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hey guys

How did you achieve this layout:

And is it a custom sidebar for each portfolio page?

hey mate, can you show me the link from here , the themeforest link points to home page.

hey it is the default layout with right sidebar, create the single portfolio, scroll down to layout and set right sidebar :)


on my frontpage ( I have a fullscreen slider but I want it the height to be the size of the browser. I now still have a scrollbar with some scroll space and the scroll to top button. Can you help me with this?


Works like a charm, thanks!

Do you know how to add the hand cursor on the button “Ontdek meer” beneath the title?

add this in the custom css of that layer,

Hi! How can i make the header social icons to open in a new page? Thanks!

please goto header-template.php, at line 386 in
  echo "
  • add target=”_BLANK” in the a tag

  • Hi! I see this code:

    echo “

  • ”; }

    Where should I put the target=”_BLANK”?

    hey sorry for the delay, in the <a href= line add target after that.

    Hi, how can I make my google maps contact section fullwidth?


    And by fullwidth I mean the width of the screen…

    please add this in theme admin -> custom css panel ,
    #rpsTP7VPM62EYD72S4FY5DL25OHOJJMX64N div.skeleton { width:100%; }

    When I try to setup a three column portfolio with 6 elements I only get the images popping up in a box when clicking on one of the elements (portfolios). In your demo I get the portfolio including description.

    How can I set up the portfolio page to link to portfolios rather than just showing the image?

    hey goto to the edit page of portfolio , scroll down to the bottom, in custom settings , click on portfolio tab. There in 4th option enable portfolio description tick to yes and save :)

    Where can I change the sticky contact form on the right side? I haven’t found this yet.

    Never mind! Found it in the admin theme settings

    Hi there,

    First of all congratulations for your awesome work!

    I have a pre-purchase question for you.

    Let’s say I have a website which needs three page ‘templates’. One for the homepage, a second one for the contact page and a third one for every other website’s page.

    The question focuses on the third ‘template’ that will be used for every other page of the website.

    Does your theme support the use of WP Featured Image on the page’s header area?

    I would like every page to have a different header image, only by adding a featured image through WP’s standard page administration, without having to create countless ‘Templates’ (one for every page).

    This image would have to appear on the header section (under the menu), be full width and responsive and not be limited to the main text area width. It would have to look like the homepage slider (without of course being a slider, or have sliding text, effects etc.).

    To clarify more, the ‘template’ layout should be as the following example.

    Menu width: 3/3, 100% Featured image width 3/3, 100% Main Content width 2/3, 66,6% + right column with e.g. contact details 1/3, 33,3% (100% in total) Footer width: 3/3, 100% with some content, menu, copyright etc.

    Thank you in advance for your time, effort and help.

    hey mate, to answer your questions -
    1. We have complete set of featured media from images to video to slider which you can use on top of the page.

    2. There is not requirement of creating templates for featured image, we use the default wordpress system for featured images.

    3. Footer width cannot be 100% apart from that rest of layout is possible.


    Thank you very much for the detailed answer. You covered me 100%

    Hi, apologies if this question have been asked before. How can I add a button that would open a video in a lightbox?

    hey there is not direct shortcode for now but you can use this html code in html editor
    <a href="your video link" class="lightbox">Button Label
    This will do the trick ;)

    how can I define the size of the video window? Apologies, I am not a coder, I would appreciate if you could send me a Youtube video complete html code example.

    hey add this in html mode of wp editor , if you are still uncomfortable on how to use it , contact through profile I will make a shortcode for you. Regarding the dimensions , it wont be possible to change them.

    Love this theme! One thing I cannot figure out- the widget for testimonials- it’s showing a dark blue background color. I’ve gone through every tab of enigma styler and cannot find this color. How do I change the color of the background for testimonials to match my site?

    hey the link you showed me , the excerpt is showing normally, has it been resolved ?

    No- not resolved. The word ‘timely’ is showing as a ‘t’ then on next line down ‘imely’. It should stay as one word ‘timely’ and all wrap to the next line. Also says ‘a law firm’ then s alone on the next line instead of ‘firm’s” on a single line. I noticed this is also how it’s wrapping on the theme demo site so it’s not just my site.

    hey actually this is how content limiter was designed in our theme, the excerpt doesnt give limiting consistency per area . But for the new update we have created a new one where words are not clipped off, you can contact through profile I will send it to you


    Is there a way i can embed a youtube player into the the plugin so that it appears on my site?

    If so that would be great and I would buy your plugin.

    i’m looking to create a layout like this:


    youtube embedded player | social media links

    blog posts | various links/banners


    hey there you can add youtube videos and social links into the page but it won’t be possible to show then on top of blog page since those are predefined templates :)

    Hi there! Can you please tell me how to reduce the padding or margin shown in the columns?

    See where it has the 4 columns below with Online Services, Logo Branding, etc. There’s too much padding on the top and bottom of those columns and I’m not seeing the ability to change that. I see the ability to change the size of the border… but that’s different. Can you help?

    hey have you tried Footer General Stylings , text and title color inputs. those will affect those blog posts.

    it’s working for all the other text and title areas on the footer, just not the posts.

    can you please contact through profile , I will send you a modified file that will do the trick :)

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Is there a way to increase the size of the product image? I tried resizing it in the WooCommerce settings, but nothing happens.
    hey at the bottom do you see
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[related_products per_page="4" columns="4"]'); ?>
    You need to change it there

    no, it’s not there. This is what I see at the bottom:

    line 58 to 74

    <!- .summary ->

         * woocommerce_after_single_product_summary hook
         * @hooked woocommerce_output_product_data_tabs - 10
         * @hooked woocommerce_output_related_products - 20
        do_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product_summary' );
    <meta itemprop="url" content="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" />

    <!- #product<?php the_ID(); ?>—>

    <?php do_action( ‘woocommerce_after_single_product’ ); ?>

    strange ,I have your mail, I will pass you the latest file which has this option.

    I love that sticky contact in the sidebar. Is there a way to customize what that shows- ie; instead of the envelope- a few words or something else?

    hey mate goto templates / sticky-contact.php , at line 5 you can change the icon, if you are adding image remove classes ioa-front-icon and mail-alticon from the anchor tag.

    thank you!

    The RAD stopped working for me. Now the Default Editor won’t switch between Text and Editor. This theme has given me a lot of problems after I was almost done with a clients website. I can’t edit any pages now!!!!

    and wordpress 3.9

    can you contact through profile with wp admin details, I will check it out for now.. no need to worry :)

    hey there theme is not buggy , it can be a upgrading issue. Please note that wordpress 3.9 had a lot of api changes and old versions will not work. We had released an update way back and if you have not updated it builder wont work.

    Where is contact in this theme?

    check demo now , there are 2 contact pages available ;)

    Hi guys, do you by chance know when the RAD builder will be able to work in the portfolio? I’m considering having the theme customized but if RAD works in portfolio I won’t need it. Just trying to figure out my next move on this project I’m almost done with. Thank you!

    by end of this week :)

    Excellent! Thank you.

    Hi, I added a link to an image and now there is an animation that occurs when I hover over the image a blue box with a link icon appears. How do I remove this animation?

    hey to remove the animation , please goto theme admin , in custom css textarea , add this
    div.image-frame a.hover { opacity:0!important; }

    Home page isn’t working. I add RevSlider and it doesn’t show up on the Home page.

    How do I add Revolution slider to a page?

    hey goto edit home page, scroll down to the bottom to custom page settings and in media select revolution slider