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Hi, i have a issue with the font in mobile navigation and you said that I need a web safe font. I’m using the deafult font of your theme, by google fonts (Open Sans). In every android mobiles the site shows this problem, and the screen don’t rows. Seems to be static, dont row down.

About the like button on the page, your like button don’t works fine. It works like a “share” button, is not friendly and dont invite others to share the post. Thats why i´m tryin to use the oficial button.

Please, i’m needing help on these things, my site was working fine, but the update crashes everything :depressed:

B. regards, Mauro Corrêa

hey , what I was telling is can you switch to a arial font and check. I viewed the site in iphone 5 and s3 which is an android device and it is fine.

Regarding the like , it is meant for share purpose only it never had those features. Please set arial check if it persists else contact us through profile we will set it up for you.

Hi! I would like to change the order of the social icons in the header. Is that possible? I want linkedin first, then twitter and last facebook. Thanks!

hey please goto backend / home_page_panel.php , replace it’s content with this one, goto head builder edit one of the social link and save again, it will rearrange to the format you mentioned

Hi! Sorry, I did what you tell me but i still see first twitter, then facebook and last linkedin! Can you help me?

can you please contact through profile, I will send you a modified file that will do the trick

Great theme Artillegence!

Small learning curve but for the most part I’m really liking this theme!

Question: Any reason why my sidebar widget will not display? I have attached a screenshot and can provide login info if needed.

Should have pointed out that I do have that widget populated with a custom menu…

hey mate, can you please contact us through profile with wp admin details, we will take a look. Usually this is straight forward.

Hello, I do not have available your slide manager widget and can’t seem to find the featured image option to include a slider in the page. My screen only shows the regular featured image option… what I am missing? Do I need to install those separately? Thanks!

hey there, slider manager is available in theme admin menu , for featured media options please scroll down to the page there you will see custom page settings tab. Goto Media tab , From there you can set slider or gallery.

Is it possible to remove the top blog filter area on my blog page please? I only want to display my “news” category in this page.

This is the temporary blog link
please goto templates / blog-templates , open full-width.php at line 47 please remove this
<div class="clearfix">
                <?php if(have_posts())  get_template_part('templates/blog-filter') ?>


hi Artillegence,

Thanks for this great theme and for updates. I just seen that after theme update page contents is missing there. I have already installed child theme and make update this by replacing newer version there. I have also installed compatible plugin , but no luck So for now, I have backed up site to old version ( version 1.8 ). Please have a look. Thanks

Regards Subhash for Qikmo

Sorry, my mistake.I have seen theme is already updated there. Many many thanks you, Artillegence . Again thanks for great support your provided always. All Best wishes. Regards Subhash for Qikmo

Just provided 5- star rating to Limiltless. Thanks for a great code.

thanks mate , bbpress and more features coming soon :D

Where can read the history of updates? =)

hey in the zip you have downloaded from themeforest , inside that there is a changelog.txt file which contains the history :)

Hi Artillegence!

I’m building my website with Limitless i made the following menu:

- Layout : boxed - Menu style: dropdown

When i make submenu’s its 1 column. Is there a way to make it 2 columns? When i use megamenu i got like 5 columns way too much.

Thanks already!

hey we can’t use sub menu for 2 columns, I can convert mega menu to 2 columns if you want. You will need to contact us from profile, I will send you the theme zip that has this feature.

The portfolio items do not have an option to be edited with page builder. Any way to make this possible?

hey , sorry no support for single portfolio as then we need to make sure it looks fine in all single portfolio templates .

hey guys,

I am having a lot of issues since 2.1.4.

1. My bottom header section is showing when it shouldn’t be. 2. title bar doing same thing 3. there is a mysterious white space under my slider. 4. it altered my header image on the about page and deleted half my page layout. 5. the update added a stroke back into my social media icons in the header.

I seem to have issues with every update altering my layout. to the point i have backed up both my wordpress css style sheet and the ftp layout.css stylesheet. Each updates alterations get worse and worse. Any ideas what would cause that?

hey mate, can you contact through profie with admin details as I need to see it, apart from bug fixes and woo commerce upgrade no content or css changes have been since 2.1.1 . What was your last version ?

Hi, is it possible to have a full width below sidebar please?

hey sorry I wasnt able to understand but sidebar has 1 column only, do you want sidebar to be full width ?

yes !

ok I think it is better I will add the css code, can you contact through mail. I will set it up for you and if wp admin details changed pass that also.

