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Hi, when I upgraded to 2.1 my home page went away. I can still go to my website’s home page, but all of the content is gone. (footer, nav bar, etc is still there, but not the content that should be on my home page.) please tell me what I have to do to fix this problem. When I go into pages>HOME it shows all of the content there for my home page to edit, but when I visit my site it’s gone. Thank you, David

hey David, content is still intact.. we just noticed on some sites pages needs update one more time .. we still looking why on some sites are behaving like that and applying measures so upgrades can be seamless .. in mean time you can contact through profile with admin details.. I will quickly take a look and restore your content


Since 1.8 version i loose my text options, like color and shortcode module like nextgen gallery. How can i reactivate in my backend when un write a text?

And i can’t access to my intense shortcode because i can’t acces to all tools

hey contact through profile with wp admin details and show me the link also, I will check it up.. I checked shortcode builder it works in wp editor and text widget

Hi there

It seems that my site is also one that the main pages (I guess, the ones that required Rad Builder) have disappeared. Is there anything I can do to restore tomorrow?


you can update the pages one more time and they will be restored.. we are going to load an update to address this. Some sites are behaving like this where updating of pages are needed once

Hey, just installed on a fresh WP 3.8.2 setup. Installed the sample data, made a new page, made a gallery and then i get this: Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg

can you show me the full error or a link to that page, it looks like gd library error

Would be cool to add Buddypress and BBpress support :)

hey mate yeah we will be adding it very soon.. just released 2.0 update and backwards compatibility for our buyers.. I will monitor for a few days then I will add bbpress.

Awesome! you guys are the best. :)

Hello, Love the new Live Editor :)

I just gotta say though, I submitted my results about my current issue on your support thread several hours ago and have seen no response.

I totally understand that you guys are swamped with other customers, but I see that you have responded to other comments in the last 2 hours.

PLEASE respond to my support request!


I replied please check

Sorry :( I just saw that after I posted

Hi, after upgrade I have lost a lot of layout pages and backgrounds, images, etc. I have did it again. But I don’t see, in the widgets, the Boxes option. ¿?


I have applied version 2.1.1 and I had before version 1.6

and with the new Page Builder I don’t see the way to put a slider!

You can insert the slider using shortcode, widgets are same as before. For the content before of older version you will need to run limitless compatibility plugin supplied with the theme or if you are unsure on how to proceed contact us with wp admin details we will install the plugin and run it .

before updating, I decided to explore the new version. Here I will add thoughts on working version of 2xx.

1 – not preserves the aspect ratio of pictures

You don’t understand. When using builder content does not work. On the website shows only what is made in builder. Else disappears, and the visitor does not see it. Previously worked simultaneously written by the hands and what was added advanced mode RAD

when you had added with rad editor, content switched its source to builder like I said before, as soon as there is data added in live editor or page updated in when builder is open it will show that only, contact through profile I will show you an example that will clear your confusion.

Great looking theme, however viewing the live preview on an iPhone is nearly impossible! Multiple crashes, long load time, can’t scroll or zoom in well, overall responsiveness is very fickle. I checked multiple other websites with no problems and I’m connected to wifi. Just wanted to bring this to your attention and see if there’s an update coming that will fix this before my purchase, as most of my clients are mobile based.

Thank You

hey mate, I just browser the whole site on my iphone 5 and samsung s3 , on a 3g connection it loaded in 4 seconds and I saw no crashing on safari or chrome.. can you please tell me your version .. appreciate your feedback :)

Hi, what is the best way to update the theme. Should I FTP the theme files and overwrite or is there another way to do it as alot of people seem to be having problems after updating.


hey can you tell me which version are you using just now, if you upgrading from 1.8 there wont be any problem we fixed that in latest update for lesser versions you will need install limitless compatibility plugin supplied with the theme.

hey mate, goto to an edit page, scroll down to the bottom ot custom page settings. Set title area to no and it will be hidden :)

Hey fella, thanks so much – completely messed up though – see my direct email to support

I cant use the dashboard in the admin section, is totally unresponsive and broken. Safari 7.0.3

can you show me a snap

Hi, probably really basic but how do I create a Null menu drop down, so the top level is inactive.

e.g. Top level = ‘commercial’ | Next level would be ‘corporate’. Cant seems to find where to add # to the top level menu….. I want ‘corporate’ as the selectable choice ;)

Thanks in advance for anyones help :)

hey mate, you will need to to create menu from links box, there enter your menu name and add # ,if it is not visible goto screen options on top right and tick the links

Hey thanks for the reply :)

This is so sad. From the best theme ever to…

Hey, really love this theme except the hover effect on the menu items and dropdowns. Is it possible to change this to just make it flat or fade instead of going in all directions. If that works i will buy the theme :)

hey mate thanks for the kind words, with little customization those things can be disabled.. once you have bought it you can contact us we will send you the modified file and since buyers want this I am also adding this feature in next update :)

Hello, have in version 2 option to have a widgets in header constructor?

sorry cannot add wp widgets to head area builder :)

Hello, since the update i lost everything. From footer to Google analytics, code and some page are gone. Your logo is displayed instead of my logo. I’m so disapointed. I can’t even restore anything, because wordpress and your plugin updates everytime i restore my data. So what should i do….

hey I had replied your mail can you reply that.. the settings are not resetting in any case and auto updates dont update unless you hit update.. in any case your content is still there dont update any page.. no buyer has the lost the data, we help all the ones whose content got hidden .. I am loading another update that will show both wp editor and rad content in both full and sidebar layout regarding of which editor is choose so no content is hidden anymore.

Is the SEO worse in the new update? Please answer fast because I lost my #1 position after the update!!!!!

nothing was changed in SEO only updates were given to editor and seo depends largely on content and seo plugin.

Ok. Wich seo plugin is working god with Limitless?

hey try the yoast plugin

It would REALLY REALLY be great if you could add the ability to link the icons/buttons and titles for the “Text Setting”.

For example like you have on the front page of the demo “Extended Options”, “Header Constructor”, “Live Front-ed Editor”, “RAD Builder”.

Also, adding a “more…” option with linking ability would be great too.

hey thanks for the feedback, I will add ability to link to a more button in next update.. :)

EXCELLENT!! How about linking for the titles and icon/buttons? The more “action” options the better!

for now a more button then in future we will see about making titles linkable.

Is it possible to make tags in pages to make the search function more effective? If no, are there a plugin for this?

// Thanks!

hey there, tags are supported in posts only by wordpress , you can try plugins from wordpress plugin repository.. I think in coming wp updates they are going to improve search functionality as well..