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Hi, i have problem with inline css generated limitless theme.. custom css in admin is empty, but in code source is really long line inline css (54 000 chars!!!)... i tried disable all plugins, but this css is from template… why? thanks for help…

it is generated from styler, dont worry it wont affect any SEO and next update is on the way where it is generated in a file .

Hi there,

Just a pre-sale question. Does this theme work well with BBPress, BuddyPress and Event Calendar?

P.S. Your theme’s are great. Rated your other one “Xinity” 5 stars!

Thank you,

hey mate thanks for the nice words :) , currently this is not compatible with all of them but I am already 80% done finishing bbpress compatibility which will be out real soon .

hey guys,

My testimonial slider is acting weird. the second testimonial sliders in during the animation but after the animation, it switches to the third testimonial.

Please let me know

hey mate contact through profile I will send you the latest file , that will fix it.

Hello I would like to have the content in full width instead of boxed I created a custom post type and created a justified image grid gallery that I want to be full width Maybee I’m missing something This is the link of the content


please goto theme admin , in custom css add this .skeleton { width:100%; }
This will make the section full width :)

Hello Maybee I missed something but it’s not working I would like to have the justified image grid go from border to border…. Thank you

sorry it’s working I forgot an open bracket on a line Thanx

I cannot get images to add to the slidehow in a custom post

Did you find my ticket

hey I resent the solution just now, Laranz replied you earlier on 31 july around 12 am IST.

Thank you

Hi! Great theme, but what exactly do you mean when you promise WPML support? If I use WPML to create a translation job of a page, the content of the body is just:

"<!-- ## AUTO GENERATED Visual Feedback -- >" (see here:

How can I translate content, made with the Page Builder?

Greetings, Stephan

hey that is generated in content which is not translated in wpml instead a new post is created for different languages where you can add content for that language . You you need to do is save rad area as template and import it in other language post and translate it to your needs.

Hey guys,

Our SEO meta description is showing up in searches as something completely different that what we specify on the theme admin or on the page. Is there elsewhere that we can enter our description and have it actually work and show up as we need it to in searches?

hey can you check in theme admin , seo if it is enabled or not, you can also disable theme seo and use yoast plugin if you want.

Hello, I am having trouble with the topmost bar- top header area. I have social icons at top left, menu #2 with only 2 menu items in the center, text to the right.

No matter how I arrange them or change from alignment left, right, default- etc. it keeps pushing the text to a second line. I tried removing social icons and only having the menu up there and the text. The problem only occurs when I add a menu of any kind to the top bar- it immediately messes up the text and throws alignment off. How can I fix this? Here is the link for reference:

hey center areas require full width to be centered and whenever you will add an element after it , it will break it. I have a beta fix for this, contact through profile with wp admin details .. I will set it up for you and it should do the trick ;)

Pre-purchase questions; is there a method to include content underneath the portfolio items, like with the blog items? Is there a shortcode for showing portfolio items of a certain category? Do portfolio items have categories and tags?

“Portfolio Third Column with Text” shows text under the portfolio item, if this style available with a sidebar also?

hey there, to answer your questions -
1 yes you can use portfolio with text underneath it with or without sidebar
2. We have a query filter that allows you to filter portfolio or post by category, date or title .
Portfolio items have categories only.

Love the theme. Working on a site that needs an events calendar, will any of the events calendar plugins work with limitless.


hey you can use events pro , usually all event calendars will work fine.


how can i translate “Home” in breadcrumbs, and search string in live search with WPML?. WPML cant recognize these strings. I have latest WPML version and 2.1.4 Limitless.

Thanks for help

i send you email few hours ago… thanks

Hi i really need fix your theme… if you cant send me new verison, plese tell me which strings i need change to fix WPML translations. Thanks!

I had replied you yesterday :)

With the post slider widget, is there a way to make the excerpt go away? I put 0 in summary post limit as I’m using it for portfolio, not post type and it just shows this big white empty square where the excerpt would be here: I just want the title and images to show in the widget, not excerpt. Way to do that?

hey please contact through profile I will send you a modified file which will make the description area disappear when content size is 0

I’m also having another problem. The style of this website is set to ‘boxed’ which is correct from the home page. But when you click to portfolio page, the footer widget and bottom footer go full width. Need to fix this please.

I will check this also when you contact :)

I have tried a lot to setup theme same like demo but it’s shown totally diff what you have shown in current demo of theme. Can you please send me .SQL file.

hey the installer sets up exactly like demo but you wont be getting the stock images because of the copyrights if there is any other difference you are facing let us know.

It’s totally diff that you have shown on Demo. Please check:

mate you have run installer 2 times , it added everything double and changed few things, other than that check other pages they are same.

Hi ! Can tou tell me how to make this kind of portfolio item ? here you can see a blank right column where I would like the text to be : Thanks

can you please show me without the preview from here, the frame leads to home page so I cannot see the actual page.

Hello Where is the demo content.THanks

hey mate, please scroll down to custom page settings ,in media select full width slider and add your images in Slider / Slideshow images tab

THnaks .Ok sucsessfull one more question , when i insert the contact form in page that is too big . how i can conrol the size of contact form.thanks

hey sorry I didnt got it , do you want to control the width ? Also please show me the link

Hi, The theme is great! However I have a question concerning the sidebar. I have set the website to be responsive but the sidebar does not show up when viewing it from a mobile device (iphone). Is there something I need to do in order for it to show up? I have some important information there that I don’t want users to miss.

Thank you very much in advance!

hey please goto theme admin , in custom css add this
@media  only screen and (max-width: 767px) {  .right-sidebar.sidebar, .sticky-right-sidebar.sidebar, .sidebar.below-title, .sidebar.above-footer { display:block } }
This will force the sidebars to be visible in mobile devices

Hello !

Thank you for this template, it’s very nice ! But i have a problem. I want have a website in chinese. I can write almost everything in chinese. But, there is few things write in english or in french (i use french wordpress) I can’t chang. For exemple : the search bouton where it is write “Rechercher” ; under the article there is write “no comments” ; for the last comments it is write “Vincent dans ...”.

And I need to have all my website in chinese. How can I chang it ?

Thank you very much =D

hey mate, how are you translating it. If you are using po edit then those words can easily be changed as we have provided a po file in lang folder.

Due to de security problem with Revolution Slider versions earlier 4.2, I don’t see in your changelog.txt any update of the plugin.

I have the version 2.1.2 of your theme and the version of Revolution Slider is the 3.0.95.

In the list of Envato, where show the themes that are safe because the theme has a later version of the Revolution Slider, your theme Limitless is there.

Are we safe? How can we make sure that we are not vulnerable? Is the version 2.1.4. comes with the a “safe” version of Revolution Slider?

Ok. I have seen in your files, in the last version of your theme, that Revolution Slider is the version 4.3.8. So with this version we are safe. I recommend everybody update the theme.

hey we just loaded an update with latest revolution slider and tons of new goodies .. will be out soon ;)

Hello. My menü not appear in mobilfone. The menü button is there but i clikk in buton and nothing. Thanks

Hello . Ewery thing okay i can did it. But i cant the logo change in responsive design.How i can do it this.

hey the mobile head area takes the compact logo, you can change it from theme admin -> general -> logo settings tab