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Love all the things I can do with this theme! :delicious: Love the fast support! :bigsmile:

I just saw that WordPress has updated to 3.9, will that affect the theme I just updated to 2.1.3 yesterday? :impatient: Is there going to be another update to the theme within the next few hours or days (due to WP updating)?? Thanks, WebBizzy

hey thanks for the nice words, limitless is ready 3.9 compatible .. enjoy ;)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :D That’s the best news I’ve had in 2 weeks (with all the updates). I’m finally learning how to use this fabulous theme and will, NOW, NOT fear the update!:smitten:

hey builder structure is final now , no more data tampering .. only new features :)

Hi Artillegence, I am trying to to use the ‘parallax feature’ in limitless, but my images are not showing correctly and only showing part of the image (image size 1600px X 400px).

Please could you tell me what the optimum image size in px would be? e.g. 1000px X 400px

kind regards Bigjimmy

hey mate, you will need to increase the height of image more, width is usually not the issue but for a sufficient parallex effect 600+ px height is needed

Hi, for some reason I can’t upload the theme on my wordpress. This is the error I get: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. Please help!

Is there any way you can send version 2.0 to me by email ( and I will reply with the theme attached as proof of purchase?

hey can you please ask contact through profile with site link and if possible ask your friend for purchase code for verification, sorry for troubles but we need to verify the purchase :) .. we will send you updated files right away

Ok, never mind, I contacted him and asked him for the “api key” in the settings and he helped me set it up, so I got it all figured out now. I have v2.1.2 now, and I’m very satisfied. Thanks so much for your help.

The company which a I work for has bought this theme (limitless) and I am working with it. Although I have a problem cause the theme does not see responsive in my mobile and the google fonts do not show in the mobile (the text change into symbols instead) as well. Could you please tell me how to make it responsive? It is quite important for me to solve this issue asap

can you please show me a snap and which mobile device are you viewing

Thanks so much for your quick response. The mobile is Samsung Galaxy II although I tried in others Samsung mobiles and they show the google fonts correct. But in anothers no. Please find link to the snap

hey from the snaps I can see images and icon fonts are also not loading, it looks like either the isp from which you are viewing is unable to download images or font files that’s why weird characters are showing , I will try to get my hands on s2 here and check how it looks .. but this is not related to theme more of a device/net issue.

Hi! Great template!

I am wondering about creating specific lists of testimonials so that certain testimonials only show on certain pages.

How can I set up, say, testimonials 1,2,3,4,5 be displayed on a rotation on one page, and then 6,7,8,9 on a different page?


we can do that with little customization, you can please contact through profile with the message, I will send you a modified zip for this :)


Would you be able to add the below icons to your icon support?

Any news on the icons being included? Also my content contains a lot of white space at the top and bottom where a div with a classs of page-content skeleton auto_align clearfix. I am unable to find out where this content is being added so I can remove it.

hey have you contact us through mail ? we wont be officially adding it.. it was just for you. Also please do not remove those classes , add this in custom css in admin panel p { padding:0; }
This should do the trick


I thought it was content that was added with out knowing about it. I have now added custom css to remove the extra padding. > {
margin: 0;

Hi, it’s possible to have a “Full width parallex featured image” for media in the portfolio settings working on a mobile/ipad device? I can see only a fix image with the selected hight. And how to set the Portfolio Maerya page working on mobile? Thanks you, Marco

hey mate, actually background fixed is not supported in many mobiles devices and if we dont set a fix mage nothing will show . On mobile device maerya breaks down set of images as there is no room for stacked images to show.

hi, I have a question ….my post are like this

<!—( \\ my facebook page )—>

most are simply links to images, with the current theme I see pictures, I don’t need to click on the individual post to see them

Now , I create a page to load a post, but I have not found a template that allows me to show the picture…I see only the title …but I need to see also the picture or preview of this….can you help me? Thanks and compliments for your work.

hey mate you will need to set featured image for images to show in blog template, without that titles will show only :)

Hi, just checking the pagespeed link for theme.. would you consider minifying the javascript and CSS in next update? – especially relevant to mobile pagespeed. Also adding browser cache to mobile CSS? Doing those simple thing can make it near perfect!

hi mate, we had disabled caching because of some issues that has caused a decrease in page speed along with image optimization and rev slider css code in head. Apart from that it easily gives over 85 score, we are working on cache issue and it will back to full speed in no time :)

you mean the minify javascript and minify CSS is causing page your theme to slow down?

yes it makes a different of 18 – 22 points , I will set it up as soon as I can and you can see it in action :)

Hey, i want to change this: april 25 th, 2014 in 25 april 2014, but whatever i chanfe, it wont change. I need the EU format. I changed it in every page, message, theme admin, shortcode but no success. Wich file i need to edit to schnge the dat format. Thx

hey for shortcode, use this shortcode format [post_date format=’default’/] , this will take default wordpress date, other than that can mention specific places where you need it changed.

