look and get back to me? Thanks!

Also, I would like to know if when I do a clean install of version 2.1.1, downloaded today, and then “upload” the saved Style Version of my site, developed in version 1.4, will it be read and displayed the same as in version 1.4.? Do you know? Thanks again.

hey mate, sorry I will look into the ticket itself.. we could have missed it apologies for that. Yes the style will remain intact when you upgrade.


I have a problem with the version 2. I can’t put any shortcode in this version like “fancy gallery”.

How can i put shortcodes in this version?

In the old version i made the shortcode in a text module but now it’s impossible.

can you show me the live link, I double checked text module is same as 1.8 with sidebar support.

After the update has stopped working pages which were built on Builder RAD

hey content is still there, we are looking into it on why the content is hidden on some sites, you can contact through profile with wp admin details I will restore your content

the content in there because I did a rollback data. How to give you access to help you better understand obnoviti your system ?

content was there without rollback also , thing is some sites have double encoded string it hides the pages by default but when you update an page it shows the content again , we are checking this and loading an udpate asap to address this

Hello dear Limitless-Team,

I’ve experienced serious issues with the new update (2.1.1). I’ve installed it twice now, but all the issues are still there. It was so bad that I had to downgrade to version 1.8.0 again. I made some screenshots for your convenience.

1. There now is an annoying space between the menu and the main title area on every single page. It looks like this:

2. On the same screenshot you can see that there is no content on pages which I’ve built with the old RAD builder. However, when I switch on the new editor I can clearly see that my content is still there somewhere. But I have to click on the preview button of every single column (!) to make it visible again, which is quite a hassle actually (look here:

3. There is no right sidebar on my blog posts anymore. Even though I’ve set this as a default setting in the Admin Panel (see:

4. The content of some of my blog posts is not fully visible. There are huge bits missing (look here: In the back end I can see everything all right, but the front end looks like this. :(

5. Where are the shortcodes when using the text widget in the new editor? All the content where I’ve used shortcodes before now looks unformatted (like here:

There are other issues: Like the dominant color for instance which is not showing in my blog timeline (even though it’s still defined in the back end). All this has forced me to downgrade to the previous version. I hope you can solve those issues. Thanks a lot!

(Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.)

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I have upgraded from version 1.8.0. In the changelog it said only users who upgraded from version 1.5 or lower should do this.

then content is still there dont worry, contact through profile with wp admin details I will take a look .. if you were using 1.8 then settings wont change since we didnt updated that code only builder was upgraded

Message sent. Thank you!

I agree with the author Kunaria