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No word mate. GLWS!

Sure to be the most functionally innovative theme of 2013! This thing should go nuuuuuttss with sales today!

Be sure to check out the RAD Builder & Enigma Styler videos, if you miss that, you miss the whole point.

Artillegence, I wish you the best of luck & congratulations mate! If you keep up the updates you should be set for awhile :-)

thanks , yeah took 3 months .. 15 hours each day to make this happen :) .. sure waiting for your mail ;)

I designed it this way.. so shadow divider will look as it is cutting in ;) .. if u check the code it is a different html element

Does it work with plugin “types” and “views” ( which is included in the “Toolset” of them ?

sorry mate never tested them and since they are not free cannot say for sure.. but they should work fine.. since theme follows all wp standards . If there is any problem I am here to help ;)

Followed install instructions on the update and got this:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare soundcloud_shortcode() (previously declared in /home//develop/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/soundcloud.php:45) in /home//develop/wp-content/themes/limitless/backend/shortcodes.php on line 2274

Uninstalled the update, deactivated Jetpack, reinstalled update. Can this be fixed so I can reactivate Jetpack?


can you please contact via profile, I will mail you a file that will make it work with jetpack again.

Nice theme mate. I would like to purchase it, but I have some concerns about the speed load.

You should take a look at these reports, they might help you improving the performance:

- -!/cR4pB4/ -


Hi Alex, yeah I know .. it is because of media temple.. I have already initiated transfer to a better hosting .. there respond time is over 5 secs .. this will be successfully resolved by end of this week. I have tested and seen this theme on other buyers site.. it is blazing fast :)

Very Nice theme, georgious and easy to install, even for a newbie as i am ! I love all the features it proposes !

Just a question… sorry if i miss the answer…

Is it possible the set the global width in the boxed mode ?

Best regards and thanks for all your work !

thanks for the nice comment mate, in boxed mode if you want to increase the width it is possible, reducing won’t be possible since.. it will required changing a lot of things. Though option to switch between 980px and 1060px layout is on the drawing boards.

What’s the shortcode to create the twitter scrolling box like the demo?

For some reason this shortcode doesn’t work on my website.

All I want is for it to look like the demo. THat’s a huge part in why I purchased the theme as well.

hey mate, have you enter the twitter keys without that tweets won’t show.. it is necessary because of twitter rules and if you have troubles making it same as demo, contact via profile I will help you out ;)

Any chance on getting a hold of that Adsense widget you mentioned in the thread? I purchased the theme and love it!

contact via profile , I will send it to you . Thanks for buying :)

(Sticky right sidebar moves to the left on your demo page)

can you tell me which browser.. I just checked in ff, chrome and IE on windows 7

Mac OS X Safari 6.0.5

thanks, I will look into it asap.

Is the multiple language working? on my site I am having a hard time getting it to work.

its working, are you using wpml or localization. Also if you can please send me the wp admin details I can look into your problem. I had replied your mail also did you got it ?

Yes, Thank you for your response. The widget has been installed. Also, how do I activate the menu in the responsive bar? I am lost.

The menu you set in top menu holder 1 will be available as responsive menu. Like I said if you can contact me all queries at one and wp admin .. I will be able to help you out properly .. don’t worry I will make sure it is working fine ;)

In your demo and on my own installation the portfolio items disappear after being loaded in List Mode. Same thing on Chrome and Safari.

It worked all fine in previous version. Any idea how to solve this? / ola

thanks for pointing that out mate, dont know how I missed it . Please goto templates folder, open portfolio-list.php on line 36 please add iso-item in the class area.

Works just fine! BTW Thanks for for your effort with this theme, it’s a game changer theme.

thanks for the kind words .. update 1.2 is coming today with more awesomeness..

Hi there,

Just using latest google chrome browser and the ‘boxed layout’ does not work for me?

please check now it should be fine, making demo ready for update 1.2 … demo file got overrided :)

I’ve been using this great theme for a couple of days and I wanted to comment that the support for this theme is outstanding, any problems I’ve had have been resolved very fast and with no small amount of work. Having had problems in the past with Authors not looking after their customers buying this theme has restored my faith in Theme Forest. I recommend purchasing this theme not only because it looks good but because you know with the level of support provided anything is possible!

thanks for the nice comment ;)

I agree with Great support issues, What about youtube videos it seems when i add youtube video with rad basic widgets the it does not work but if i change link to vimeo it works fine. Thanks in advance

I will look into that,

hey have you tried adding full url including https:// .. video is using wordpress default embed and it doesn’t work it link starts with www.


First of all: amazing theme! I’m really enjoying working with it!

I’ve got a small question regarding the wpml selector: where can I edit or remove some of the languages?

it will update it itself to the languages you have selected.. please make sure you have latest update. There was a bug in selector and it has been fixed.

Download the latest zip again , unzip it and please upload header-template.php from templates folder to same place on server

Hi, very nice theme. I try to work on the layout – not so easy with all the options, but I´m working on it.

A little question:

“How can I update the theme without killing my previous work?”

sorry mate, it is taking time to implement the auto updater but in next update you will get it then you dont have to worry about changes. As for now, update backend folder, template folder and sprites / js folder and whole updates will be applied.

also can you please tell me where you are having difficulties in theme.. I will do my best to help you out

Error found while install LayerSlide WP

Downloading install package from wp-content/themes/limitless/backend/plugins/…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

its working here strange, let me update it again asap.

uploaded a fresh update again.. will be out anytime :)

new update is out.

I’m glad I bought it! Now begins the hard work of the beginner! you could add the youtube icon in the top bar of the menu? .. and then always expect the audio player;-). thanks

thanks for buying mate :) .. you mean the tutorial videos in admin bar ? If you have any queries we are always glad to help.

I expressed myself badly, social icons (where you also added soundcloud) fails to youtube, vimeo .. there is only I would have it, is it possible? thanks friend

aah I see there is no youtube field, I missed an obvious site .. vimeo is there though.. contact me via profile I will add it for you. I just made an update cant make another one now only else buyers are going to kill me :D

An excellent theme and excellent support. I suggest Version 1.2+ as it’s proved more stable, but it’s been a great experience end-to-end.

Hi – great theme, just getting my head around all the options now.

I’m looking to get an ‘under construction’ page up soon, similar to that on your demo.

I’ve found the Under Construction options in the Theme Admin/Advanced/UnderContstruction and have followed the logical steps, inputting info and checking the ‘Under Construction Mode’ button to yes…

...Nothing changes on the website.

Am I missing something?



Hi James, admin can view the site in under construction mode. Log out and check ;)

Doh! Thanks.