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Sorry- I know I’m asking you so many questions! I realize the theme is new so there are going to be issues at first. I’m close to launch so my only 2 outstanding issues are:

1) The excerpts and titles of posts in sidebar cutting single letters off of words and wrapping them to a new line (doing it in your demo too). My client won’t let me launch without somehow getting this fixed.

2) You told someone above to remove the posts filter from a blog page is to remove this from the blog template page: <?php if(have_posts()) get_template_part(‘templates/blog-filter’) ?>

I am using the blog thumb list and when I removed that, it messed up the entire page (it did remove the filter clickdown though) but the sidebar moved down into the footer.

I just think if you allow for making a blog page that filters to show only one category – it only makes sense that we would then not want to show the rest of the categories in a clickdown as we only want to show that single category.

Other than that, I’m almost done and thrilled with this template!

hey I had replied you 2 days back , did you checked ? It was fixed .. it was not a excerpt related issue .. but a css word break problem. I had sent the solution also , here it is
.sidebar-wrap ul li a {word-break: normal !important;}
Laranz was close , instead of li , the word break needs to be set to li a .

I replied to the email you sent. I added that to the custom CSS but it’s still not working. Check this page: http://2f1.6f6.myftpupload.com/blog-classic-with-sidebar/

The sidebar items look really bad-

Dan can you reply me with wp admin details, I will take care of it, I checked the source code this is added
.sidebar-wrap ul{word-break: normal !important;}
This wont work, this needs to be added
.sidebar-wrap ul li a {word-break: normal !important;}
. Pass me the wp admin details through mail I will take care of it asap.

Hi! I’m really liking how this page is coming out, and I love how the sidebar has a drop down menu. However the menu sub-categories do not show up correctly. They are showing on TOP of the arrows rather than to the right of them. Is there a way to fix this so the drop down looks better?


Oh, strange it only shows up behind the body text on this page where I have a sidebar built inside the Page Builder (rather than a sidebar layout). I guess I’ll need a support code for the sidebar drop down links when it’s used within the Page Builder. You can see the problem here: http://madetobeunique.com/2013-unique/faqs/business-tips/

hey add this in custom css please ,
div.sidebar-wrap ul.sub-menu { width:217px; right:-247px; }
#rpcS3NR5VGKMLVDLH5VF7K2Q3YBC3KDULV4 { position:relative; z-index:5; }

you are using a rad element on that page, add the above css it will fx it.

thank you very much – it worked great!


I just purchased the theme but it doesn’t work!

I try to install it but it says that the theme is missing the file ‘style.css’ and fail the installation.

I have the version 2.1.4, dowloaded 30 minutes ago.

Thank you in advance.

hey there it works , this is a common problem for new buyers .. the zip you have downloaded contains theme zip, docs and plugins. Please use the zip inside the zip you have downloaded from themeforest

WHERE is the setting for the top area that houses the menu and logo area, AND the area directly underneath it????

I need EVERYTHING above the slider to be black background and text white. PLEASE HELP!


Please consider making the edit area more user intuitive in future updates.

hey mate sorry for the delay, I wasnt available on the weekends . To answer your question , goto Enigma styler , in top area stylings – > Top Bar Common Stylings and Main Menu Area Bar Stylings you can change the background to black :) .
Again sorry for the delay, I had to go out unexpectedly.

WHERE is the setting for the top area that houses the menu and logo area, AND the area directly underneath it????

I need EVERYTHING above the slider to be black background and text white. PLEASE HELP!


Please consider making the edit area more user intuitive in future updates.

This is the THIRD time I have asked for support on this including sending a support request via the support email. I have NOT had any feedback. PLEASE help!!!

WHERE is the setting for the top area that houses the menu and logo area, AND the area directly underneath it????

I need EVERYTHING above the slider to be black background and text white. PLEASE HELP!


Please consider making the edit area more user intuitive in future updates.

Where is the settings to edit or turn off the pop out email form on the side?

please goto theme admin , Contant Tab -> Sticky Contact Sub tab

Thank you!!

Hello, is it possible and easy to make the “Our Clients” slider clickable. Meaning each client logo can link to that clients homepage?

hey logo widget have link support you can point it the page you want :)

Thank you

Got to my site today and discovered I have these two messages at the top of the site and wondered if you could help.

Site: http://sitequesttech.com

Warning: array_map(): Argument #2 should be an array in /home1/jamcella/public_html/wp-content/themes/limitless/functions.php on line 33

Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /home1/jamcella/public_html/wp-content/themes/limitless/functions.php on line 33

hey have you done some custom code, limitless functions.php does not have any array functions in it .