Hi. Just installed this theme and getting to grips with the functionality. Can you please advise how I remove the page title from my home page? I see it is mentioned in the video for one of your other themes, but the RAD builder appears to be slightly different. Thanks

I’ve now decided that I want to remove the title bar on my home page completely, not just the words. Just like on your demo site > Home – Parallex. Can’t figure out how to do this still

hey I just loaded an update regarding this , should be out soon. I accidently disabled this feature in recent update.

Great, will keep an eye out for the update.

Hey guys is there a to mass Override Theme’s Title Stylings? Instead of going in and changing each page/post/portfolio title setting?

hey we will add this in coming update :)

Hi, I am trying to get my blog posts to be listed by recent date order… but unfortunately seems to be listing my oldest blog first. Even tried changing one to a ‘sticky post’ but that didn’t work either!!

How do I get them to be listed by recent date?

regards Bigjimmy

hey goto edit page for the blog, scroll down to the bottom. In custom post settings, click on blog tab. In that you will see a query filter option. There you can change the order of blog posts.

Hi! Great theme but I’m having trouble with the Rev Slider showing up on my homepage :( I followed the instructions and went to the page and media area and clicked the dropdown for the “Select Revolution Layered Slider for Featured Media” and updated the page a bunch of times but still no slider. And yes, I’ve activated and set up test images for the Rev slider so it should be working.

I used to have this same Rev slider as a plugin before I purchased this template. I have since uninstalled the plugin as I was wondering if there may be a conflict between the plugin and the one that comes with this theme. I really don’t know why it’s not working even still though. Can you help?
hey there, sorry I missed your comment earlier. Glad you worked it out , for the button shortcode in wp editor you will see a bolt button , it opens our shortcode editor. But you can use this shortcode directly in text widget
[button size="small" color="" background="" radius="0px" type="flat" link="http://" newwindow="false"]Button Label[/button]

Thank you for the coding, but I’m not finding the bolt button. I’d love to know where this is for future use as well as for customizing the button. Can you send me a screen shot on how to find it?

ah! I was looking at the wrong editors (appearance editor and plugin editor)! :) never mind and thank you again, I found this on the edit page using standard editing.

It’s me again ! Can you telle me where to find the “_notfound_title” and “_notfound_text” please ? I would like to tranlate it and maybe to change the “_notfound_logo”.


hey mate, those are present in 404.php but those are used to set 404 title and text

I’ve found the place where “_notfound_text” is displayed but is ot possible to change the chains “Page not found, try searching below ” and “Oeps, you’ve done something wrong here”.I don’t know where to search. I tried with wpml but I didn’t find it. Cheers

hey you can change that in theme admin -> advance tab, click on 404 tab in that. From there you can change them.

Hi! I would like the accordion to be all closed, is that possible?

hey please goto sprites -> js folder ,open custom.js . At line 810 , change the code from 810 to 817 with this one , all sections will be closed :)

Hi! I change the code but I still have in the accordion I used, the first one opened! What can I do?

after collapsible: true , can you please add this ,active: false this will make the first one collapse

I just purchased this theme and absolutely love it! I noticed in the Enigma Styler there is a setting for footer to be ‘fixed’ not ‘scroll’. I was hoping that would fix the footer to make it ‘sticky’ but it didn’t seem to change anything when I chose fixed. Is that what it’s designed to do? Or is there a way to make the footer sticky?

hey mate thanks for the nice words , that option is meant for footer background image :) .. it makes footer background image fixed or scroll.

One more question please: I would like to create a posts scroller like this demo:

However, I would rather they open up something in a lightbox. Is this possible? Or even portfolio that scrolls like that but doesn’t link to the portfolio page.

hey its possible, can you please contact through profile, I will send you the modified file :)


i have problem with dynamics widgets. I created 7 widgets through theme admin… they are shows in widget area, but if i add any widget to widget area and save (everything shows correct in frontend), i cant edited widget area after reload page… widget area seems to be empty (5 empty, 2 correct). I worked in WP 3.9.1 :(

Thanks for help.

can you please tell me which version of limitless are you using ?

Hi, 2.1.4

hey contact through profile with wp admin details with the page it is not showing, I will check it out .. I think there is a broken html code