Hey thx, that worked expect on the single post, again i checked everything but not changing on single post.

hey for single post ,goto theme admin -> blog tab, in that goto single post tab you will need to change post date shortcode there also.


I have many portoflio posts, translated into English and Spanish both (with WPML). Besides, I have two page ( RSC for Spanish and CRS for English) that go with posts-grid widget in order to display all the portofolio posts. The problem is that display just english portfolio posts even if it is in English or Spanish.

I have checked several times. I have the portfolio in both languages and I have the page that goes with in post-grid in Spanish and English.

I presume problem relays on that in the post-grid plugin i have to choose between portfolio or posts and I selected portfolio and It´s taking just portfolio in English for both languages.

Could you please give me a solution asap.

The English page url is:

The Spanish page url is:

Thanks in advance :-)

hey Vanesa, can you please contact through profile with wp admin details , I would need to check some settings.

Finally I solved the problem. I just created two categories on portfolio: category es for spanish posts and category en for the english ones. Then in the post grid widget I filtered category en on english page and category es for the spanish page.

cool nice to hear that, still if you need help with wpml let me know

Pre-buy question.

I’ve been going through the comments about sliders but I can’t find the answer that I’m looking for. Would I be able to insert a slider that links to posts? Say if I wanted to set up a news website and link automatically from the slider to the blog post?


Nevermind. Answered my own question.

Great theme. 1 problem. When I edit a page i cannot save the changes. It times out.

can you please contact through with wp admin details, I will quickly have a look at it :)

I get the below at the bottom of an accordion. Why is this being added and using the default colour scheme

hey mate sorry I am not able to understand it I think you missed a word there, what are you getting at the bottom of accordion ?

<p class="ui-accordion-header ui-helper-reset ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-accordion-icons" role="tab" id="ui-accordion-1-header-9" aria-controls="ui-accordion-1-panel-9" aria-selected="false" aria-expanded="false" tabindex="-1"><span class="ui-accordion-header-icon ui-icon ui-icon-triangle-1-e" /></p>

Looks like it has added the HTML to the message this time

hey I have your mail, can you reply there.. guess comments are formatting things ..

My information as author doesn´t apear over Blog Post…

[post_author_posts_link] tag doesn´t working

By [post_author_posts_link] On [post_date] · [post_comments] · In [post_categories]

i tried to put the “author” tag in portuguese, but doesn´t work too

Now the expression inside your single in both meta bar is By [post_author_posts_link/] On [post_date] · [post_comments] · In [post_categories]

hey mate sorry for the delay, the site is in under construction mode so I wasnt able to look into it. Can you please contact through our profile with wp admin details I will take a look at it.


Where can i download the update?

hey download the zip again from themeforest it contains latest files.

Hoy how you doin? I have a issue in my site that in mobile devices looks like this…

what’s happening???? o.O My clients access the website by mobiles, then I need to fix it fast please!!! o.O

I have another problem in front page. The facebook button appears on it, but didnt in earlier versions, just on these last ones. Help me please!!!

Best regards, Mauro Corrêa Photographer

hey can please tell me which devices, I checked on iphone it is fine.. the custom fonts are not able to work on that device, you need to switch to websafe fonts.

For other thing, goto edit page of home page , delete the content in wp editor , the fb buttons are coming from page editor.

Hello Loving this so far but I can’t find a couple things. How do you change the color globally for the icons, tabs and buttons?

I have looked all through the Enigma Editor and don’t see the RAD The the tabs, buttons and icons have to be changed on each page?

hey there , in enigma there is a global color picker. When you change color in that and it affects all colored items.

Hey guys,

I can’t seem to figure out how to change the month/date, hover color and “additional projects on this page:

only effects the list view. let me know here i can change these. or if i can remove the list view option entirely.

thanks, Dylan

Hi Dylan, thanks for pointing that out , can you contact through mail, I will send you a modified script to fix that.