I didn’t do anything special or any custom code, I simply cleared out my spam comments and then noticed this.

can you please contact through profile with wp admin details, with will take a look at it asap.


Are there any PSD files for this theme? I’d like to mock up a few site ideas for a client before having to load wordpress and start work straight away.


hey mate sorry no psds, theme was directly coded :)

I can’t seem to figure out how to change the size of the blog post featured image thumbnails. The width doesn’t look really good for my faqs blog posts. See example at: http://madetobeunique.com/2013-unique/category/faqs/website/wordpress/

I think a small square featured image thumbnail would look better for my faqs posts. Also I’d like to have the date not on top of the image but rather to the side. Can you help me with this?

Figured this one out so I won’t need your help on this one, but thank you! :)

cool glad to hear it is solved, btw you can always contact through profile for support.. our official support channel is through there :)

sorry, didn’t know, lol. Thank you very much!

Is there a way to make the category archives page have a sticky sidebar? I’d love for the sidebar to stay there when a person scrolls down the blog category page.



sorry it wont be possible as it will affect some things like responsive behavior :)

ok, makes sense, thanks for your quick response!

Hi there, I am trying to use a text widget RAD mode to make a text but save button not working, also in Enigma Style, could you help me?

hey can you please contact through our profile with site link and wp admin details, we will check it our for you ;)

Hello, I would like to show blog posts like portfolio in a page. ”Portfolio Maerya, Masonry…” template are only used portfolio but I want to use them for posts in a page. Is there a way to do it please ?

thats lot of work mate I will try to help as much as I can , you can point to the portfolio page by going to custom post settings in the bottom , click on portfolio tab and tick Enable lightbox icon on hover (if false link icon will show) to no . But to link to a particular page you need
1. First create a post meta field , say link for single portfolio pages
. 2. Then goto templates / portfolio-masonry.php , line 101 change get_permalink() to get_post_meta() with the link name you used.
This should give what you want.

Hi, thanks for ou answer. But I’m lost… I don’t know how to create a meta field. Is there a way to add a custom link in the feature media type ? I think it would resul my problem. This way i could open a page when I click on my portfolio item. Another question do you speak french ? Can you help please ? Thanks

hey I have your mail will reply there :)

How can I create the slideshow like you have on your demo page where there is a background image and all teh elements seem to fly in or pop up on top

hey , I think you are referring to revolution slider , It is a wordpress plugin supplied with theme along with the docs .

While I have purchased this theme already, BuddyPress integration would put this theme over the top for my. Have you plans to integrate BudyPress?

thanks for nice words mate, bbpress is 70% done .. It will be coming out very soon :) .. I will try to put budypress next

hello, what an amazing theme :) ?I discover it lately, Im building a news website , so my friend install his own version of the theme on my wordpress, just as live demo,and I was amazed about what the theme is capable off, i have some questions before my final decision, till now am very serious to buy a fresh clean version of this theme at least to be ready for any future updates. So, if you please,reply with the answers as possible as you could. 1-the customize menu of worldpress dose not functional,so i cant see or deal with navigation or widgets and other stuff ,its normal ? or maybe its related to other installation ( am working with WOOtheme canvas) 2- my website should be ready for 2 languages ( right to lift -Arabic and English,so could I do that with the theme? 2- dose the header area able to handle widgets?

hey thanks for your nice words , to answer your questions –
1. We use the default wordpress menu system only, I am sorry I am not able to understand your request clearly .. can you explain a bit :)
2. We have support for rtl languages.
3. Head area does not support widgets.

thank you for a quick reply, i wish to complete my research and back to this amazing theme…thank you again


can you help with removing the space between the menu and the image as seems to be a white space there i cannot remove


hey please goto head builder page, in that select show bottom area to no and it will do the trick :)

Hi, I read that this theme is suitable for a hotel website. Has it got a booking system? Where can I find a Hotel example in the demo?

Thank you!

hey mate we dont have a booking system or an hotel demo , I think you got it confused with another theme :)

Hi, how can I change the overall/global color settings/theme for my site? I cannot seem to find this option anywhere. Thanks in advanced

hey you can change the global color, please goto enigma styler available from the top bar , when the page opens you can use global colorpicker to change it :)

where can I find this enigma styler?

hey mate you can find it from top admin in wp admin :)